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Orko and Evil-Lyn MOTU Origins 2024 Fan Favorite Reissue Figures

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It’s a good sign for collectors that Mattel is re-releasing prior Masters of the Universe Origins figures for those who missed out. Also, there are some subtle differences in the Fan Favorite figures as we’ve seen this with the latest She-Ra Fan Favorite. Aside from a darker gold paint app and different stickers on her brown and waist piece, her weapons are also on display in package, which makes the figure look more appealing for in-box collectors. Thanks to an anonymous source, we also know the next Fan Favorite figures that are coming in the future. Orko and Evil-Lyn are slotted to be the next Fan Favorite releases joining a growing list of MOTU Origins figures that are making a boomerang into collector’s hands that missed out on the earlier releases. Speaking of which, Evil-Lyn was released as part of the Wave 1 assortment and Orko was released as part of the wave 2 assortment.

Concept: Not Actual Figure
Concept: Not Actual Figure

Orko First Release

Orko was released as part of the MOTU Origins Wave 2 figure assortment, along with Man-E-Faces, Scareglow, and Trap Jaw.


40th Anniversary Release

What makes this figure very interesting as a Fan Favorite is that he was already released as a 40th anniversary figure, along with the same band of misfits he came with in Wave 2.



Evil-Lyn was released as part of the first wave of MOTU Origins figures, which included He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Skeletor, and Beast Man.

Evil Lyn Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 1

Evil-Lyn 200x

Evil-Lyn was released released as a repaint in 200x colors with the Masters of the Universe 200x logo on the card.

Evil Lyn Ver 2 Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 5

Other Fan Favorite Releases and Where to Buy

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Fan Favorite She-Ra
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Fan Favorite Mer-Man
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Fan Favorite Zodac
Tri-Klops-Masters-of-the-Universe-Origins-Fan Favorite
Fan Favorite Tri-Klops
Fan Favorite Mini Comic Trap Jaw
Fan Favorite Webstor
Fan Favorite Ninjor
Fan Favorite King Randor

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