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Lady Slither MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Exclusive Preorder

MOTU Origins Lady Slither is set to drop as a Mattel Creations exclusive on September 12, 2023 at 9am PT

Hot off the heels of the MOTU Origins Fang-Or release, the next MOTU Origins Mattel Creations exclusive figure is set to drop on September 12, 2023! Lady Slither is gearing up for her big reveal and preorder, which will drop at 9am PT! According to Mattel’s launch calendar, we see a slot for the next MOTU Collectors drop and we can’t wait for this figure!


Don’t forget that Lady Slither goes on preorder tomorrow, September 12, 2023 at 9am PST, 12pm EST on Masters of the Universe Origins Lady Slither Action Figure – Mattel Creations.

MOTU Origins Lady Slither Mattel Creations Preorder link

Update 09/05/2023: Mattel Creations Official Images and In Hand Images

Mattel Creations has posted their official Lady Slither Images on their website at: Masters of the Universe Origins Lady Slither Action Figure – Mattel Creations. She will cost a whopping $35, which is pretty pricey for a deluxe Origins figure!

Official product description is as follows:

The Snake Men get their queen as Lady Slither joins the Masters of the Universe Origins line. This leader of the Snake Men can transform the lower half of her body into a snake to slither into the Masters’ nightmares. Lady Slither has never been made into a figure before, so every MOTU collector will want this venomous viper in their collection. 

  • Masters of the Universe™ Origins Lady Slither™ Action Figure 
  • First-ever figure of this character 
  • Comes with articulated attachable tail, staff, and knife  
  • 16 points of articulation in 5.5 inch scale 
  • Includes mini comic that reveals her origins 
  • Comes in premium MOTU Origins packaging 

Not only did we get official images of Lady Slither today but her card back art and packaging were revealed as well! She comes in incredible packaging with a new slip cover with embossed art of a new Lady Slither logo on the front and snake and bio on the back. Then when you slip that off, you reveal the incredible package inside.

MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither official image 9
MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither official image 10

Lady Slither comes packaged in a similar package to that of Moss Man, with a double wide box displaying the figure within and her accessories. Her card back art features Fang-or on the front along with Vypor, Strettch Nekk, and Reptilax that we covered on our Lady Slither’s Card Art Teases Deep Cut MOTU Origins Snake Men. On the back side of the package you will see the two snakemen High Priest Pythonus, (Snakeman Nepthu) and unnamed Red Snake creature, that were featured on Moss Man’s as we featured on Moss Man MOTU Origins Art Reveal Teases Power of Grayskull. Go to these two articles if you want to read more about them all.

MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither official image 7
MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither official image 8

MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither official image 1
MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither official image 2

MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither official image 3
MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither official image 5
MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither official image 6

In Hand Images thanks to GDL

We also want to give a huge thanks to Jay from Geek Dad life for doing an incredible early in hand review of Lady Slither, If you want to check out his entire review you can go to: MOTU Origins Lady Slither Pictures and Review – Geek. Dad. Life or watch his video at: MOTU Origins Lady Slither’s Tail is a Game Changer! – YouTube

You can change the tail out at the torso and attach it to other figures as well. The tail is also highly articulated!


MOTU Origins Lady Slither

Finally the last character reported by on Facebook, is the MOTU Origins Lady Slither. She is also set to be released also as a Mattel Creations exclusive, going up to be up for preorder in September.

Per on Facebook:

Availability: Mattel Creations
Page Go-Live Date: September
Pre-Sale Date: September
Product Copy: To be provided later.
Notes from the Team: Lady Slither will have an elegant slipcover wrapped in snake scales with a bronze patina finished medallion of Lady Slither’s face (our nod to Medusa’s head on Athena’s shield). On the top of the slipcover, we have a bronze crest of the Snake Men logo. The back has a character writeup of Lady Slither inside a bronzed serpent frame. The front of the box features Lady Slither commanding her troops Fang-Or, Vypor, Stretch Neck and Raptilax (from the vintage mini comics) into battle. On the cardback we have Lady Slither in her human form (featuring her interchangeable human legs) sitting on her throne inside her Snake Lair. To the left of Lady Slither is High Priest Pythonus, a character also designed by Axel, and to the right of Lady Slither is the red Snake Man fans will recognize from Kol-Darr’s cardback art.

Lady Slither SDCC 2023 Reveal

We saw this figure in the Mattel Booth at SDCC 2023 and she was looking as gorgeous as ever! She comes with a new snake lower half and also an alternate human form with a snake staff and sword! The coloring for this figure harkens back to original concepts for the figure that were unproduced in the MOTU Classics era!

History of Lady Slither

Lady Slither, Slytheena of the Serpent House is a lady Snake Men in female form, from the Masters of the Universe Classics canon. She said to be the leader of the Snake Men, and has the ability to transform the lower half of her body into a snake tail, which is very unusual. This will be very interesting to see how they treat this in Origins form! She also had a raid on Eternia, then led a Revenge Squad on Trolla, and finally returned to Eternia again to wreak havoc throughout the land.

Lady Slither history

Thanks to Allison Troy for her insight on Lady Slither. According to Allison: There aren’t many ladies (none) so far in the Snake Men faction. And Lady Slither is one that a lot of fans have responded to. While she’s a lot of new tooling – at this point the only re-use for her is the Origins She-Ra arms. Her torso could facilitate a more generic female torso buck which would lead to many more figures. In her human form she wears fur shorts and the typical furry boots. So that piece would give us Battleground Teela’s waist piece – and if they designed the torso generic enough it would also give us Battleground Teela’s torso. Plus again– a more generic female torso that allowed for clip-on and snap-on armor would lead to more opportunities for female figures in Origins. Plus her crown could be re-used for Zilora from the Filmation cartoon.

Lady Slither MOTUC
Lady Slither Human form 1

According to Lady Slither | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom:

Lady Slither is a vicious leader of the Snake Men, filling a similar role to the one held by King Hiss. She seemed to have attacked Eternia during He-Man’s time on Primus, but was later sent by the Unnamed One to form a villainous Revenge Squad which laid siege to Trolla in an attempt to take the Trollan Temple of Power. Upon her defeat, she returned to Eternia where she and the remaining Snake Men became a dangerous threat to the planet. Later, she joined forces with the resurrected King Hiss and his own revived Snake Men.

Lady Slither | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

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