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GI Joe ReAction Cobra Snake Mothership Launching October 2023

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If you all remember, Super7 surprised us with an incredible display at their 2023 SDCC booth this year with a spectacular scene of the GI Joe Reaction Cobra Snake Mothership & Trubble Bubbles! They did not comment on the Mothership being in the display, nor did they confirm or deny that it was coming to the ReAction line, but it all left us wondering, was this a cool custom piece that was cooked up for SDCC? Or was this incredible vehicle coming to the GI Joe ReAction Line? If you recall, the Mothership can be seen in the opening sequence of Season 1 of the 1980’s GI Joe Sunbow Cartoon Series! It is flying over the joes, deploying a ton of Trubble Bubbles, only to be shot down in the end by GI Joe! Now Super7 has confirmed that is will be coming in October! Will the Trubble Bubbles be next? Or will the Mothership come packed with a gaggle of them? Only time will tell, but this is very exciting news! You can learn more about it at G.I. Joe Mothership – Super7. So let’s take a look at the GI Joe ReAction Cobra Snake Mothership that will be launching October 2023!

The awesome thing about this Mothership and the Trubble Bubbles are, that since GI Joe ReAction figures are the same scale as vintage O-Ring figures, these new vehicles are totally compatible with your vintage 3 3/4″ ARAH O-Ring figures! So even if you aren’t into buying the 5 POA ReAction figures, this Mothership can make a wonderful addition to your vintage GI Joe collection!

UPDATE 09/25/23: Leaked Mothership Details

According to an anonymous source, the new Super7 Cobra Mothership will come with 2 flight pods packed in with it and 2 commander figures. We are not sure which characters these “Commander figures” are referring to, but there was an unannounced Cobra Viper figure standing on the top of the Mothership at the display at SDCC 2023, so maybe that is what they are referring too? It will also have a jail cell and a command module. The hatches on top will open up to reveal the playset inside. The source also said that this is likely to be a crowd project as it is a large vehicle akin to the size of the Hasbro Star Wars Ghost. With a project this big, Super7 can’t take the risk to simply produce a bunch of them, so mostly they will have it made to order or be a crowdfund to guarantee a minimum quantity order.

  • Will come with 2 Trubble Bubble Flight Pods
  • Will have a Jail Cell
  • Will have a Command Module
  • Flaps will open up to reveal playset inside
  • Likely be a crowdfund project
Super7 GI Joe Reaction Mothership Coming Soon

According to Super7 on Instagram,

The MOTHER of all G.I Joe vehicles is taking off October 2023. Don’t miss out! Learn more at
#Super7 #ComingSoon #GIJoe #GIJoeNation #GIJoeToys

Super7 on Instagram,

Sunbow Cartoon Series

The Cobra Mothership can be seen at the opening of the GI Joe 1980’s Sunbow Cartoon Series! The Cobra Mothership is featured in the opening of Season1 – The Mass Device and is flying over a squad of Joes, while deploying a ton of Trubble Bubbles into the sky! It’s obvious that Super7 was recreating this opening sequence with their display!

GI Joe Cobra MotherShip 5
GI Joe Cobra MotherShip 4
GI Joe Cobra MotherShip 2
GI Joe Cobra MotherShip 1

SDCC 2023 Reveal

Super7 has an incredible display booth at this year’s 2023 San Diego Comic Con, and GI Joe was well represented with the GI Joe Reaction Cobra Snake Mothership & Trubble Bubbles! As we mentioned above, this Mothership comes from the opening sequence of the 80’s Sunbow Cartoon! It can be seen flying over the Joes, deploying Trubble Bubbles all over the place! The mothership is eventually taken down by GI Joe! The Trubble Bubbles look incredible as well, and seat the figures very nicely. I would assume a 3 3/4″ O-Ring figure could sit very comfortably in the seat as well! For those of you who are not familiar with the ReAction line by Super7, they are 3 3/4″ figures with 5 points of articulation, and they are supposed to be a “what if Kenner were to make these back in the day” type design. They are not for everyone with a whomping $20 price tag each, but they sure are alot of fun! This GI Joe ReAction line in particular is supposed to be inspired mainly by the GI Joe 1980’s Sunbow cartoon series and also the comic books.

GI Joe Reaction SDCC 2023 display 1

The Trubble Bubbles seat the cobra troopers nicely and I can easily see using them for your vintage 3 3/4″ GI Joe A Real American Hero O-Ring figures as well! This is the first full size vehcile offering we have seen from Super7 in their GI Joe ReAction line, so I hope this opens the door for more opportunies!

Source: Kyle Peterson
Special Thanks to Tyson Gabriel
GI JOe ReAction SDCC 2023 display mothership 15

Here are some great shoys of the Trubble Bubble and a brand new figure, a Viper!! They look absolutely wondereful!

Source: Kyle Peterson
Source: Kyle Peterson
Cobra Mothership GI Joe Super7 ReAction SDCC 2023 1

Special Thanks to Tyson Gabriel for sending these additonal photos of the GI Joe ReAction Display!

Special Thanks to Tyson Gabriel
Special Thanks to Tyson Gabriel

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