Mego 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super Heroes Wave 3 In Hand Review

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Mego has been delighting collectors with their super retro and nostalgic 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super Heroes Figures. These new Mego figures are spectacular as I own most of the first two waves. These 8″ figures have amazing high quality soft goods costumes just like the vintage Megos. And who could forget those hilarious but nostalgic plastic “oven mitts” for gloves! The artwork and packaging for these figures are exactly like the vintage original, from the artwork, to the Super Heroes logo, down to the exact color of the boxes, Mego hit it outta the park with these! So let’s take a look at the latest Wave 3 Mego 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super Heroes that were revealed at this year’s Mego Meet at Power Con 2023. We have 4 of the latest figures, Fire Storm, Red Tornado, Dr. Fate and Bizzaro Superman for an in hand review courtesy of Frank Wojo from Absolutely Retro! If you are looking to order this wave, you can get them all in stock now at: 50th Anniv WGSH | Absolutely Retro.


These new figure look great with the rest of the 50th Anniversary Mego’s in my personal collection!


Wave 3 consists 8 new figures and they are some real of some deep cuts!

Absolutely Retro Mego Page
  • Red Tornando
  • Firestorm
  • Dr. Fate
  • Nightwing
  • Two Face
  • Bizzaro Superman
  • Brainiac
  • Deadman


These new figures come packed in a beautiful classic Mego box with a window display and individual logo plus character illustration in the back.



Firestorm is a superhero appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom and first appeared in Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #1 in 1978.

The original Firestorm is actually a fusion of two individuals: Ronnie Raymond, a high school student, and Professor Martin Stein, a nuclear physicist. When an accident occurred in a nuclear power plant, the two were caught in the blast and their molecules were merged together. This resulted in the creation of Firestorm, a being with the ability to manipulate and transmute matter at will.

Firestorm possesses a variety of powers, including the ability to fly, generate and project bursts of nuclear energy, create force fields, and rearrange atoms to change the substance and properties of objects. He is also capable of absorbing radiation, rendering him immune to most forms of harm and making him an exceptional powerhouse in battles.

The character has been a member of various superhero teams, including the Justice League and the Justice Society of America. Over the years, different individuals have taken on the mantle of Firestorm, with Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein being the most recognized and prominent versions.

Firestorm has appeared not only in comic books but also in various adaptations such as animated TV shows, video games, and live-action series like “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” The character’s popularity stems from its unique powerset, compelling origin story, and dynamic relationship between the two fused individuals.


Here we can see Firestorm’s packaging with a classic illustration of him on the back.


I love how they achieved the flame effect on Firestorm’s head. Also his classic yellow and red soft goods outfit looks wonderful on him. He comes with yellow gloved hands, and yellow plastic boots.


Red Tornado

Red Tornado is a fictional superhero character in comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Dick Dillin, and first appeared in Justice League of America #64 in 1968.

Red Tornado’s real name is Ulthoon, an android created by the supervillain T.O. Morrow. Ulthoon was meant to be a weapon, but after gaining sentience, he rebelled against his creator and decided to use his powers for good. He joined the Justice League of America and became a prominent member.

Red Tornado’s powers and abilities include the ability to generate powerful winds, create tornadoes and whirlwinds, and fly. He also possesses the ability to manipulate air currents to create protective shields or attack his enemies. As an android, he has enhanced strength, durability, and speed. Additionally, Red Tornado has a unique ability to detach his body parts and remotely control them, allowing him to perform tasks from a distance.

The character has faced various challenges and storylines over the years, often dealing with themes of identity and humanity. He has been a member of different superhero teams, including the Justice Society of America and Young Justice.


Here we can see Red Tornado’s packaging with a classic illustration of him on the back.


Red Tornado is wearing his classic red soft goods outfit with a really beautiful quality blue soft goods cape. The red trim and up collar on his cape is a nice touch! He comes with yellow gloved hands, and red plastic boots with yellow cuffs.


Dr. Fate

Dr. Fate is a fictional superhero in the DC Comics universe. The character was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Howard Sherman and first appeared in More Fun Comics #55 in 1940.

Dr. Fate is the alter ego of multiple characters throughout comic book history, but the most well-known version is Kent Nelson. Kent is the son of archaeologists who discovered an ancient tomb containing the helmet of Nabu, an ancient sorcerer from the planet Cilia. When his parents are killed, Kent becomes the apprentice to Nabu and learns the art of sorcery.

By donning the helmet of Nabu, Kent Nelson becomes Dr. Fate, a powerful sorcerer and defender of humanity. Dr. Fate possesses incredible magical abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis, flight, and the ability to cast spells. Dr. Fate’s costume is iconic, consisting of a golden helmet, a blue robe with golden accents, and a mysterious amulet.

As Dr. Fate, Kent Nelson fights against various supernatural and mystical threats to protect the Earth from evil. He is often seen as a member of the Justice Society of America, a team of superheroes that operates in the DC Comics universe.

Dr. Fate has appeared in numerous comic book series, including his own solo titles, as well as in animated TV shows and movies. He is known for his connection to the mystical side of the DC universe and is often depicted as a wise and powerful mystic.


Here we can see Dr, Fate’s packaging with a classic illustration of him on the back.


Dr. Fate is dressed in a blue and yellow soft goods outfit, with his classic gold helmet. He has a very nice yellow belt and yellow soft goods cape as well. He comes with yellow gloved hands, and yellow plastic boots.


Bizzaro Superman

Bizarro Superman, also known as Bizarro, is a fictional character in DC Comics. He first appeared in the comic book title Superboy #68 in October 1958. Bizarro is considered to be a twisted, flawed version of Superman and serves as his imperfect duplicate.

The origin story of Bizarro varies throughout different versions of DC Comics. However, the most common origin portrays Bizarro as a failed cloning experiment gone wrong. He is created by Lex Luthor or other villains using Superman’s DNA or the remnants of Kryptonian technology.

Bizarro possesses a variety of unique characteristics that differentiate him from the real Superman. Physically, he has distorted features, pale or grayish skin, and a hunched posture. His powers are also twisted versions of Superman’s abilities. For example, his cold breath produces fire, and his heat vision creates ice.

One of the defining traits of Bizarro is his reversed speech and logic. He often speaks in a broken, distorted manner, using phrases like “me am Bizarro #1” instead of “I am Bizarro #1.” Additionally, Bizarro’s actions are driven by an inverted moral code, causing him to do the opposite of what Superman would typically do. This results in unconventional and often chaotic behavior.

While Bizarro is typically portrayed as a villain, his motivations and actions can be inconsistent. Sometimes, he acts with good intentions but due to his flawed perspective, ends up causing unintentional chaos and destruction. In certain storylines, Bizarro has even displayed acts of heroism, albeit in his own distorted way.

Bizarro has been featured in various DC Comics publications, including his own comic book series titled “Tales of the Bizarro World” and appearances in Superman-related titles. He has also appeared in animated adaptations, TV shows, and movies, gaining a significant fan following for his peculiar and offbeat nature.

Overall, Bizarro Superman is a unique and intriguing character in the DC Comics universe, offering a twisted alternate take on the legendary Man of Steel.


Here we can see Bizzaro Superman’s packaging with a classic illustration of him on the back.


Bizzaro Superman is the opposite of Superman, so he has a similar outfit to Superman but in different colors, and a backwards ‘S” on his chest. He even included a hanging necklace sign that says ‘Bizzaro #1″. He is wearing a soft goods blue and purple outfit, with purple soft goods cape. He comes with white gloved hands, and purple plastic boots.


Where to Buy

If you are looking to order this wave, you can get them all in stock now at: 50th Anniv WGSH | Absolutely Retro.

Absolutely Retro Mego Page

Wave 3

You can also preorder them from Absolutely, which is another wonderful resource for all new Mego products. Frank Wojo and his team at Absolutely do a wonderful job at shipping your Mego figures nice and safe and well packages, so be sure to check them out!

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