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WWE Superstars Series 10 Discovered on Walmart

Hot off the heels of the WWE Superstars Series 9 figure official images comes new figures coming to the WWE Superstars line that were discovered in Walmart’s systems. Walmart listings were discovered for three new WWE Superstars figures which will bring The Big Boss Man, Kurt Angle, and Tatanka. Given that Walmart usually uploads these listings prior to the official images or announcements of the figures, it is a little early for these figures to be put up on Walmart. Nonetheless, the WWE Superstars line is getting great use out of that chonky figure buck and the trio of possible Series 10 figures are amazing wrestlers in their own right. Sadly, the Big Boss Man is not with us anymore but Kurt Angle and Tatanka are still alive and kicking and it will be amazing to see them as WWE Superstars figures.



Tatanka will bring some variety to the WWE Superstars line and will be the first Native American WWE Superstars figure in the line. According to WWE.com, “Loosely translated, Tatanka means “buffalo,” so it’s no surprise that this proud Native American Superstar was a powerful force in the ring. A native of North Carolina’s Lumbee Tribe, Tatanka was an outstanding athlete during his high school years in Virginia. After training at Larry Sharpe’s famous Monster Factory in New Jersey, the commanding Native American won his first professional match in January 1990. Less than two years later, he joined WWE, beginning an undefeated streak that lasted nearly two years. His success inside the squared circle led him to a battle against Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania IX, which he won by disqualification. In September 1993, Tatanka finally suffered his first WWE defeat, losing to Ludvig Borga on an episode of Superstars. After the match, Borga and then-WWE Champion Yokozuna attacked Tatanka, putting the competitor out of action for three months. However, the Lumbee tribesman returned in early 1994 to settle the score with the men who put him out of commission, joining forces with Lex Luger, who was also at odds with Yokozuna. After a brief rivalry with I.R.S., Tatanka began to make allegations that Luger had sold out and joined The Million Dollar Man’s Corporation. Luger and Tatanka squared off at SummerSlam 1994, where it was revealed that it was actually Tatanka who had joined The Corporation. He defeated Luger and went on to become one of the cornerstones of the devious group. After two years tenure with The Corporation, Tatanka left WWE in late 1996. However, the Native American Superstar made a shocking return in August 2005 to face Kurt Angle. The positive response Tatanka received from the WWE Universe prompted him to return to active competition through 2007. An accomplished ring veteran, Tatanka’s memorable undefeated streak and his unwavering pride in his heritage helped cement his legacy as a popular — and successful — WWE Superstar.”

Tatanka WWE Wrestler
Source: WWE.com

Kurt Angle – Oh, it’s true, it’s damn true.

Kurt Angle is a true legend and he was the wrestler you love to hate. His entrance music had a cadance to it where the WWE fans would chant “you suck” to the beat of his entrance music as he made his way down to the ring. According to WWE.com, “Kurt Angle’s intensity was unmatched, and his technical wrestling skills were unparalleled. Possessing an unprecedented competitive streak that fueled him to become a 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, Angle dominated the amateur ranks before emerging as one of the most successful WWE Superstars of all time. Starting his athletic career as a football and wrestling star in his hometown of Pittsburgh, he soon became one of the top amateur wrestlers in the U.S., winning a pair of NCAA titles at Clarion University. But Angle truly captured national attention in 1996 when he won the 220-pound freestyle wrestling competition at the Olympic Games in Atlanta with a broken neck.”

Kurt Angle WWE Wrestler
Source: WWE.com

Four years after earning Olympic gold, Angle entered WWE and immediately became one of the most competitive individuals to set foot in the squared circle. Just weeks after his debut, Angle, who preached the virtues of his three I’s (Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence), won the European Championship. Shortly thereafter, he captured the Intercontinental Championship and was crowned King of the Ring in 2000. With momentum propelling the red, white and blue–clad grappler to new heights, he defeated The Rock at No Mercy to win his first of four WWE Championships. The Olympic Hero’s last stand as a WWE Superstar came at WrestleMania 35 where he was defeated by Baron Corbin in what was billed as Angle’s Farewell Match. As WWE fans watched on with tears in their eyes, Angle said goodbye to the ring, leaving it behind as one of the best to ever step through its ropes.

One of my favorite moments watching Kurt Angle soak the Alliance using a Milk Truck, with pays homage to Stone Cold Steve Austin as he rolled a beer truck into Monday Monday Raw and soaked The Corporation.

Kurt Angle WWE Milk Truck Monday Night Raw

Big Boss Man

According to WWE.com, “Only one Superstar has ever been entrusted with enforcing law, order and justice in WWE: Big Boss Man. The towering cop spent time on both sides of the badge during his career, but he always made sure that anyone who dared step up to him served hard time. A former corrections officer in Cobb County, Ga., Big Boss Man was brought to WWE in 1988 by the nefarious Slick after the big man dominated his competition.

Big Boss Man WWE Wrestler
Source: WWE.com

The 300-plus pounder muscled around his foes like he would an unruly prisoner before handcuffing them to the ropes and introducing them to the business end of his trusty nightstick. By 1989, The Slickster saw dollar signs in his eyes when he paired up his crooked cop with Akeem, The African Dream. The gargantuan pair known as The Twin Towers never captured the World Tag Team Titles, but they helped destroy one of the most dominant duos in WWE history: The Mega Powers, Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Big Boss Man WWE Wrestler 1998

Big Boss Man returned to WWE in 1998, eschewing his policeman’s blues for riot squad black as he took on the role of bodyguard of Mr. McMahon in his heated rivalry with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. This time, the former corrections officer showed he had no morals whatsoever, stooping to new lows with each passing week during WWE’s Attitude Era. He brought the gigantic Big Show to tears when he dragged the casket of the giant’s late father away from his funeral behind a car. Even worse, while embroiled in a bitter rivalry with Al Snow, Big Boss Man kidnapped his foe’s beloved Chihuahua, Pepper. When it seemed like the two had reached a truce over a nice dinner, the sadistic cop revealed that he had prepared a special meal for Snow using the remains of his pet. Though it seemed to take on a new meaning, he was still forcing his foes to go through “hard times.”

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