Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Official Images Preorder
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Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Official Images

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Thanks to yo_tengo_el_poder, we have official images of Masterverse Pig-Head, who was revealed this year at SDCC 2022. Also, we just discovered that Amazon also has the listing in their database so hopefully you can catch this figure when it goes up for sale!

December 7, 2022 UPDATE: Pig-Head on Amazon

Amazon now has Pig-Head listed in their database and here is a link to the product page for the figure comes in stock!

Pig Head Masters of the Universe Masterverse New Eternia Wave 8

November 15, 2022


Pig Head was revealed at this year’s SDCC and he was the stand out of the bunch with his bright pops of color and his pack out! Also, later this year, Pig-Head appeared on a leaked list of Amazon Exclusives back in Sepetember so let’s take a close look at the arch nemesis of Sun-Man from the Rulers of the Sun Masterverse sub-line.

Pig-Head MOTU Masterverse Official 3

There are a great deal of varying textures that make up Pig-Head and we must say that he looks pretty spectacular translated into the Masterverse line. His metallic armor really stands out and the harness across his chest gives that nice leathery feel.

Pig-Head MOTU Masterverse Official 1
Pig-Head MOTU Masterverse Official 2

He comes with a lot of cool accessories, most of which are the translucent blue mace and his serpent!

Pig-Head MOTU Masterverse Official 5
Pig-Head MOTU Masterverse Official 4

Pig Head SDCC 2022 Reveal

He looked amazing in the Mattel booth at SDCC 2022 in Masterverse form and the Rulers of the Sun figures look SO MUCH better this way! We can get a better look at how the figure will come out based on this production model as you can see how the light hits his armor and his translucent parts.

Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Reveal
Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Reveal
Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Figure Reveal
Pig-Head Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Figure Reveal

About Pig-Head

Pig Head, the Wicked Enemy of Sun Man is more or less a direct translation of the vintage figure but with much brighter colors. The pinks, greens, and blues definitely pop more on this figure and more more loud, which goes along with the other MOTU Origins figures.

According to Pig-Head’s Origins story:

Zegor was the rich and villainous Prince of the House of Shadus.  He was known throughout the land as the devious and spiteful lord who spread despair among his workers.  He used his wealth to build torturous chambers in which to punish those who did not obey him.  The workers who remained of purest souls fled, to live among the House of Dynus.  Once a man of handsome features, Zegor was transformed, by the Ruler of the Sun, into a hideous creature – half-man/half-hog and was forever to be called “Pig-Head.” Pig-Head is an angry creature.  He lives with one burning desire – to bring dishonor and shame to all those who live among him.  He has trained his demons to follow his evil plan.  He and his followers will always lurk beneath the sun and never shall they dwell in the land of paradise. Pig-Head was banished into the dungeons of Hades, where he forever tries to harness the sun’s beautiful rays and use its power for his evil doings.

Rulers of the Sun Online Toyshow

Olmec Vintage Pig Head MOC
Olmec Vintage Pig Head MOC
Pig Head Rulers of the Sun Vintage Figure
Pig Head Vintage Figure from Olmec

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