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General Hawk Mobat and Optimus Prime GI Joe Transformers Crossover Confirmed

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JTrpime17 has found a new listing for a Transformers/GI Joe crossover, Optimus Prime M.O.B.A.T with General Hawk!

Special thanks to Rod from Toyhuntershollow on Instagram for the heads up that JTrpime17 has revealed a new listing found for a Transformers/GI Joe crossover, Optimus Prime M.O.B.A.T with General Hawk! This is now the fourth GI Joe Transformer Crossover to be confirmed to be coming out. We also previously reported that SGT. Slaughter , Leatherneck and the Triple T GI Joe Transformers Crossover had originally been rumored way back in January 2023 so it is great to see that crossover coming to fruition! Product number for the Optimus Prime Mobat is said to be Product Number: F8364, but is subject to change. This new Hawk Mobat Optimus Prime GI Joe Transformers Crossover set is said to come with a General Hawk O-ring figure, which is one of the coolest Joes from 1986, joining the O-Ring line! The Mobat, originally released in 1982 was a motorized vehicle, will they work that action feature into the new crossover version? Only time will tell, but it is super exciting news! So let’s take a look what could possibly make up this General Hawk Mobat and Optimus Prime GI Joe Transformers Crossover!

GI Joe Crossover

This new GI Joe Crossover is made up of the GI Joe MOBAT Motorized Battle Tank, and Optimus Prime Transformer! And is said to come with General Hawk, although we have not confirmed which version of Hawk it will be, but we personally prefer the V2 version! Let’s take a look at each of these original releases to see what we might have in store.


The Gi Joe MOBAT or Motorized Battle Tank was released for the A Real American Hero line in 1982. This was the original quintessential tank for the 3 3/4″ GI Joe Action figure line! It’s so exciting to know that we will be getting on as an Optimus Prime Transformer Crossover!

Several questions arise with the naming of this vehicle. First will it be motorized as the original 1982 release? Second, what version of General Hawk will come this tank? Will it be the 1982 V1 version of the 1986 more popular V2 version? I’m hoping it’s the V2 version as you can tell from me Graphic thumbnail for this article!


Given that the Mobat is a bright green tank, how will they work this with the use of Optimus Prime and his Red and Blue color scheme? Will they hide the green color as they did with Bumble Bee’s signature yellow color and the A.W.E Striker Crossover? I can’t wait to see the official release for this one!


General Hawk

Hawk was released for the A Real American Hero Action figure line in 1986. He came with a green combat helmet, backpack, and pistol. He was outfitted in a brown bomber jacket and green camo pants. I absolutely love this vintage version of Hawk and I can’t wait to get a minty fresh O-Ring figure of him! Let’s hope it’s this 1986 version of Hawk, but there is a possibility because it is the 1982 Mobat, that it might be the 1982 V1 version of General Hawk.

Gi-Joe-General-Hawk-vintage figure v1
Gi-Joe-General-Hawk-vintage figure 2
Hawk (GI Joe Commander) GI Joe ARAH 1986 Wave 5

Optimus Prime Transformer

It’s about time that we get Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots coming to the GI Joe Transformer Crossover line. But how will they work the red and blue colors of the Robot Mode into the transformation of the green MOBAT? It will be very interesting to see, as they have been extremely successful thus far with all their previous releases.

How will they work out the Semi Trailer shape of his legs and wheels into a Tank formation? That is yet to be seen, but will be very cool when executed!

Originally released in 1984, Optimus Prime was a Semi Truck with a grey trailer. This was the Christmas gift every kid wanted in 1984, and it’s so cool to see him coming back into the GI Joe Crossover line!

Optimus Prime Trailer mode G1
Optimus Prime G1

Optimus Prime Vintage

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