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Revolution Battle Armor He-Man MOTU Official Box Reveal: Hidden 4th Figure

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The box for the Revolution Battle Armor He-Man MOTU Masterverse figure from Wave 12 was officially revealed today but the 4th figure is hidden.

Up to his antics, Roy Juarez officially reveals the revolution Battle Armor He-Man box but this time the 4th figure on the Masterverse Wave 12 cross sell was blocked out, reading “Merry X-Mas” l Back on December 21, 2023, we discovered the official images of Battle Armor He-Man, New Eternia Tri-Klops, and New Eternia Mekaneck and shared this everyone on our Instagram page! Yesterday, we discovered that Keldor was the 4th Mystery figure in Wave 12 as we covered it in our Keldor MOTU Revolution Masterverse Wave 12 Mystery Figure Confirmed article. We don’t have any official images of Keldor yet and but it is confirmed that the figure will be part of the Revolution subline! A huge shoutout to 57.0rion on Instagram for the tip off and digging up the subline Keldor is slotted for! A couple of days ago, Roy Juarez officially revealed the New Eternia Mekaneck box art in a video that and purposefully left out the view of the back of the package as well. Why are they keeping Keldor such a secret is yet to be know, but we have some theories and this further confirms that Mattel is up to some funny business with not revealing the cross sell on the back of the Masterverse Wave 12 boxes. We unofficially revealed 3 out of the 4 Masterverse wave 12 boxes, which included Mekaneck, Battle Armor He-Man, New Eternia Tri-Klops. So let’s take a look at this Revolution Battle Armor He-Man MOTU Official Box Reveal.

Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Box Reveal

According to Roy Juare| Instagram:

A special preview of the packaging for the upcoming Masterverse Revolution Battle Armor He-Man, shielded by the Most Powerful Armor in the Universe!

Playing in the MOTU sandbox:
Packaging Design & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @scebiqu
Toy Design @lavakaiju
Packaging Engineer @lpukhrambam
Copywriter @yesreallyrob

Roy Juare| Instagram:

Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Front and Side Panel Teaser

Roy released a box art teaser and shows the whole box, but the rear for a short time, with the 4th figure of the cross sell blocked out reading “Merry X-Mas”. The right side panel features a cool scene with Battle Armor He-Man, and Andra and a couple of Eternian Palace Guards. Could this be a tease of more new figures to come?

Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Box front
Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Box front left

We get a better look at Andra, who is appearing in the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series on the left side panel. We also see He-Man holding his Axe and clad in his battle armor.

Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Box right
Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Box left

Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Rear Package Reveal

This was the first time we got to see any of the Wave 12 packages rear side, but as you can see the 4th figure on the cross sell has been blocked out to read “Merry X-Mas” with the caption ” Santa Klaus and a sketch of Santa. But as we covered in our Keldor MOTU Revolution Masterverse Wave 12 Mystery Figure Confirmed article, we now know the 4th figure to be Keldor. But why is Mattel keeping him hidden from us? Does Keldor play some pivotal role in the Revolution cartoon that they don’t want revealed yet?

Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Box rear

Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Box cross sell

Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Easter Eggs

Battle Armor He-Man comes packed in the new Masterverse window display box with the New Eternia branding. His classic axe is packed snugly beside him as his showpiece. On the box art, you can see Andra commanding some a set of Eternian Palace Guards. on their way to battle.

Revolution Battle Armor He-Man Box right Andra

Eternian Palace Guards have been previously released as a two pack for the MOTU Classics line in 2010. Could we be getting another 2 pack for the Masterverse line?

Eternian Palace Guards MOTU Classics

Battle Armor He-Man Official Images Reveal

The box for Battle Armor He-Man is stunning as you can see him raising his axe and commanding the Eternian guards into battle! You can also see Castle Grayskull in the background and some cool lighting effects and a ghost beside his Axe. Speaking of which, he is packed in his battle armor with this trusty Axe packed beside him.


Since Battle Armor He-Man is in the Masters of the Universe Revolution display, we got a glimpse of what his character will look like for the upcoming series at SDCC 2023. He-Man looks awesome clad in his battle armor and his axe has some very nice blue paint detail on him!


You can also take the armor off and have yet another regular version of The Most Powerful Man in the Universe! The head sculpt are getting better and better and this version of He-Man’s head is a winner!


This was the first official image we saw of Battle Armor He-Man and you can see all of the weapons and accessories he comes with!


Where to Buy

If you have not preordered your figures yet and were waiting to see more official images, you can find them at the retailers below. You can also find all of the new Masterverse figures from Wave 11 as well!

New Eternia Mekaneck
New Eternia Tri-Klops
Revolution Battle Armor He-Man

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