Masterverse Pig Head Exclusive Images and Where to Buy
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Masterverse Pig-Head In Hand Images and Where to Buy

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Masterverse Pig Head, the latest member of the Rulers of the Sun joins the Master of the Universe Masterverse line and we feature in hand images and also where to can purchase this arch nemesis of Sun-Man!

January 28 2023 UPDATE: Additional In Hand Images

Thanks to lucky collector Brian Jankowski Jr., for posting photos of the Pig Head he purchased from Paulamart Store at Frank and Sons in Southern California. We can see more detail on how spectacular Pig Head really looks! And this is yet another confirmation for his green skin color and translucent blue accessories!

January 27 2023 UPDATE: In Hand Images and Pig-Head Discovered on Walmart and Paulmart

Special thanks to slime_pit_custodian for posting this amazing image of Masterverse Pig-Head! From he told us, he was on late at night on Amazon and the figure was up for preorder! So what did we learn today? Get no sleep and troll Amazon all day long lol!

Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun In Hand

Exclusive In Hand Images

We have to give an extra special shout out to slime_pit_custodian for sending us exclusive images, that you can only see here! He was also kind enough to send us the UPC, which scanned up at Walmart, meaning Pig-Head will be a wider retail release versus an Amazon exclusive so thank you for helping solving to solve that puzzle.

Masterverse Pig Head Back

Pig-Head’s box art is awesome! On the back is shows him fending of foes in battle and using his spike mace to break a shield. The side box art is the most impressive as we see a, what looks to be, a victorious Pig-Head! The bio reads: “The Rulers of the Sun punished Prince Segor of House Shadus for his cruelty, banished him to the shadows, and transformed him into Pig-Head – half man, half pig. Now he has one goal: steal the energy from the First Sun, so that he might harness its power and rule the galaxy. Only one man stands in his way: Sun-Man!”

Masterverse Pig Head Box Art Back
Masterverse Pig Head Box Art Side

Masterverse Pig Head UPC

Pig Head Discovered on Walmart, Amazon, and Paulmart

We now know of 3 places where you can source Masterverse Pig-Head so check out the retailers below to see if he is in stock:

Pig-Head Masterverse FIgure on Walmart

Amazon has Pig-Head listed in their database and here is a link to the product page for the figure comes in stock!

Also, the 9th wonder of the world (after Andre The Giant), Paultmart, has got a shipment of Pig-Head figures and are up for purchase on his website! Just a note, if the page comes up as not found or it links to the home page, that means the figure is out of stock and you are SOL!

Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Paulmart
Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Paulmart Prodcut Page

Update: 01/25/2023

Today posted on the official Sun-Man | Rulers of the Sun (@officialsunman) instagram page, we got more images of Pig Head. But this time, the out of package image is a bit perplexing as the colors look quite a bit off! Not sure if this was a color rendition issue on the image, or if this is what the production figure will look like, let’s hope it’s not the later!? The green is a bit too dark and the pink looks very dark as well. The strange this is, the in package shot they posted looks great and correct. Also you will notice that the dragon pet doesn’t look as translucent plastic as well. Maybe it was their light box, let’s hope! Once we get more official images, we will be sure to update you, but for now, we have a very bright green Pig Head to contend with.

If you recall, Pig Head was revealed at this year’s SDCC and he was the standout of the bunch with his bright pops of color and his pack out! Well, thanks to CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS on Instagram, we’ve got an official in package image of the new Masterverse Pig Head figure. He looks amazing in Masterverse from and the Rulers of the Sun figures look SO MUCH better this way! He comes with a serpent’like piece that goes around his neck, a mace, his trusty shield, and an extra set of hands.

Pig Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Box Front


Pig Head was revealed at this year’s SDCC and he was the stand out of the bunch with his bright pops of color and his pack out! Also, later this year, Pig-Head appeared on a leaked list of Amazon Exclusives back in Sepetember so let’s take a close look at the arch nemesis of Sun-Man from the Rulers of the Sun Masterverse sub-line.

Pig-Head MOTU Masterverse Official 3

There are a great deal of varying textures that make up Pig-Head and we must say that he looks pretty spectacular translated into the Masterverse line. His metallic armor really stands out and the harness across his chest gives that nice leathery feel.

Pig-Head MOTU Masterverse Official 1
Pig-Head MOTU Masterverse Official 2

He comes with a lot of cool accessories, most of which are the translucent blue mace and his serpent!

Pig-Head MOTU Masterverse Official 5
Pig-Head MOTU Masterverse Official 4

Below you can see the images of Pig Head as revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. He looks incredible, and you can see that his official production image looks just as good as the prototype! With his bright green skin, blue and pink accented outfit and tons of textures on his helmet, armor and loin cloth, this will be one spectacular Masterverse figure!

Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Reveal
Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Reveal
Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Figure Reveal
Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Figure Reveal

As previous reported by our friends at CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS, it looks like a new Wave of Masterverse figures are on the horizon, which were also reported to be Amazon exclusives! This new leaked list which included Pig Head had some new heavy hitters and as well as some long awaited welcome classic version fan favorite characters as well. So, this one is a confirmed figure and helps to bring legitimacy to the leaked list! Below is the list of figures that was previously leaked. If you want to read more about the leaked figures you can check out this article: Check out the Masterverse Amazon Exclusive Figures Leaked List (

According to CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS, translated to English:

It seems that we have seen a lot more this year than we see, several Origins and Masterverse releases prepared for exclusive shows by Amazon.
Happy with all these names! Exclusive Motu News! Looks like there’s a lot more to come next year, several Origins and Masterverse releases set to come out exclusively on Amazon. Happy with all these names! Canal dos Rosmineiros always bringing the best of Motu news!

CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS (@canaldosrosmineiros) • Instagram photos and videos

This new Amazon exclusive Wave will include:

  • Mer-Man ( Classic Look)
  • Pig-Head
  • Buzz-Off
  • Prince Adam
  • Horde Skeletor

About Pig-Head

Pig Head, the Wicked Enemy of Sun Man is more or less a direct translation of the vintage figure but with much brighter colors. The pinks, greens, and blues definitely pop more on this figure and more more loud, which goes along with the other MOTU Origins figures.

According to Pig-Head’s Origins story:

Zegor was the rich and villainous Prince of the House of Shadus.  He was known throughout the land as the devious and spiteful lord who spread despair among his workers.  He used his wealth to build torturous chambers in which to punish those who did not obey him.  The workers who remained of purest souls fled, to live among the House of Dynus.  Once a man of handsome features, Zegor was transformed, by the Ruler of the Sun, into a hideous creature – half-man/half-hog and was forever to be called “Pig-Head.” Pig-Head is an angry creature.  He lives with one burning desire – to bring dishonor and shame to all those who live among him.  He has trained his demons to follow his evil plan.  He and his followers will always lurk beneath the sun and never shall they dwell in the land of paradise. Pig-Head was banished into the dungeons of Hades, where he forever tries to harness the sun’s beautiful rays and use its power for his evil doings.

Rulers of the Sun Online Toyshow

Will they make a Zegor figure? Probably not but he’s on the card art so it’s definitely in the realm of possibility. If they did, this would open the door to more figures that were not in the main MOTU Vintage line and it would be cool to see more Origins figures beyond the 10 we might be getting if they build the entire line out.

Olmec Vintage Pig Head MOC
Olmec Vintage Pig Head MOC
Pig Head Rulers of the Sun Vintage Figure
Pig Head Vintage Figure from Olmec

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