Stan Solo Creations Star Wars Bantha Creature Review
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Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha Creature Review

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Well, Stan Solo did it again! Hit it outta the park with their never before made creature, the Star Wars Bantha! If you haven’t heard of Stan Solo Creations, well I am about to introduce you to an amazing company that is making fan made vintage inspired Kenner Style Star Wars toys! Stan Solo Creations is doing some incredible work in creating factory quality custom Star Wars toys, that look and feel just like the vintage Kenner figures we all loved as kids! They are reproducing some characters, but also creating new ones that were never made before. I had the pleasure of picking up a few of the figures and a brand new never before made Mini Rig as well, which we review in our Stan Solo Creations Star Wars Ubrikkian 9000 Figures Review article. Today we will be reviewing the new Stan Solo Creations Star Wars Bantha Creature. From the incredible packaging; to the high quality sculpt and vintage look and feel; to the trap door to place your Tusken Raider in, this Bantha figure is vintage Kenner style all the way! So let’s dive in to this Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha Creature Review!

Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha action scene 1

The Bantha

The Bantha was the furry creature that the “Sand People”, or Tusken Raiders as they are known rode around on the planet Tatooine in Star Wars A New Hope. According to Bantha | Wookieepedia | Fandom:

Banthas were a species of large, hairy mammals with sharp, spiraling horns. They inhabited the desert planet Tatooine, though they were bred on many worlds throughout the galaxy. They were social herd animals, and were often domesticated, and used prominently, by Tusken Raiders as mounts and companionship—though they never killed them for their food or hide. However, banthas were utilized by many other species for products such as bantha steakbutter, clothes, or furniture.

Bantha | Wookieepedia | Fandom
Bantha Star Wars a New Hope


The packaging for this Bantha creature absolutely gorgeous! It is made of very high-quality thick cardstock with super glossy photographing and graphics. It firs right in with the rest of the actual Kenner packages that came out in 1977! With the signature Star Wars piping around the edges, and product image in a cool dioroma shot, this is quintessential Kenner style! The front of the package features an image of the Bantha with several Tusken Raider surrounding it and one riding ontop. You will also notice Obi Wan, Luke, C3PO and R2 peeking out from over a faraway sand dune! The box even features the classic Kenner Logo on the corner, model number and “Ages 4 and up”. All of these little details lend to the authenticity and vintage feel of the box.

The top of the package features several images of the Bantha in play, with the classic “kid” playing with the toy image in the center. Interesting enough, this is creator of Stan Solor Creations Chris Smith’s son, Stan himself posing for the photograph!

Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha Box top

Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha Box side
Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha Box angle

Stan Solo Bantha Creature

The Bantha was never created by Kenner in the vintage line but has always been a creature that belonged with the rest of the creatures in the toy line! This Bantha Creature from Stan Solo Creations looks like it stepped right out of the Kenner 1977 toy line! It has very simple articulation, with just the 4 legs that move, just like the Dewback creature. It comes with a very nice saddle and a set of reins that plug into the saddle. The Bantha even includes the signature “trap door” seat for you to place your figures in! Stan Solo even packed in a little surprise with your Bantha box! If you look carefully, you will see that a little vinyl caped Jawa stowed away in your box!

Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha left angle

Let’s take a look at some of the details on this spectacular creature! The Bantha is made of a very heavy and sturdy brown plastic. It has beautiful hair sculpted details into the body of the Bantha. He is adorned with large horns, and a beautiful light brown saddle with dark brown accents.

Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha right
Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha left

He has 2 large ivory-colored horns on the front of his head, and soulful black painted eyes. His mouth is peeking put from under draping sculpted fur around his large drooping mouth. He has a large tail on the back side as well. Neither the head, nor the tail are articulated, but this was purposeful! The early 1977 vintage Kenner Star Wars creatures only had articulation on their legs like the Dewback. So this Bantha maintains the charm of that simple articulation of the 70’s.

Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha front
Stan Solo Star Wars rear

The saddle on the Bantha has some intricate detail sculpted into it. There are saddle bags hanging on the sides and back. The sculpted ropes are painted in a dark brown accent color and help to accentiate the details of the saddle. The Bantha even includes the classic “trap door” that the vintage Kenner creatures used to come with, like the Tauntaun and the Dewback. The door is spring loaded just like the originals, so your Tusken Raider can safely ride in the back of the Bantha without falling out! The Saddle even includes a set of brown reins that click into place. This is so that they dont break off, and it’s easier to place your figure in. A cute final detail to the Bantha are the little painted brown toenails on his feet! How cute are those?!!

Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha saddle left
Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha trap door
Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha toes

Toy Photography fun

If any of you follow our Toy Habits Instagram page and The Toy Sorceress Instagram page, you will see the Toy Sorceress loves Toy Photography, so here are some photographs for your enjoyment and inspiration! The new Bantha was a blast to photograph because you can recreate the Star Wars Tatooine desert scenes! Enjoy!!!

Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha action scene 2

Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha action scene 3
Stan Solo Star Wars Bantha action scene 4

Where to Buy

The Bantha is currently out of stock, but you can purchase the Bantha Creature. from Stan Solo’ Creations multiple websites, when it’s in stock at:

Stan Solo Creations

Stan Solo Creations (

Stan Solo Creations USA

Stan Solo Creations – Etsy

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