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Rokkon MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Exclusive Prototype Test Shot

We came across the Mattel Creations Rokkon MOTU Origins prototype, which goes up for preorder on February 16, 2023

Rocketing to planet Earth on February 16, 2024 is the Masters of the Universe Origins Rokkon! Exclusive to Mattel Creations, the Young Heroic Battling Boulder was first revealed at SDCC 2023 and we’ve been waiting for Mattel to resume the “Vintage” MOTU Origins line. As Mattel Creations is prepping to put up Rokkon’s official images and actual preorder, I came across a prototype test shot of the MOTU x Transformers crossover (🙃) on eBay! Prototype test shots are cool pieces of history as they show what the preproduction figures will look like! These test shots are hot collectors items and gives you a chance to add a very unique, one of a kind, display piece to your collection.


The color schemes for the prototypes are pretty whacky but can make a nice peice of history for your collection. Some of the other protype test shots we’ve featured include Mini Comic Man-E-Faces and, more recently, Extendar and Sy-Klone.


You can see all the rocky detail from the back shot of the figure. Unless you were at SDCC 2023, you really didn’t get a chance to see the back of the figure. It was shown in a slide at Comic Con but you can see more of the details due to the different colors the parts of the figure are cast in.


Rokkon Preorder Details

The Masters of the Universe Origins line has been pretty dry with not many characters being put up for preorder since SDCC 2024. This was enough for us to have a live stream about the topic but today is the day when the dry spell ends! In a first for Mattel Creations, they finally are attaching the name of the figure with the date of its release. Rokkon is slotted to go up for preorder on February 16, 2024 at 9am on Mattel Creations. If you recall, the “Vintage” MOTU Origins line will be finished off as exclusives! In addition, Rokkon was recently teased on the box art for the Eternia playset.


Rokkon Teases and SDCC 2023 Reveal

This is our first time we are seeing a tease for Stonedar and the 2nd tease for Rokkon!


Rokkon Tease

This is the first time that Rokkon has been teased on card art, which is very exciting!


Rokkon SDCC 2023 Reveal

He comes with full articulation on his elbows and legs. He transforms into a rock and comes with some removeable parts as well.


As you recall, Rokkon was revealed for the MOTU Origins line at SDCC2023! They did an amazing job with Rokkon as he appears to be able to transform into, yes you guessed, a rock!


Rokkon is a youth of the Rock People, and the frequent companion of his mentor Stonedar. The character appeared late in the 1980s Masters of the Universe toy line, and as such appears in relatively few stories, with little consistency.


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