The Maverick Top Gun Twelfth Scale Figure by Ramen Toy

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Ramen Toy will be putting up The Maverick for preorder, their homage to Pete “Maverick” Mitchell from the Top Gun sequel in twelfth scale!

Ramen Toy is immortalizing Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, played by Tom Cruise, with their twelfth scale figure that is ripped right from the sequel to the 1988 Top Gun movie. This figure will be going up for preorder soon so be sure to follow Ramen Toy on Facebook and check their website as they are offering early bird preorder specials when this figure goes up for sale so don’t miss out! As this figure gears up to go on preorder soon, let’s take a closer look at the details!

“Revvin’ up your engine…Listen to her howlin’ roar…Metal under tension…Beggin’ you to touch and go”

The Maverick

Ramen Toy nailed the likeliness of Tom Cruise as well as the Navel aviator G-suit that is featured in the movie. The attention to detail is second to none and you get a couple different display options with his G-suit on or off. This will be a limited edition figure that will be going up for preorder soon with a price point of $99.95 USD with an early bird preorder price of $69.95 USD on www.ramentoy.com


Starting from the inside out, pilots are required to wear a CWU 27/P Nomex flight suit underneath everything else. This suit is built to military specification and, as such, tends to be worn by the U.S. military. The figure features this type of suit with movie accurate squadron patches that pa homage to the flight suit that is worn underneath the G-suit.


Product features :

  • 1/12 scale (approx 162mm)
  • Realistic face sculpt and paint finish
  • ‘wearable” HGU-33 helmet with movie accurate deco
  • HGU-33 helmet features “working” visor slides up and down
  • Oxygen mask made from pliable soft plastic “latches” into either side of HGU-33 helmet
  • Realistic squadron patches with intricate detailing
  • wrist watch with watch face details
  • 3 pairs of option hands plus 1 right salute & right thumbs up hand.
  • “removable” G-suit
  • G-suit features excellent minute detailing down to the harness, buckles and survival torch details.
  • a pair of “aviator sunglasses”
  • 24 points of articulation.
  • PVC & ABS construction

In addition to the versatility of the overall look of the figure, there are also finer details that Ramen Toy captured. For example, the wearable HGU-33 helmet with movie accurate deco looks like it fits like a glove and features a working visor that slides up and down. Even when the visor is in the down position, you can still tell this is Tom Cruise from the nose down as they captured his likeness spot on, even when the figure is wearing the oxygen mask. Getting a peak into the design process is what Ramen Toy brings to fans, and as you can see, the final product will not have the two pegs visible from the back.


With the figure donning the aviator sunglasses, it completes the look and this final shot of The Maverick with this oxygen mask half latched to his helmet shows the thoughtfulness that Ramen Toy put into the design of the smaller details as this mask can latch on to either side of the HGU-33 helmet.


About Ramen Toy

Its Singaporean founder, Noel Lee SK has 8 years experience in plastics & toy manufacturing while working in Hong Kong from 2006 to 2013, and a further 15 years experience in the collectibles industry. As stated on their website:

“We are fans of the 80s and are making collectibles from the 80s for those fans like us. We are a small startup but we had worked for action figure companies before. You may even have some collectibles made by us.”

Source: Ramen Toy

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