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Crimson Strike Team GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Review

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The GI Joe the Crimson Strike Team Classified Series Hasbro PulseCon 2023 exclusive is starting to ship to collectors. The trio of Cobra high command has been teased and rumors were flying left and right ahead of SDCC 2023, where they were finally confirmed and revealed, and now we have this in hand review for your viewing pleasure! This deadly female Cobra enemy joins our favorite twinsies for this incredible 3 pack exclusive set! the Crimson Strike Team GI Joe Classified Series Hasbro PulseCon 2023 exclusive. So let’s check out these Crimson Strike Team GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Review!



Shaped like a cool brief case with Extensive Enterprises written on the side. the packaging for this Hasbro PulseCon 2023 exclusive is very impressive!

Crimson Strike Team GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images 3

Once you remove the outter sleeve, the packaging below resembles the outter sleeve with some wear marks.


The inner packaging is very cool, as it looks like a computer display screen with the Baroness and the Crimson Twins pictured on it, and a small picture in picture of Chuckles on the corner. There is a Cobra logo and various other faux computer dials and readouts. Then on the bottom is what looks like classified file folders.


Under the files, are what look like Cobra gold bars! This is a cool added detail to the packaging.


Once you remove the gold bars, you reveal the three figures within! There is a fancy outer back trim that is reminiscent of a Gucci bag. Then the figures are surrounded by a red background with Cobra logos. The Hasbro team really out did themselves with this packaging!


The figures look incredible in their new Crimson colored outfits with gold and silver trim. The Baroness’ torso is kind of a candy apple red color that gives it an extra special look!



The Pack out

With beautiful Gucci like packaging, the accessories are packed in little jewelry like cardboard boxes under each figure in beautiful Cobra logo infused boxes. The pack out for the figures is incredible! I especially love the new gold figure stands!


The Baroness

The Baroness is our beloved female leader of the Cobra High Command. She comes in a stunning Crimson red outfit with a candy colored torso, and beautiful detailing on her wrists, waist and boots!


Baroness is covered in Cobra siglets everyone! I don’t think her allegiance to Cobra, could ever be questioned! I love the silver Cobra logo on her candy red chest armor! I really was floored when I saw her awesome Cobra logo on her gloves and love the gold Cobra logo belt!


The Baroness’ face sculpt looks spectacular and she includes 3 face sculpts and 2 types of glasses!



Tomax and Xamot

Our favorite Crimson Twinsies get the Crimson colored outfit treatment here with a stunning array of Crimson red and gold accents on their signature outfits! I love the gold shoulder pauldrons, gold wrist bracers and gold belt buckle. These little accents really set off the figures! Also they have gold semiautomatic rifles and gold tips to their daggers!


Coming packed with a gold colored semi-automatic rifle, red silencer, 2 gold handled daggers and labeled gold stand, these Twinsies really display beautifully!



Official Images and Where to Buy

The Crimson Strike Team is up for preorder!

Crimson Strike Team Official Images

The box for the Crimson Strike Team is absolutely stunning! It is modeled after a briefcase that has communication equipment and a screen where you can see Tomax, Xamot, and the Baroness. The figures are also on display within the box with their footlocker of weapons and accessories.

Crimson-Strike-Team-GI Joe Classified Series-Hasbro-Pulse-Con-2023-Exclusive-1

The outer box is silver and has a Cobra Logo on one side and the Extensive Enterprises branding with the Crimson Strike Team plate on the other side.

Crimson-Strike-Team-GI Joe Classified Series Hasbro-Pulse-Con-2023-Exclusive-6
Crimson-Strike-Team-GI Joe Classified Series Hasbro-Pulse-Con-2023-Exclusive-7

The Crimson strike team comes with a gaggle of weapons, accessories, and and even an alternate face sculpts for the Baroness! The weapons are gold and Hasbro has done an amazing job as the gold colored weapons tie in with the splashes of gold on the figures.

Crimson-Strike-Team-GI Joe Classified Series Hasbro-Pulse-Con-2023-Exclusive-2

The trio of The Baroness, Tomax, and Xamot look amazing in this color scheme and we can also see the Baronesses faceplate in this shot and she looks fierce! The gold accents appear on the shoulder armor and on the belts.

Crimson-Strike-Team-GI Joe Classified Series Hasbro-Pulse-Con-2023-Exclusive-5
Crimson-Strike-Team-GI Joe Classified Series Hasbro-Pulse-Con-2023-Exclusive-3

Dio Images

We always look forward to seeing the official dio images as they are always top notch!

Crimson-Strike-Team-GI Joe Classified Series Hasbro-Pulse-Con-2023-Exclusive-9

The scene looks like something out of Cobra Island and they look amazing in their poses holding their weapons.

Crimson-Strike-Team-GI Joe Classified Series Hasbro-Pulse-Con-2023-Exclusive-8

The Baroness is the most unique figure in the bunch as the Joe Team gave her 3 alternate looks!

Crimson-Strike-Team-GI Joe Classified Series Hasbro-Pulse-Con-2023-Exclusive-11

The most unique out of all of them is her gold and red faceplate and she looks stunning with it on!


Tomax and Xamot were tricksters in the original cartoon and their circus pose is very apropos!

Crimson-Strike-Team-GI Joe Classified SeriesHasbro-Pulse-Con-2023-Exclusive-10

Crimson Strike Team Description

The devil in the details and we really have to hand it to the Saturday Morning Toy Collector as he picked up on something that we don’t think many people are talking about. If you watch his reaction to the Walmart Collector Con 2023 GI Joe figure previews, he points out something very intersting about the in the description. If you actually read the Crimson Alley Viper description, there are two major things to point out. First, the Crimson Alley Viper description confirms the rumors that the Crimson Strike Team is coming to the GI Joe Classified Series. Up until this point, we’ve heard rumors and it’s great to see this in writing on an official GI Joe Classified Series product page! It specifically references the “Crimson Strike Team (Tomax, Xamot, and the Baroness).” If seeing the images on the SDCC 2023 exclusive Chuckles box art wasn’t enough to convince you, we now have it Crimson Strike Team GI Joe Classified Series.

SDCC 2023 Crimson Strike Team Revealed

This will be a Pulse Con exclusive convention item. The Crimson colors match the rest of the Crimson figures. Baroness comes with swappable glasses and hair. This will still be in plastic free packaging. They will come packed in a “briefcase” looking box, with some faux gold bars and the 3 crimson Strike team figures. This is the same brief case that Chuckles can be seen carrying.

The Crimson Strike Team was also on display at SDCC 2023 and the figures look even better in person! The Baroness has a nice shiny paint app on her upper torso and the gold accents they added to Tomax and Xamot really make them feel premium!


GI Joe Classified Series Crimson Strike Team SDCC 2023
GI Joe Classified Series Crimson Strike Team SDCC 2023 booth image 6

GI Joe Classified Series Crimson Strike Team SDCC 2023 booth image 3
GI Joe Classified Series Crimson Strike Team SDCC 2023 booth image 4

GI Joe Classified SeriesCrimson Strike Team SDCC 2023 booth image 2
GI Joe Classified Series Crimson Strike Team SDCC 2023 booth image 5

Crimson Strike Team Tease and Rumors

Hasbro has taken a page out of Mattel’s MOTU Origins playbook with teasing future figure releases on box art. You can also see the Crimson Twins and the Baroness on the box art! The Crimson Strike team is rumored to be a Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 exclusive so it’s great to get further confirmation of the rumor!


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