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MOTU Origins Wave 13 In Hand Review

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We bring you our very own MOTU Origins Wave 13 In Hand Review! Yes we got a hold of Wave 13, and we review them with incredible images!

We here at Toy Habits love to bring our fellow collectors the best coverage on MOTU Origins that we can. So what can be better than to take our very own IN HAND images of the newest Wave 13 MOTU Origins figures! MOTU Origins Wave 13 is now totally official and brings previously leaked figures King Randor 200x, Snake Trooper, Snake Teela, and Slamurai to the line! We were able to get our hands on these amazing figures and we now them for you for a short photographic in hand revie as we plan on covering these figures LIVE IN HAND! Be sure to join Michael and the Toy Sorceress this Saturday, March 4th at 3pm as Toy Habits makes a triumphant return to live streaming! We have an action-packed show for you as we show off MOTU Origins Wave 13 live and discuss our predictions for Walmart Collector Con 2023! This is our time to spend 2 on 1 with the community so come with your thoughts, questions, and predictions! MOTU Origins Wave 13 IN HAND + Walmart Collector Con 2023 Predictions – YouTube

So let’s take a look of what the actual figures look like IN HAND!



How cool is it to finally get to pick Ninjor vs. Slamurai?This is a classic white ninja vs black ninja rivalry, just like Storm Shadow vs Snake Eyes! This is truly going to be a classic rivalry in MOTU lore!


You can also check out our in depth review on YouTube!

200X King Randor

200X King Randor is the figure I was most looking forward to in this new wave! He is one of my personal favorite characters, and it is so cool that I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to buy him this early! This more youthful, battle ready version of Randor looks and feels fantastic in hand! King Randor looks amazing as he is set off in the Rise of the Snake Men card back with his armor and mechanical leg from the Masters of the Universe MYP animated series. You can also see the 200x logo, which is a real treat! His new armor design in the gold and red looks incredible. You can also see his armored right leg new cape design. Also looking at his card back, you can see both the card art and the cross sell! The card art shows a 200x illustration of King Randor tangled with 200x Skeletor!


200x King Randor MOTU Origins Wave 13 Leak


Here we can see King Randor looking very regal in his new 200x outfit. Randor looks more youthful, but is still wearing a 200x inspired crown on his head, and yes he still has a little “Burger King” in his face! He includes a staff similar to the one that came with the MOTU Classics version which is MYP inspired. He also has a more armor-clad right leg and boot, and the standard left leg with furry topped boot.


The details on King Randor’s face are incredible! I just love how the tufts of hair flow over his gold crown. Also his armor is a very beautiful shinny gold color with a lot of sculpted details, which make him look very regal!


Here you can see King Randor’s regal looking cape from behind. It’s the same mold as the first version of King Randor but in a lighter blue color. Also, you can remove his cape by pulling off his head and lifting off the cape. He has alot of nice detail on the rear of his armor, and also the beautiful gold loin cloth he is wearing as well.



Slamurai, which is a cool white ninja repaint version of Ninjor! It’s amazing to see another heroic warrior in the mix to fend off the Snake Men. He has a new Ninja heroic logo on his chest which is different than the Evil Warriors ninja logo of Ninjor! This looks like it is going to be the fan favorite of the wave! This figure now comes with a blue bow and arrow, white nunchucks and a silver sword. He also has human boots for his feet, unlike Ninjor who has the monster feet.


On the card back art for Slamurai, we see him battling it out with none other than Lord Gr’asp! As you might know, Lord Grasp was already teased on the Camo Khan card art as well! This is a major tease to yet another potential upcoming Origins figure! We will cover Lord Grasp below.


He’s a close up of the white ninja warrior! He looks incredible in package against the red rock burst design!




Snake Trooper

The Snake Trooper looks amazing in hand! You can see how good the Snake head looks in the Horde Trooper armor and how well it sits! Mattel has reused the Horde Trooper body and looks like is using the Rattlor Snake Head in green. There are some nice gold accents on his shoulders as well. He comes with a red Horde Trooper staff and a red snake man shield like the one that came with King Hiss. They also changed his lower legs, and boots, as he now has the horde logo on his boots, a reuse of Mantenna’s boots! This will definitely be one of the more sought-after army builders! Compared to the official image, having this Snake Trooper in hand is amazing!


Here we can see the Snake Troopers being schooled by none other than Strobo! This is a major tease to yet another potential upcoming Origins figure!



This Snake Trooper has the same action feature as the rest of the Horde Troopers! By pressing his Horde Logo button on his chest, he pops open as if a robot being blasted and falling apart!



Snake Teela

Snake Teela looks to be a reuse of the original Teela figure, but as you can see they added some additional details to her shoulders with the flared shoulder armor. Also the colors of here outfit are all new. The face sculpt looks incredible in hand, and you can see that they even included snake fangs on her face! She comes with a green snake staff and green version of the sword that came with the Teela and Zoar Two Pack. You can see they also added a sword sheath on her back, which is all new to the Teela figure. Her boots are also reminiscent of the Teela 200X character, so perhaps that is what Mattel has in store for us in the future!



The card back art shows Snake Teela battling with Snake Armor He-Man, and the Snake version of King Hiss lurking in the background!






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