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Mer-Man Classic Masters of the Universe Revelation Masterverse Box Art Reveal

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The box and art for the Classic Mer-Man Masterverse Revelation figure was revealed! Roy Juarez was batting a thousand last week with his reveals of MOTU Origins packaging and art and he is turning his attention to Masterverse Wave 9 now! Revealed back on March 20, 2023, this Classic version of Mer-Man appeared in a flashback scene in the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix animated series.

Mer-Man Classic

Mer-Man was an exciting reveal and a welcome new version of a Masterverse character! Although the Revelation version of Mer-Man was a cool figure in his own right, he was a far departure of the Mer-Man we all know and love. Fans were left clamoring for a classic version of Mer-Man in the Masterverse line. It is great to finally get to see the packaging and art for the figure.


Packaging and Art

Mer-man comes back in the Masterverse window display box with the Masters of the Universe Revelation branding on it.


In Roy Juarez‘s Instagram post, he said “A look at the packaging for the upcoming Masterverse Revelation Mer-Man, the Ocean Warlord!” He also credits the team for the amazing work!

Playing in the Masterverse sandbox:
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @josephzacate
Toy Design @lavakaiju
Story @yesreallyrob


Rear Box Art

On the rear box art we can see Mer-Man commanding his undersea legion with an outstretched hand and his sword in tow.


Side Panel Art

On the side panel we can see Mer-Man framed by wave crashing against the rock he is standing on!


Rear Box Art ad Bio

On the rear of the box we can see an amazing illustration of Mer-Man commanding the creatures of the Crystal Sea!


Mer-Man’s bio reads:

Prior to Skeletor’s disappearance, Mer-Man was The Lord of the Destruction’s reluctant ally. He commanded an army of Aquaticans and terrorized the Crystal Sea, proving to be a valuable resource in the fight against He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Their inability to see eye-to-eye, however, often led to their downfall.

Mer-Man Reveal

We are getting the Classic style Mer-Man with very cool armor and his classic sword like we saw in the Revelation series flashback.

Mer-Man Revelation MOTU Masterverse Official Image 1

Mer-Man Revelation MOTU Masterverse Official Image 2
Mer-Man Revelation MOTU Masterverse Official Image 4

Mer-Man Revelation MOTU Masterverse Official Image 3
Mer-Man Revelation MOTU Masterverse Official Image 5

Where to Buy

You can purchase Mer-Man and the rest of Wave 9 from the following retailers:

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