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Masters of the Universe Revolution Promo Poster and Trailer Teases & Release Date

The highly anticipated Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series will be airing on January 25, 2024. In the most recent promo image for the Netflix series, it teases so new characters we are seeing on the show and, possibly, turned into Masterverse figures later in the line! We’ve known from trailers and Masterverse figures that are already produced that Motherboard, Orko, Andra, and Granamyr will be part of the series and it’s great to see other characters that could make it into the Masterverse line. This is not an exhaustive list of teases and we are only focusing on the lastest trailer.

Masters-of-the-Universe-Revolution-Netflix Series-Promo

The Trailer for the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series is outstanding! If you need a refresher or would like to view it again, we’ve linked it below!

Teela’s Transformation into Green Goddess

Just looking at the poster alone won’t give you the full picture of how Teela transforms into the Green Goddess so we broke it down frame by frame from the official trailer. We see Teela holding on to a golden shaft (let’s be adults here), which produces some yellow/green energy.


We can see the flesh of her skin turn green right before our eyes but this happens so fast in the trailer. When the transformation is complete, we can see the classic mint ship green skin of the newly transformed Goddess!


In her Goddess state, she dons her snake armor headdress and you can also see her wielding her Sorceress staff and her Snake staff.


The Goddess was released as a figure in the Masters of the Universe Classics line so we can get an idea of what she might look like as a Masterverse figure!


Her bio reads, “After the death of King Grayskull, the Power of the Universe was transferred from the Sword of He to the Council of Elders, who hid it deep within his castle. Knowing the full sword was the key to channeling the power again, they split it in two to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil. For five thousand years, they waited for a worthy heir to be born. During this time their spirit guide, the creature known as The Goddess of Eternia, trained secret heroic guardians to keep the two halves of the sword separated. Many of these brave warriors took the name “He-Man” in honor of the sword they protected giving birth to many different legends of the protector of Eternia.”



Granamyr also appeared in the MOTU Revolution trailer!


Granamyr Backstory

Granamyr as appeared in several Filmation cartoon episodes and is described as an ancient and wise dragon. According to the Wiki Grayskull, “being noted as an ancient Dragon that resided with others of his kind at Darksmoke, it was known that Granamyr lived during the terrible time when his people and those of Humans fought one another in Eternia’s distant past. This was until a truce was settled between the two where the Dragons decided to leave the rest of the world and live in isolation at Darksmoke. Granamyr himself is over 10,000 years old, as it was stated he hadn’t had a good laugh since that time. At some point during the past, it was known that the evil dragon Shadow Wing was an opponent of his who was later imprisoned in an obelisk to shield the world from his evil. Granamyr’s great power made him a powerful sorcerer and was empowered by the mystical fires from the Pit of Shadows.


The She Ra: Princess of Power episode Darksmoke and Fire features Adora accidentally being thrown into Eternia’s past, where she witnesses the battle between the dragons and humans that were living with them at this point and dragonphobic humans firsthand. It is revealed that the war was started by a wizard seeking to set the humans and dragons against each other. To that end, he carried out an attack on a human food supply and then blamed it on the dragons, provoking them into declaring war against the dragons.

Granamyr Mini Comic and Filmation Cartoon Appearances

Masters of the Universe (minicomics)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Season One

Season Two

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Season One

In the Brazilian Editora Abril comics, Granamyr was green, much like he was in the US minicomics. However, he also sported wings, like he did in the Filmation cartoon. In ancient times Granamyr imprisoned his hated enemy, the Three-Headed Demon. Skeletor later released the demon in an attempt to capture Granamyr and steal the legendary dragon’s powers. Granamyr was a good friend to He-Man and sometimes assisted him in battle. For example, he once used his fiery breath to help He-Man destroy the robotic pirates of Drundagar.

Granamyr Toy History

The ancient dragon, Granamyr, has appeared in both He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra and the Princess of Power Filmation cartoons in the 1980’s. He was also created as a rather large figure in the MOTU Classics line back in 2012 and 2016 as a Power Con exclusive.


Granamyr was produced in the MOTU Classics line as a figure with a green variant for Power in 2016.


Granamyr rademark Renewal

Back on April 19, 2023, Mattel renewed Granamyr’s trademark, which makes sense if he is appearing in the MOTU Revolution Netflix Series.


Techno Cult Two Bad

Since we already have a Masterverse New Eternia figure for Two-Bad, it would be a no brainer to change the figure up into a Techo Cult version, complete with silly outfit and all!


Tow Bad was released as a New Eternia Masterverse figure and it’s as big as the New Eternia Beast Man figure. The amount of detailing and unique sculpts that went into this figure are gorgeous! Two bad sports his classic look with his signature orange armor and a very cool spiked right shoulder armor. Baddrah’s side is a an amazingly sculpted piece showing off the detailed scaled arms and legs with ridges running down the sides.  Tuvar is a bit simpler, and, like Baddrah, he has a great head sculpt as well.  His boot and glove are also very interesting pieces that have an armor-plated look with lots of rivets to hold them together.  The rest of his arms and legs, are also all brand new sculpts and unlike any of the other Masterverse figures that have come before them.

Masterverse New Eternia Two Bad action pose 3
Masterverse New Eternia Two Bad action pose 1

Rio Blast, Snout Spout, and Eternian Guard

It would be amazing to get Rio Blast and an Eternian Guard in the Masterverse line. We already know Snout Spout will be coming as a New Eternia figure but this does not preclude Mattel from making a specialized version of Snout Spout for Revolution.


Rio Blast is another character that has his trademark renewed not too long ago on 5/20/2021. Released by Mattel in 1986, Rio Blast is a futuristic cowboy who has hidden blasters all over his body. With pop out laser cannons from his chest and legs six shooters at his wrists and shoulder cannons, Rio Blast was yet another one Mattel’s gimmick heavy figures that was common in the later releases of MOTU figures. A cowboy seems a bit out of place in the planet of Eternia, but this techno-heavy Cowboy sure packs a lot of techno fire power and that technology part is what makes him make sense in the line.

Rio Blast Masters of the Universe Trademark Renewal
Rio Blast Masters of the Universe Trademark Renewal

In terms of his backstory, Rio Blast is described as a nomad from the Galactic Wild West who possesses incredible shooting skills and high-tech enhancements. He aids He-Man and the other heroes in their battles against Skeletor and his minions.

Rio Blast Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure on Card

Rio Blast was introduced to the line in 1986 and is depicted as a cybernetic cowboy, wearing a western-style outfit. His chest and thighs are equipped with mechanical parts and weaponry.

Rio Blast Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure Geared Up
Rio Blast Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure

New Eternia Snout Spout was revealed at SDCC 2023 and will be coming to the line in 2024! Snout Spout features an amazing sculpt with large tusks protruding from his head. The vibrant oranges and pinks play nicely off of each other and the extra armor on his shoulders makes him look formidable! The hoses on the belt add a lot of depth and dimension and pays homage to his vintage release while giving him some major updates that only the New Eternia line can!

Source: ToyShiz

Eternian Guards

The Eternian Guards were released in the Masters of the Universe Classics line as a two-pack!

Source: Poe Ghostal

The Eternian Palace Guards bio reads: “From across the Light Hemisphere of Eternia, the bravest and most noble warrior’s in Randor’s kingdom were recruited by Man-At-Arms and later Clamp Champ to help guard the Royal Family. Often called upon to aid the Masters of the Universe, the royal guards are trained in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat and are masters of many weapons including the Power Staff and several types of Energy Blasters. Whenever the Royal Palace is threatened, it is the strength of the elite guardsmen which often repels evil. Brave Palace Guards like Lieutenant Spector defend the Royal Family from attack.”


The pack came with 4 different head sculpts, including a snake and a lion portrait


The pack also came with two other human heads with one that looks like you know who and an African American portrait.


Orko and Gwildor

We know Orko and Grildor are in the Masterverse line as they were revealed at SDCC 2023 but it remains to be seen how Gwidlor fits in with the storyline. As he is the maker of the Cosmic Key, we can expect some sort of time traveling will be taking place.


Orko and Gwildor were revealed at SDCC 2023 and released as a two-pack in the Masterverse line.


Mantenna, Leech, Hordak, and Grizzlor

We already know that Leech and Hordak will be part of the Masterverse Wave 13 figure assortment and he already have Grizzlor as a Masterverse figure but he was branded Princess of Power. That leaves Mantenna as the only holdout and it would be amazing to see him in the Mastervrerse line!


Emperor Hordak

We know that Hordak will play a major role in the upcoming Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series and we’ve seen his animated form in promos from Mattel! We are speculating that the Emperor Hordak figure will likely fall into the Masters of the Universe Revolution subline given the impending release of the series and there was no former MOTU figure by that name.


Given the oversized armor and stature of Hordak, we are guessing that he will be developed like Skelegod and be an oversized deluxe figure.


A member of the Evil Horde, he is an amphibian-like creature, of a large and bulky build with green skin and suction pads on his hands, feet and mouth. It is these suction pads that provide him with his main power: to suck and drain the life-force from his opponent, rendering them helpless against him. Leech was procuded for the Masters of the Universe Classics line in 2011.


Leech’s bio reads: “A Slebetor Slug-man from deep in the Lake of Gnarl, Leech was called from the depths by a magic spell of Hordak to bolster his forces against King Grayskull and the Snake Men during the Great Wars. Mindwiped by Hordak’s lead witch, Leech became a loyal member of his Horde Army, using his magically enhanced energy-draining powers to suck enemies of their strength. He later played a key role in the Horde’s fight against the Great Rebellion after Hordak claimed Etheria as a new homeworld during their banishment in Despondos. When called upon in battle, Leech sucks the power from his enemies!”


Deluxe Horde Trooper

Horde Troopers are foot soldiers of the Horde Empire. Although each trooper is individually unremarkable, in large numbers they are used to great effect in the occupation of Etheria by Hordak. Vast armies of Horde Troopers were also used during the Horde’s failed invasion of Eternia. The early Horde Trooper concepts look nothing like the vintage toy. As the Battle Ram Blog states, “As Mattel and Filmation worked very closely on the She-Ra series and its characters and concepts, the Horde Trooper concept is a no-brainer. An army for the main villain in the series, as well as a collect-your-own-army idea from toy marketing POV. In the script and concept, as well as the storyboard for Into Etheria, we get a look at an early design, which gives the characters a heavily-armored and barbaric look. It’s clear that these troopers (or Hordesmen) are organic beings. One is human with a scar on his face, another is reptilian, and the third is a hawk hordesman.” The Horde Trooper was released as a single carded figure and as part of a Horde Trooper 2-pack.


The Horde Trooper’s MOTU Classics bio reads: In his factories on Etheria and later Eternia, Hordak mass produces countless robotic enforcers. Each is dressed in armor similar to the foot soldiers of his home planet Horde World. Linked to a central computer brain, Horde Troopers can be programmed to follow any evil command they are given. With the robotic strength to overpower all enemies of his empire, Hordak’s troopers are more than a match for most enemies. On command from their master, the vicious troopers attack heroic warriors until He-Man lands a powerful punch – causing them to fall apart!”


Grayskull Armor He-Man and Disco Skeletor

The Grayskull armor looks amazing on He-Man and it appears that Skeletor is in a different form as he descends from the sky. Skeletor is giving off those disco vibes as he clashes with He-Man.


Up close, we can see the gold/orange armor and some purple energy running through his body.


King Keldor Transformation

From images of the Masterverse Wave 12 cross sell, we know that King Keldor is coming to line as the “mystery figure” but we were unsure where he fits into the storyline. This frame gives us a clue as we see Keldor’s blue skin melting, transforming into Skeletor.


The shroud of mystery is over as an anonymous source as sent a photo of the back of the Masterverse Wave 12 box, revealing the mystery 4th figure! If you have been following the box art reveals of New Eternia Mekeneck, New Eternia Tri-Klops, and Revolution Battle Armor He-Man, you quickly realized that the MOTU team was hiding something huge! In fact, we got wind of a MOTU Revolution Keldor Masterverse figure that is the 4th figure in the Masterverse Wave 12 figure assortment but today we got confirmation via a cross sell image of the Wave. This image confirms that Keldor is the 4th figure in the wave and he is from the MOTU Revolution subline! Introducing King Keldor as the 4th figure in the wave and he looks amazing! If the cross sell is anything like the actual figure, we are in for a treat! This version of Keldor comes with a purple cape with furry shoulders, gold armor, and gray in his hair and his goatee. As these figures are starting to show up in eBay and other online retailers, it was only a matter of time before we saw what the figure actually looks like.

King-Keldor-Masters-of-the-Universe-MOTU Revolution-Wave-12-Figure-Revealed

eBay Listing for Battle Armor He-Man

A seller on eBay has the MOTU Revolution Battle Armor He-Man in hand and listed for sale, showing King Keldor as the cross sell and 4th figure.


Here is an up close photo of the cross sell on the back of the Battle Armor He-Man box.

Masters-of-the-Universe-MOTU Masterverse-Wave-12-Cross-Sell

History of Keldor

Keldor has a long history and, if you are not familiar with his origins, you can catch up below!

1980’s Mini Comic

Keldor never appeared in any form of the 1980s Masters of the Universe line, and was only mentioned in one of the final mini comic, The Search for Keldor. According to the Wiki Grayskull, “In that story, Randor explains that his brother Keldor sought to master the forces of magic, but that he vanished years ago when his experiments backfired, leaving him lost in “dimensions beyond time.” Randor and the Sorceress hope to use the power of the Three Towers to peer through the veil between dimensions. When Skeletor learns of this plan, he declares that the secret of Keldor could destroy him, and hastily summons Ninjor, Scare Glow, and Faker (rather than his usual minions) to attack. Skeletor’s forces are beaten, but the heroes are prevented from learning anything about Keldor’s fate, “except that Skeletor will do anything to stop the search.”


MOTU 200x MYP Series

In the 2002 Masters of the Universe animated series, the MOTU lore was given an infusion as Keldor is depicted as the man who becomes Skeletor. In We see this transformation The Beginning Part 1 Keldor leads the Evil Warriors in an assault on the Hall of Wisdom, but Randor and the Masters defend the Council of Elders. When Keldor tries to throw a vial of acid at his enemy, Randor shields himself and the corrosive substance lands on Keldor’s face instead. As the Evil Warriors retreat, Randor expresses concern for his foe, but no deeper relationship between the two is revealed on-screen.


A flashback sequence in The Price of Deceit reveals that, following his disfigurement, Keldor recognizes his only chance to survive is for Evil-Lyn to take him to the sanctuary of Hordak, where she summons the ancient villain. Keldor begs Hordak to save his life, no matter the cost; in response, Hordak reduces his head to a disembodied skull hovering over his shoulders. Renamed “Skeletor” by his new master, the former Keldor laughs maniacally at his own reflection. Later, in The Power of Grayskull, Hordak attempts to collect on his debt by demanding Skeletor free him from Despondos, but is ultimately denied.


Keldor 200x MOTU Figure

A Keldor action figure was released as a limited edition exclusive in 2003.


The figure comes with the same weapons as Skeletor, as well as the vial of liquid which dissolved his face. It also features three interchangeable heads: Keldor, Skeletor, and an “in-between” head being burned by the corrosive agent.

MOTU Classics

Keldor was also released in the MOTU Classics line in 2010. He came with two halves of a purple Power Sword and the fateful vial that was shown in the 200x animated series.


Keldor’s MOTU Classics bio reads: Banished from the royal palace, in part due to distrust for the rare blue-skinned Gar race, Prince Keldor became an outcast. He travelled Eternia seeking knowledge and guidance, eventually discovering the ancient Spirit of Hordak. From him, Keldor learned of the dark arts and came to realize that to truly unite Eternia he would need to take command of the planet himself. He gathered an army of fellow outcasts and led them into battle against his brother, Captain Randor. Eventually defeated and near death, Keldor once again turned to Hordak who, in exchange for his own freedom, agreed to save Keldor’s life by merging him with Demo-Man, twisting Keldor into Skeletor – Lord of Destruction!


Grayskull Armor He-Man and Disco Skeletor

The Grayskull armor looks amazing on He-Man and it appears that Skeletor is in a different form as he descends from the sky. Skeletor is giving off those disco vibes as he clashes with He-Man.


Up close, we can see the gold/orange armor and some purple energy running through his body.


The only figure that comes close to resembling Grayskull Armor He-Man is from the Masters of the Universe CGI Netflix series.

He-Man Grayskull Armor He-Man and the Masters of the Universe CGI Core Figure

Disco Skeletor History

Disco Skeletor was a repaint of the Masters of the Universe 200x version, that had a very polarizing color scheme! The term disco was coined because of the flashy gold and purple paint apps.


The armor was painted a nice gold tone that has some deep purple and orange accents to him. The same color scheme was applied to the power sword and his Havoc staff.


The funny aspect of this version of Skeleltor was that they kept his hands the light blue from the original version. From all angles, he is an iconic repaint that didn’t get much love in the beginning but has since captured some love from a select group of MOTU collectors.


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