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TMB BMT One Twelfth Scale Modular Vehicles by Ramen Toy

Ramen Toy announced their TMB BMT, which stands for TOP MIDDLE BOTTOM BATTLE MODULAR TANK, a 3 in 1, 1:12 scale vehicle design

Ramen Toy is coming out swinging with a modular tank tank design, which will make GI Joe Classified Series and fans of 6″ (1:12) scaled figures and vehicles go bananas! The 1:12 scale collectors and community have been clamoring for 6″ scaled vehicles to begin world building and have different ways to display figures from the GI Joe Classified Series and Action Force lines. From the 1:12 scale vehicles and figures Ramen Toy has produced in the past, we are so excited to see this project! Vintage GI Joe collectors will recall that the 3 3/4″ line was built on the premise of a vehicle first toy line and with the focus in the figure first modern era, vehicles are few and far between and it boils down to size. One twelfth scale vehicles are much larger than their 1:18 scale counterparts but that does not mean we can’t make space for them. The modularity of this concept from Ramen Toy is brilliant as they have solved an issue that has plagued the proliferation of 6″ scale vehicles by make a modular design to create three vehicles in one, which solves the space issue.



In a Facebook post, Ramen Toy said, “Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse. Introducing the TMB BMT (TOP MIDDLE BOTTOM BATTLE MODULAR TANK)

  • The M60 AVLB “Bridge Layer” was suppose to be a product from Calibre Tracks.
  • Calibre Tracks was to be a side arm of Calibre Wings
  • Wings being for diecast aircraft.
  • Tracks would be diecast armoured vehicles.
  • Since Calibre Tracks was never formed officially.
  • We took that idea over from making something for the diecast community to something for the 1/12 scale community.
  • And taking reference from the modularity of Ramen Racer and MUSK, we applied that to the BMT – making a universal hull that can accommodate different “top loads” to make different vehicle types.
  • While having affordability in mind via the TMB concept.

The frame of reference we have for these vehicles is the GI Joe 3 3/4″ scaled vehicles but Ramen Toy has their own modular military vehicles, which makes them very unique from a design perspective. Before we dive into the 3 designs, let’s take a look base of the tank, which will be used to create all three different vehicles.


The base of the tank is designed to be modular to acomodate the three different looks you can achieve. For example, the cockpit cover can be removed to make way for the tank turret.


MBT Tank

The tank design is based on the MBT-70, a prototype main battle tank designed by the US and West Germany in the Cold War Era. It is equipped with a mine plow, which is designed to push mines out of the tank’s path, clearing a lane for other vehicles to follow.


In 1983, Hasbro used the MBT Tank design to create the M.O.B.A.T. (Motorized Battle Tank). Flash forward to 2023, the GI Joe Classified Series line has exploded but the vehicles are few and far between so it’s great to see an homage to the M.O.B.A.T. with an updated, militaristic twist with the addition of the mine plow.

Source: 3D Joes
Source: 3D Joes

Bridge Layer

The Bridge Layer is based on the M60 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (AVLB), a US-originated bridge layer that was developed in the 1960s and introduced in 1987. It’s a combat engineer vehicle that launches and retrieves a 60-foot (18 m) scissors-type bridge. The AVLB is used to help tanks and other heavy armor cross trenches and water obstacles.


The Bridge Layer concept from Ramen Toy is an accurate representation of the famous AVLB and harkens back to the Bridge Layer vehicle from the 1985 GI Joe line with one major difference. The flat piece on the front of the vehicle is meant to be a stabilizer for bridge portion of the vehicle, which was not present on the Toss N’ Cross from the GI Joe line but is a necessary part to have the Bridge Layer function properly in real life.


As you can see below in Ramen Toy’s video, here is an example of how the Bridge Layer operates and the first piece to touch the ground is that stabilizer on the front of the vehicle.

The Bridge Layer is a G.I. Joe vehicle from the A Real American Hero series and was part of the 1985 lineup of vehicles. It was piloted by combat engineer “Tollbooth” and a mechanism that unfolded into a bridge.



Based on the M50 ‘Ontos’ Tank Destroyer, the third style of this modular tank resembles the Wolverine from the vintage GI Joe line. The classic 12 missile load out is an iconic design and will finally give the GI Joe Classified Series Cover Girl, a tank to call her own!


The Wolverine was originally sold in 1983 as part of the vehicle lineup for that year. It came boxed and included a Cover Girl action figure.

Source: 3D Joes
Source: 3D Joes

Ramen Toy Announces the TMB BMT One Twelfth Scale Modular Vehicles

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