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Sy-Klone and Extendar Masters of the Universe Origins Test Shots

Are you ready for MOTU Origins in 2024? Check out the Extendar and Sy-Klone MOTU Origins test shots to wet your appetite!

Since Mattel is dragging their feet with the release of future Masters of the Universe Origins figures from the San Diego Comic Con 2023 reveals, charlie_5.5 has posted test shots of Sk-Klone and Extendar. The test shots not only reveal how the figures are constructed, they also reveal some details we might have gotten to see at the Mattel booth. He often collects test shots and it’s great when he shows them off so we eagerly anticipate their Mattel Creations release.


Extendar was revealed during a MOTU Origins panel at SDCC 2023 and the image pictured below is a test shot of the figure, which is cast in a translucent plastic. He scales nicely when he is not extended, as you can see as he stands in front of Ram Man and Roboto.


we saw the front of Extendar at SDCC 2023 but it’s cool to the details from the back of the figure.


This version of Extendar is is a mashup of the vintage and MOTU Classics version. Extendar will come with extension pieces that you will have to snap it for his arms and legs but will have an extending torso and neck from inside his body. Pictured below is a test hot of the neck extension with the peace sign! You can also see how his arm and leg parts fit together.


Extendar is a as tall as the Masters of the WWE Universe Andre the Giant and you can also see the arm swap with the eighth wonder of the world.

Extendar Masters of the Universe Origins Test Shot 1

Extendar SDCC 2023 Reveal

Coming Spring 2024, Extendar’s extension pieces are separate parts to help maintain elbow articulation. He has removable parts just like the rest of the figures. His head and torso extend from inside his body and he comes with his transforming shield.



Sy-Klone was also revealed at SDCC 2023 and is one of the most asked for figures in the MOTU Origins line. He’s been teased on countless card and box arts and it’s amazing to see his test shots!


Below, you can see how the whirlwind tornado effects fit on the ends of his wrists and how the entire body fits together.


Here he is side by side with the SDCC 2023 reveal.


From the back you can see the details on his helmet plus the large hole in his back! We can also see a close up of his action feature, which is only for the Sy-Klone figure. charlie_5.5 said on his Instagram page, “the waist does not come apart. There is a thick post connector to the torso to waist. Only the arms, hands, head and boots are swappable.”


Here we can see how he can swap arms with other Masters of the Universe Origns figures.


Sy-Klone SDCC 2023 Reveal

Music to collectors ears was the reveal of Sk-Klone!


His torso will still pop off and he actually spins. He comes with 2 extra hands that are tornados, shield, red cyclone rings like what came with the MOTU Classics figure. You pop his torso up and he spins! Sy-Klone maintains all the same articulation as the rest of the figures. He has is lenticular sticker on his chest as well.


Thank to motu.revolution for posting a comparison of the Sy-Klone Origins and vintage figures!

Sy-Klone Masters of the Universe Origins Vintage Comparison

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