Masterverse Amazon Exclusive Figures Leaked List
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Masterverse Amazon Exclusive Figures Leaked List

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Amazon Exclusive Masterverse Figures Leaked List! Exciting new characters rumored to be coming to the Masterverse Line


Thanks to ¡Yo tengo el Poder! on Instagram, we got to see the new leaked Amazon listing for the next Wave of Masterverse figures, showing a release date of June 2023! The next wave is rumored to include Masters of the Universe Revelation Prince Adam, Buzz Off, Horde Skeletor, and Mer- Man (Classic look). This is an exciting new wave to look forward to and also an all Revelation Wave! That begs the question if Mattel is gearing up for a heavy promotion for the next season of the animated cartoon? Only time will tell. Can’t wait to see what these figures look like!

According to ¡Yo tengo el Poder! on Instagram:

This new wave of Masters of the Universe Masterverse had already leaked and on Amazon they are already enabling its sale, confirming the characters and with a release date scheduled for June 2023.

¡Yo tengo el Poder! on Instagram

Thanks to our friends at CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS, it looks like a new Wave of Masterverse figures are on the horizon! And they also reported be Amazon exclusives! This new leaked list includes some new heavy hitters and a long awaited welcome classic version fan favorite character. Now if you recall our friends at CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS predicted She-Ra and New Eternia Beast Man, the new Wave of Snake Men, and the Mekaneck / Road Ripper 2 pack, and they were absolutely right about all of those! We recently covered an Amazon exclusive MOTU Origins list that was also leaked. Let’s take a look at what CDR says is coming down the pipeline. Please note, no official images have been released so we are using other figures and animated stills as stand ins.

According to CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS, translated to English:

It seems that we have seen a lot more this year than we see, several Origins and Masterverse releases prepared for exclusive shows by Amazon.
Happy with all these names! Exclusive Motu News! Looks like there’s a lot more to come next year, several Origins and Masterverse releases set to come out exclusively on Amazon. Happy with all these names! Canal dos Rosmineiros always bringing the best of Motu news!

CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS (@canaldosrosmineiros) • Instagram photos and videos

This new Amazon exclusive Wave will include:

  • Mer-Man ( Classic Look)
  • Pig-Head
  • Buzz-Off
  • Prince Adam
  • Horde Skeletor

Classic Mer-Man

This one is an exciting name on the list and a welcome new version of a Masterverse character! Although the Revelation version of Mer-Man Masters was a cool figure in his own right, he was a far departure of the Mer-Man we all know and love. Fans were left clamoring for a classic version of Mer-Man in the Masterverse line. Could he be a New Eternia version with perhaps some extra accessories for a New Eternia look, and then his classic look. Our theory is that they are going to be releasing the first 8 original MOTU figures in the New Eternia Line.

So far we have gotten, He-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man and Zodac. New Eternia Stratos was revealed at this year’s SDCC. So that leaves Teela, Man at Arms and Mer-Man. The two versions we have of Teela and Man Art Arms were fairly classic looking, but still stylized toward the Revelation cartoon. Well now we can check Mer-Man off that list!

Zodac New Eternia Masterverse MOTU Box Front
Barbarian Skeletor New Eternia Box Front
Viking He-Man New Eternia Masterverse Masters of the Universe Figure Box Front
New Eternia MOTU Masterverse Beast Man Corrected Orange Package

We don’t have any images of the new Masterverse Mer-Man Classic edition, so we will use the MOTU Classics version as a reference to see what he may look like. He has his classic armor, trident and corn cob sword. This is the type of Classic looking Mer-Man we all hope we get for Masterverse.

Mer-Man MOTU Classics

Pig Head

Pig Head was revealed at this year’s SDCC and he was the stand out of the bunch with his bright pops of color and his pack out! He looks amazing in Masterverse form and the Rulers of the Sum figures look SO MUCH better this way! He comes with a serpent’like piece that goes around his neck, a mace, his trusty shield, and an extra set of hands. So this one is a confirmed figure and helps to bring legitimacy to the leaked list!

Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Reveal
Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Reveal
Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Figure Reveal
Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Figure Reveal


Buzz-Off is another exciting character on this list and also a big fan favorite! We did see Buzz-Off for just a brief moment in the Revelation cartoon. So will we be getting a classic looking Buzz-Off or will we be getting a more stylized Revelation animated Buzz-Off? Either way, this is a welcome addition to the Masterverse line and can’t wait to see what he will look like. Again, we don’t have any official images, so we will use a MOTU Classics Buzz-Off as a stand in for reference.

Prince Adam

Prince Adam is a fun character to get on this leak list as well. Here we also wonder, are we going to get a classic looking Prince Adam which is basically the same physique as He-Man in his Prince Adam clothes? Also could we get a classic Orko with him as well? Or are we going to get the young skinny Prince Adam of the Masters of the Universe Revelation Animated series? Only time will tell, and again we have no official images of this figure yet so again we will use a MOTU Classics Prince Adam for reference.

MOTU Classics Orko Prince Adam
Masters-of-the-Universe-Revelations-Prince Adam
Masters-of-the-Universe-Revelations-Prince Adam

Horde Skeletor

Horde Skeletor is a twist on this list as he is not a well known MOTU character, and yet to have a figure man of him. It seems that this could be a version of Skeletor when he was Hordak’s apprentice and part of the Evil Horde. Below we have 2 customs of the Horde apprentice Skeletor character. This could be a very cool and interesting version of Skeletor!

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