Pig-Head Masters of the Universe Origins Official Images
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Pig-Head Masters of the Universe Official Images Revealed & NEW 3-Pack Theory

Thanks to yo_tengo_el_poder, Pig-Head MOTU Origins official images were revealed today to expand the Rulers of the Sun line for Origins plus we have an updated theory on the rumored Rulers of the Sun 3-Pack!


Today, we saw the official reveal of Rulers of the Sun Pig-Head Masters of the Universe Origins style. The card has the 40th Anniversary sticker in the upper left, which looks like it will be the standard moving forward this year. Also, the figure has the Rulers of the Sun logo, like the single carded standard release of Sun-Man! Seeing that Pig-Head is a single card figure, this does throw into question an earlier leak where we thought Pig-Head would be part of a Rulers of Sun 3-Pack but it’s always fun to speculate and guess and we are always open to updates based on official reveals like this one.

Pig Head Masters of the Universe Figure on Card

In addition to the carded reveal, we got more detailed images of the actual figure of the Wicked Enemy of Sun Man. The figure is more or less a direct translation of the vintage figure (see below) but with much brighter colors. The pinks, greens, and blues definitely pop more on this figure and more more loud, which goes along with the other MOTU Origins figures.

Pig Head Masters of the Universe Figure Geared Up
Pig Head Masters of the Universe Figure Back View
Pig Head Masters of the Universe Figure Weapons
Pig Head Masters of the Universe Figure Mace

Preproduction vs. Carded Production Differences

As we know, the preproduction shots of figures may look slightly different than the carded produced figures and the only aspect that looks like it has changed is the helmet design. The parts of the his helmet that hang above each eye looked a lot more scalloped or rounded vs. more angular in the production shots. Also, his eyes seem a little more beady but other than that, this figure looks very close to the production images.

Pig Head Masters of the Universe Figure Head Sculpt Close
Pig Head Masters of the Universe Figure Head Sculpt Differences

About Pig-Head

Pig-Head is the nemesis of the Rulers of the Sun gang. Where Skeletor is He-Man’s counter-part, so is Pig-Head to Sun-Man. So, I find it odd that Digitino is the next Rulers of the Sun figure to be named as part of Wave 9. You would think Mattel would pair these two up so that kids had their evil nemesis to play against. Pig Head has an interesting green skin color, boar like tusks protruding from his mouth and a big pig-like snout for a nose. He wears a teal-colored helmet with pink horns, pink wrist bracers, teal colored chest, burgundy chest strap and matching burgundy belt with red accents. His shorts are interesting as they are of a light-yellow color but look like they have a scaly texture, unlike the loin cloths of the rest of the MOTU gang. He wears teal colored boots with pink furry tops. Pig-Head is wheedling a teal spiked mace and pink and teal colored shield. Pig-Head is a very interesting character in the Rulers of the Sun, as he is the only non-humanoid beast-like creature in the group. I think this is great to bring variety to the group, as MOTU fans as fond of creature like characters, so he fits in nicely! Again, he too matches his vintage counter-part in classic origins fashion.

Pig Head Masters of the Universe Origins Figure Comparison
Pig Head MOTU Origins
Pig Head Rulers of the Sun Vintage Figure
Pig Head Vintage Figure from Olmec

Rulers of the Sun 3-Pack Update + New Theory

A few days ago, we speculated, as many others did, that the leaked news about a potential Rulers of the Sun 3-Pack would include Digitino, Space Sumo, and Pig Head. With the reveal of Pig Head as a single carded figure, we have another theory! With the reveal of Space Sumo and Digitino during the mid March reveals, they are still likely candidates to be included in this rumored 3-Pack. During a previous reveal of the Rulers of the Sun Line, we also saw that Mattel is creating Sun-Man version 2 with his vintage flattop haircut and seemingly older look. If Sun-Man version 2 was included in this 3 pack, that would make this a heroes pack that would be amazing!

Mattel listing Origins ROS 3 pack
Rulers of the Sun 3-Pack Theory Sun Man Version 2
Sun Man Version 2 Masters of the Unvierse Origins Figure

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