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Laser Bolt and War Sled Coming to the MOTU MEGA Line

The MEGA Laser Bolt and War Sled are coming to the Masters of the Universe MEGA line and these sets are small but pack a big punch of fun!

Special thanks to friend of Toy Habits, 57.0rion, for sending these images he came across images of the Laser Bolt with Ram Man and the War Sled with another Skeletor repaint while send a support email to Mattel! You’d be surprised what you might find in the deepest darkest corners of the internet but we are so thankful that 57.0rion came across these images and sent them to us! The last MEGA set to come out on Mattel Creations was the Eternia Battleground set so it’s great to see more MEGA sets on the horizon! These are very small sets that pack a big wallop of fun and will help build (pun intended) your MOTU MEGA display!

Laser Bolt with Mini Comics Ram Man

This set is on the small side as it has 74 pieces and, from the box image below, it looks like the MEGA version of the Laser Bolt retains it’s action feature! This set also comes with a repaint of Ram Man from the MEGA Snake Mountain set!


Laser Bolt Box

The box is very colorful and it looks like these will be sold at retail given the large hanger for the peg!


Laser Bolt Vehicle

The Laser Bolt looks classic in this scale and it’s the perfect vehicle for MEGA! Paying homage to the vintage version, this compact vehicle hits all the notes from the coloring to the eyes!


Vintage Laser Bolt

The Laser Bolt is a vehicle from the Masters of the Universe toy line. It is a land vehicle that can “stand” to turn into a small weapons system. In He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special, it’s depicted very plainly (most of the details are not shown, such as the eye or weapons except for in close-ups) and as a flying vehicle the entire special. It never transforms.


Mini Comic Ram Man

I personally love the mini comic versions of MOTU figures and it’s cool to see Ram Man in this coloring. He’s also the perfect driver for this vehicle as he can lay waste to Skeletor’s army with the Laser Bolt and finish everyone off with his head (and that’s using your head!).


Mini Comic Ram Man MOTU Classics

Super7 eventually got handed the reigns for the MOTU Classics line (along with the Four Horsemen working on the design), and they created rebooted renditions of some of the most core and popular characters via the “Ultimate” line. They made He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Faker, and Ram Man that were released in new packaging and a new paint apps like Ram Man, which is a nod to the mini comics version where he appeared in orange.


War Sled with Skeletor

The War Sled looks like it is a repaint of the Sky Sled that came with the MEGA Battle Ram set! This vehicle looks amazing in purple and it also comes with the hero version of the Sky Sled, which is a great pack in to change up your display.


War Sled Box

The War Sled box prominently features the War Sled and Skelly and it would be amazing to see these hanging on the pegs.


Skeletor Repaint

This version of Skeletor, not that we needed a new one, has a gray and dark blue paint app!


War Sled

The War Sled is a cool addition to the MEGA line and it even comes with its own flight stand! This vehicle will look great next to Snake Mountain!


War Sled History

The War-Sled appeared in the Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon and the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix Series. The War-Sled is a one-man aerial assault vehicle commonly used by Skeletor and his Evil Warriors. It is similar in appearance and design to a Sky-Sled, but it is darker in color. Instead of a griffin, it featured a snake-shaped head. A fleet of War-Sleds was deployed during Skeletor’s large scale attack on Castle Grayskull. Tri-Klops led a group of Skelcons flying the one-man assault vehicles. Tri-Klops appeared to be enjoying himself, until his vehicle was shot down by Man-At-Arms and the Royal Guard who arrived to join the battle flying on their Sky-Sleds.

War Sled MOTU Filmation Design

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