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Prince Adam Masters of the Universe Revelation Masterverse Box Art Reveal

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Roy Juarez has posted the art for the Masters of the Universe Revelation Masterverse Prince Adam! He’s been on a tear recently revealing card art for MOTU Origins (Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms, Snake Men Infiltrator, Sssqueeze, and Spikor) and he’s continuing with his reveals for the Masterverse line with Prince Adam from the Revelation series. He revealed the Materverse Slush Head last Sunday and now it is high time to reveal Prince Adam’s box art.


Prince Adam comes in the Masterverse window display box with the Revelation branding and you can see how is accessories are displayed as he is holding his birthday cake Power Sword (ok ok…Power Sword channeling the power of Grayskull).


As Roy States, “IT’S PACKAGING TIME! @masters of the Universe Masterverse Wave 10: Revelation Prince Adam, Heroic “Secret Identity” of He-Man!”

He-Man did it. He finally defeated Skeletor, but in doing so, it cost him his life and his secret identity. His friends and family are shattered by the truth: He-Man was actually Prince Adam all along.

Playing in the Masterverse sandbox:
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @eamonodonoghue
Toy Design @lavakaiju
Story @yesreallyrob


The illustration of Prince Adam as he is channeling the powers of Grayskull is amazing and it pays homage to He-Man’s transformation and the translucent power sword that is packed in the box.


The side panel art shows him standing proud with his sword of power that has light shining off of the blade.



Prince Adam Official Images

Prince Adam is a smaller stature figure that comes with an extra laughing head sculpt and a glittery power sword.

Prince Adam Revelation MOTU Masterverse Official Image 5
Prince Adam Revelation MOTU Masterverse Official Image 1

Prince Adam Revelation MOTU Masterverse Official Image 3
Prince Adam Revelation MOTU Masterverse Official Image 4

Where to buy

You can purchase Prince Adam and the rest of the MOTU Masterverse Wave 10 assortment at the following retailers

New Eternia Webstor
Clamp Champ
Horde Apprentice Skeletor
Prince Adam

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