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Shredder Turtles of Grayskull In Hand Images & New Mini Comic Teases

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Wave 2 of Turtles of Grayskull are starting to show up in collectors hands early, and thanks to socalmotucollector on Instagram for sending us these photos. We now get an early look at the Shredder Turtles of Grayskull in hand images! We also get a great view at Shredder’s Card back art which we covered in depth at Shredder Turtles of Grayskull Card Art Teases Splinter. Also with these in hand images, we get to see the new mini comic packed in with Shredder which includes a HUGE SPOILER alert because there are tons of new character teases!

Shredder looks incredible with his Horde inspired outfit, Horde bat crossbow and big spikey axe! The bright purple chest armor and Shredder chest logo looks really cool on him, and he even has his spikey wrist guards and kneee guards. This MOTU Origins buck lends itself perfectly for Shredder’s character design!

Mini Comic Teases

Thanks again to socalmotucollector , who sent us the ENTIRE mini comic, so there will be some amazing new character teases. But if you don’t want this to be spoiled for you, we are giving you a SPOILER ALERT now! You can see the new mini comic packed in with Shredder, entitled ” Belly of the Beast (Man)”. On the cover besides Beast Man, Shredder, our four heroic Turtles, Man At Arms, Teela and Ram Man, we get some additional new character teases including Mer-Man and Skeletor!

Let’s take a closer look at the Skeletor and Mer-Man teases on the cover! Mer-Man seems to look a little more primal than usual. And Skeletor is finally depicted in some “Turtlized” head and chest armor. We are working on try to get some images of the inside of the mini comic, so when we do, we will update you.

We have the entire mini comic here for you, so if you don’t want this to be spoiled, don’t read on because this is a HUGE SPOLIER ALERT! Here we can see our four heroic Turtles, Man At Arms and Teela recant the exciting adventures of He Man the most Powerful Man in the Universe! Meanwhile, Donatello works on what looks like Roboto laying on table. All of a sudden there is a distrubance!

On the first two pages we get some glorious illustrations of the Most Powerful Man in the Universe, He-Man!

Suddenly, Beast Man appears out of nowhere, and Teela instanly attacks! Beast Man begs to be heard as he knows what happened to He-Man! He tells the story of how Skeletor discovered a new power entering the Universe, a power that was a bridge to another Universe! Two intruders were discovered in the Swamp of Gangoon, those two intruders were none other than Krang and Shredder! They brought with them a power that could take down He-Man, that power was called ” Mutagen Ooze”!

The Mutagen Ooze was used to Mutant He-Man into a more powerful monster that can hardly be contained! Leatherhead, Bebop and Rocksteady all struggle to keep this monster under control! The Heroic Warriors race off and follow Beast Man to save the day. Man At Arms stays behind to work on Metal Boto! Here you can see teases for the Slime Pit, Leatherhead, Rocksteady, and Bebop! We already know that Leatherhead will be part of the Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins Wave 3 Deluxe Exclusives! Seeing Bebop and Rocksteady and yet another tease for the Slime Pit is incredible!

An epic battle begins to take shape where we see he heroic warriors in a battle against Sla’ker, Mutated Ram Man, Mutated Moss Man, and new character tease Mutated Mer-Man in an epic fight! Krang, Shredder and Skeletor watch on!

You will notice that Mer-Man has a tall! They reused Lady Slither’s tail in this Mutated version of Mer-Man! And in these panels, we get a closer look at Skeletor’s new face and helmet design!

Our final two pages reveals yet another figure tease of Man At Arms latest creation, Metal Boto jumping out of the Talon fighter to save the day! He makes quick haste of the mutants and the all celebrate. But not too fast as they need to stratigize how to heal He-Man the rest of their mutated friends. Maybe if they can figure out how to reverse engineer the mutagen ooze, maybe they can heal their friends. But this is for another day!

Shredder’s Card Art

Here we can see Shredder battling it out against Splinter dressed as King Grayskull. There is a tease of the gnarled tree from the Fright Zone, as this is an appropriate location for this Hordak inspired version of Shredder to be battling.


Splinter Tease

Splinter has got to be included in this new subline as the Turtles need their sensei! Seeing him dressed as King Grayskull is super exciting and suits him perfectly as the wise leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Splinter cartoon

Given the illustration of Splinter, he is taking on the look of the MOTU Origins King Grayskull

MOTU Origins Eternia Playset King Grayskull


The Official Images for Shredder look incredible! He has Hordak like feet and an Evil Horde Cross bow and cool axe as well!


You can see how cool Shredder looks with his new Horde inspired weapons!


Weilding an axe or his crossbow, he looks great as the first Horde crossover figure.


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