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Man-At-Arms Cartoon Collection MOTU Origins & Where To Buy

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Cartoon Collection MAA is in stock and up for preorder on Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store. Since the Cartoon Collection figures went up for preorder, the only figure that has been difficult to pin down! We have deduced that he is an Amazon exclusive based on the mere fact that he is nowhere to be found on any other retailer site (aside from the from the online store that starts with a P and ends in aulmart). Speaking of which, he is back in stock at the aforementioned store for preorder AND he has the Man-At-Arms figure listed on Walmart.

Man-At-Arm and Where to Buy

We’ve updated our MOTU Origins Shop Page to reflect the places where you can purchase the Cartoon Collection Man-At-Arms.

Cartoon Collection Man-At-Arms

December 3, 2023: Man-At-Arms on Walmart

We recently discovered that Man-At-Arms is being sold by 3rd party sellers on Walmart!


The Whole Shebang Preorder

The Whole Shebang, a UK retailer, also has the Cartoon Collection Man-At-Arms figure up for preorder


Cartoon Collection Man-At-Arms Review and Coverage

If you are on the fence about buying the this version of Man-At-Arms, check out the amazing in hand review done by the one and only Toy Sorceress and also the other coverage for this figure. For example, the MOTU team has released his card art and also did a very cool behind the scenes vignette where they took collectors on a journey through the design process.

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