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Shadow Weaver Masterverse Figure Review and MOTU Classics Comparison

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Check out our in depth review of the Masterverse Princess of Power Shadow Weaver plus our Masters of the Universe Classics comparison!

Another epic character making her way to the PoP line is Shadow Weaver! Hordak’s right hand lady joins the growing Princess of Power line and she looks fantastic! A rather simple figure, the mix of textures and accessories really bring out the detail in this figure. She comes with a stand so it looks like she is floating and there is articulation inside the body where she connects to the stand so you can pose her side to side. She also comes with a soft goods cape, which is removable, with the sleeves going over her arms.

Shadow Weaver Masterverse 1
Shadow Weaver Masterverse 6

Box Front and Side

The way that Shadow Weaver is posed in the box fills in the empty space nicely! She has a striking pose on the side of the box where you can see the magic flowing to and from her wand staff!

Shadow Weaver Masterverse Box Front
Shadow Weaver Masterverse Side Box Art

Box Back and Side Art

In a similar box art style as Masterverse Sorceress, you can see the magic flowing through her creepy hands! The addition of The Evil Horde symbol is a nice touch too!

Shadow Weaver Masterverse Rear Box Art

Figure Details

Shadow Weaver looks great with layers of plastic and fabric that bring out the detail in this rather simplistic figure. The eery green skin is a great color that stands out against all of the deep reds in the figure. Her fingernails also painted black, which is in line with the rest of the PoP ladies in the Masterverse line.

Shadow Weaver Masterverse Front
Shadow Weaver Masterverse Back

You can also remove her soft goods cape and here we can get a better look at the arms and the dress detail!

Shadow Weaver Masterverse Buck 1
Shadow Weaver Masterverse No Cape and Head
Shadow Weaver Masterverse Buck 2

Head Sculpt

You can only see Shadow Weaver’s glowing eyes (they really don’t glow but the black against the yellow really sets them off) through the opening in her hood, which comes to a crooked point in the back. She also has a scarf collar that is also removable.

Shadow Weaver Masterverse Face
Shadow Weaver Masterverse Head and Scarf
Shadow Weaver Masterverse Hood Back

Chest and Back

Her dress is very basic with simple vertical lines running up and down it. Her Horde symbol almost looks like a belt and it painted in a nice cherry red. As you will notice, she does not have any feet and there is just a hole for her to levitate in her stand.

Shadow Weaver Masterverse Dress
Shadow Weaver Masterverse No Stand

Weapons and Accessories

Shadow Weaver comes with two extra hands, a stand, a fire flame effect, and her magic wand staff!

Shadow Weaver Masterverse Accessories

Flame Effect and Magic Wand

The flame effect looks very realistic and can fit over her closed fist. Her magic wand is painted in a nice sliver color and it has a dark neon green (is that an oxymoron???) crystal ball at the end.

Shadow Weaver Masterverse Flame Effect
Shadow Weaver Masterverse Wand

There are not a lot of poses you can perform on the figure but she looks great nonetheless!

Shadow Weaver Masterverse 4
Shadow Weaver Masterverse 5

MOTU Classics Comparison

The MOTU Classics and Masterverse figures look very similar in sculpt with a few differences. The MOTU Classics version came with a hard plastic cape and the collar is built into her hood. Her Horde symbol is painted in more of a darker red and she has articulation at the waist and she can turn her upper body. As far as accessories go, the MOTU Classics version came with a similar staff and a magic spell book, which would have been great to see in the Masterverse line. They both have stands, which makes it appear they can levitate.

Shadow Weaver Masterverse MOTU Classics Comparison Front
Shadow Weaver Masterverse MOTU Classics Comparison Back

Photography Fun

Shadow Weaver Masterverse with Hordak

Shadow Weaver Masterverse She-Ra 1
Shadow Weaver Masterverse She-Ra 2

Shadow Weaver Masterverse Catra Frosta

Shadow Weaver Masterverse Frosta 1
Shadow Weaver Masterverse Frosta 2

Where to Buy:

You can purchase Shadow Weaver and rest of the Masterverse Wave 8 at the following retailers below (depending on stock status)

Shadow Weaver Masters of the Universe Masterverse New Eternia Wave 8
Sorceress Evil Lyn

Learn More About Shadow Weaver

According to Shadow Weaver | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

Shadow Weaver is a fictional character in the animated television series She-Ra: Princess of Power. She is a powerful sorceress and member of The Horde. She is shown as being second-in-command to Hordak, the tyrannical leader of the planet Etheria. When the infant Princess Adora was kidnapped, it was Shadow Weaver who cast a spell on her so that she would believe the deceptions of The Horde and blindly follow their evil ways. Unlike many of the Evil Horde, Shadow Weaver was created by Filmation and did not have a figure released in the original toyline. However, Mattel’s access to Filmation rights after 2011 has resulted in a figure of her in the MOTU Classics toyline

Shadow Weaver was a practicing apprentice sorceress originally from the Kingdom of Mystacor. Her real name was never stated. She, along with a rival sorceress named Castaspella, was being trained by a great Etherian sorcerer named Norwyn. When Hordak arrived on Etheria, he promised Shadow Weaver vast power in exchange for information, to which she agreed. Shadow Weaver revealed the secret location of the Etherian Council of Kings and joined The Horde as Shadow Weaver.

Only a second-rate sorceress herself, her powers were greatly increased through a Power Gem which was responsible for a devastating and unforeseen physical transformation. While absorbing the power of the Horde’s “dark gem”, Norwyn discovered and realized her great betrayal. He then destroyed the gem, severing her link with the gem, but not before she had taken a third of its power, inducing an irreversible change in her mentally and spiritually. She became Norwyn’s mortal enemy and joined The Horde forever.

Shadow Weaver | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom
Shadow Weaver Filmation

Shadow Weaver was released previously for the Masters of the Universe Classics line in first in 2012, in a more detailed MOTUC version. Then released again in 2019, resembling her Filmation Princess of Power look for the Club Grayskull line by Super7.

Shadow Weaver
Shadow Weaver (Club Grayskull) Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics 2019 Wave 4

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