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Mini Comic Man-E-Faces MOTU Origins Confirmed + Prototype

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Could these be test shot images of an upcoming Mini Comic Man-Faces MOTU Origins figure or are they an abandoned concept? Charlie_5.5 has acquired what appears to be a prototype of a future MOTU Origins Mini Comic Man-E-Faces and posted the photos on his IG page (shown in blue and white)! We also came across a listing in Amazon’s database that confirms that confirms mini comic Man-E-Faces is coming to Origins. The MOTU Origins line is producing certain figures in mini comic form so it is not out of the question that they would do something similar for Man-E-Faces. Here is what he had to say:

Interesting find, this First/Test shot figure of Origins Man-E-Faces has different faces from the released version. The sculpts are more detailed and have the faces MEF had early in The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces mini comic, pre Robot face/form. It’s possible this was a discarded idea, or this could be a future release, I hope it’s the latter 🤞🤞


Man-E-Faces Confirmed and Coming to Origins

An Amazon listing for a Mini Comic Man-E-Faces has surfaced, confirming that Mini Comic Man-E-Faces is coming to the MOTU Origins line!


Mini Comic Man-E-Faces Monster Face

The Monster face is the most similar to the current MOTU Origins figure but you can clearly see the resemblance to the mini comic!


It’s really apparent in the up close shots with the monster expression growling downward!


Mini Comic Man-E-Faces Robot Face

The robot face looks nearly identical to the mini comic version and is almost a direct translation of the sketch!


You can see the fine lines in the face up close and this face sculpt really pops in plastic!


Mini Comic Man-E-Faces Human Face

The human face captures the expression of the mini comic so nicely! The detail is amazing and you can clearly see the tie in to the mini comic!


The snarl really comes through and you can also make out the sculpted piece around eyes that is colored in a reddish pink color in the mini comic!


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