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Clawful and Spikor MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection on Walmart

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We’ve now unearthed another wave of MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection figures on Walmart. We’ve previously discovered Cartoon Collection Evil-Lyn and Webstor and now we’ve found Clawful and Spikor! There is a catch with the latest listings we’ve discovered and it looks like these listing are geofenced, like Turtles of Grayskull Mer-Man, Reptilax, and Vypor. Geofencing allows businesses like Walmart to target specific geographic areas and deliver personalized, location-based content or offers to their target audience. This can help increase foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores, drive online traffic to websites or mobile apps, and ultimately boost sales and conversions. It also has another purpose…the piss off collectors! It should not be this hard to find the toys we love but it looks like Walmart does not care and is employing geofencing strictly for their benefit. At least, we have a workaround for this! Use the zip code 84123 and set your store to the Taylorsville Supercenter!


Here is Spikor’s Cartoon Collection Walmart listing but remember to change the zip code 84123 and set your store to the Taylorsville Supercenter!


Spikor Official Images

We got wind of Spikor making his debut in the Cartoon Collection back in February 2024 and during Mattel’s MOTU March Madness 2024 event, there was only one official image revealed for Spikor so that left us wanting more! These images are cool because they show Spikor with his Trident attachment and how the accessories fit on his hands! We also noticed a change to the head sculpt and have a comparison pic down below.


Spikor looks amazing with his Trident attachment! He is also see holding his game piece, which also have a different look than the first official image that was released.


It looks like the game pieces fit over the hands! We can also see a view of the figure from the back and his lighter blue color we saw on the front of the figure and around the neck also run all the way down his back.


It also looks like Mattel has updated the head sculpt for Spikor. In the original image (left) that was revealed back in March 2024, it shows Spikor’s head sculpt as wider with smaller pupils. In the updated official images, ot looks like they’ve slimmed down Spikors head all around, making it more streamlined. They also added larger pupils to the eyes.


Spikor as seen in the FIlmation Cartoon Series below.

Spikor Masters of the Universe Filmation Cartoon Appearance 1

Spikor Filmation Episodes

Spikor appeared in 3 episodes of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon:

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

The Untouchable Master of Evil Combat who has a trident for a left hand is joining the Evil Warriors Cartoon Collection crew! Having only appeared in 3 episodes of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon from the 1980’s, there was a good chance he was going to come packed with the gaming pieces from the “The Games” episode and we were right!


Having only appeared in a handful of Filmation episodes, Spikor is one of the coolest looking characters. According to the Wiki Grayskull, “Spikor was introduced into the cartoon series by Filmation shortly after his figure was released. While it is standard for Skeletor’s henchmen to be portrayed as dim-witted and bumbling, Spikor is portrayed as undoubtedly the most stupid and useless of them all. He is given a stilted, almost robotic voice – frequently altering in tone and emphasizing every second syllable as if singing – and an somewhat childlike personality. It is quite probable that this was intentional on Filmation’s part, in order to make his character more suitable for a children’s audience given his potentially frightening design.

Spikor Masters of the Universe Filmation Cartoon Appearance 2

The only episode to give him a main role is “The Games” in which he is infused with the villainous energy of all of Skeletor’s minions so that he can be chosen to represent the side of evil in a series of games set by aliens, but he is clearly a bizarre choice for the role given that he is shown to foul up repeatedly and is used as mere comic relief through the whole episode.”

The Games Filmation Episode

Given that Spikor’s role was very prominent and important in the Filmation Episode, The Games, we feel that his homage in the Cartoon Collection in this episode. The episode featured, the Bendari, an alien race from a world with no evil, come to Eternia wanting to pit the greatest representatives of good and evil against one other.


In this episode, the Bendarians select Fisto instead of He-Man, as Skeletor uses his latest invention the Evilgizer to increase the evil powers of Spikor, making him the Bendarian’s selection. It soon becomes apparent that evil will cheat, which is perfectly acceptable behavior for the villains!


Spikor Accessory

Spikor’s accessory is the yellow game piece he is going after as part of the games in the “The Games” Filmation Episode. This accessory was very easy to make as they have already made a sphere for the Cartoon Collection Mer-Man’s accessory. Mer-Man’s Pearl of Power could easily be repainted and cast as this yellow game piece.


Spikor and the Evil Henchman

With Spikor coming to the line, it will be cool to recreate this sceen with Mer-Man and Beast Man from The Games Episode!

Clawful Cartoon Collection

Here is Clawful’s Cartoon Collection Walmart listing but remember to change the zip code 84123 and set your store to the Taylorsville Supercenter!


Clawful Cartoon Collection Official Images

Everyone’s favorite Evil Warrior Langostino, Clawful is coming to the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection. Known as the Warrior with the grip of evil, Clawful was one of Skeletor’s bumbling idiot henchmen that appeared in 7 episodes of the Filmation cartoon. He comes packed with the Horn of Evil from the Filmation epsiode “Dree Elle’s Return “. It’s great to see this additional official image of him in action!


From the front, we can see Clawful posed from a couple different angles.


From the back you can see his armor criss crosses in the back and you can see how he can hold the Horn of Evil!


Here we can see how Clawful appeared in the Filmation Cartoon Series

FIlmation Clawful Cartoon 2
FIlmation Clawful Cartoon 1

Clawful’s Filmation’s Appearance

Clawful’s look in the Filmation cartoon was totally different than the vintage toy. He had a much more lobster like red appearance. He had an orange chest armor and two equal sized claws, unlike the toy version which had a large claw and one small claw. Clawful appeared in 7 episodes of the Filmation cartoon.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Here we can see Clawful as he appeared in several different episodes of the FIlmation cartoon series.

FIlmation Clawful Cartoon 3
FIlmation Clawful Cartoon 4

Dree Elle’s Return Filmation Episode

As we are speculating as to which episode Clawful’s accessory will come with, a good episode for the Cartoon Collection would be Dree Elle’s Return According to the Wiki Grayskull, “Dree Elle’s Return is the 53rd episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, written by Robby London and directed by Lou Kachivas. When the Horn of Evil is stolen from TrollaDree Elle returns to Eternia to warn Orko of the danger…although her little brother Yukkers may prove to be the greater threat.”

In this episode, Trap Jaw and Clawful steal the Horn of Evil from Trolla in an effort to rule Eternia. Dree Elle and Yukkers returns to Eternia to warn Orko.


Clawful and Trap Jaw head over to Castle Grayskull with the solen Horn of Evil in an effort to take control of the Castle!


Trap Jaw blows the Horn of Evil and unleashes it’s evil forces! The Sorceress tries to stop them, but the evil force is too strong, even for her!


The Evil forces overtake the Sorceress and put her to sleep. Just as Clawful and Trap Jaw plot to take over the Castle, Orko swoops in and takes the Horn of Evil. But look out, Clawful takes it back and captures Orko and his friends!


Just as Orko and his friends think it’s too late to stop Clawful and Trap Jaw, Orko uses his magic to take it back once again.


Then it’s He Man comes to the rescue! But Dree Elle can handle Trap Jaw on her own! He Man fights off Clawful, and Trap Jaw. Clawful takes off and leaves Trap Jaw behind!

FIlmation Clawful Cartoon 6

But it’s too late, the Horn of Evil get’s out and it’s evil musics starts to spread it’s evil across the forest! He-Man blows into the front end of horn to counteract it’s evil! While Orko and Dree Elle sing happy music to reverse the evil affects of the horn.


Orko and Dree Elle’s beautiful singing worked and removed all of the evil from the Horn, and Eternia was back to a happy place!


Horn of Evil Accessory

Since Clawful was the main villain who was responsible for stealing the Horn of Evil in this episode, we feel that the horn would be a great accessory to pack with Clawful. The Horn of Evil is a highly desired by the Evil Warriors as it gives them the power to take over Eternia.


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