Man-E-Faces MOTU Masterverse Official In Package Image and New Eternia Confirmed
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Man-E-Faces MOTU Masterverse Official In Package Image and New Eternia Confirmed´┐╝

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Special thanks to CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS on Instagram, we’ve got an official in package image of the new Masterverse Man-Faces figure. This confirms our suspicions that Man-E-Faces was to be released as part of the New Eternia subline so this great to see an actual official image. As we obtain this image from our friends CANAL DOS ROSMINEIROS on Instagram, it is a little blurry but hopefully we will track down another image that is clearer but for now, this is what we have to work with.

Man-E-Faces Masterverse Official Box Front


Man-E-Faces was revealed at this SDCC 2022. We believe that this version of Man-E-Faces will be from the New Eternia line given his pack out! Unless he is featured in the upcoming Netflix animated Revolution series, he could very well be one of the figures included in the line as Kevin Smith said that they are “pulling time honored characters off the shelf” for this one! Either way, the figure looks fantastic! His faces still spin plus he also comes with extra faceplates in a gear box for his acting side hustle. Top it off with his classic blaster and an extra set of hands and you have a recipe for a great figure! Not only do you get the classic 3 faces for Man E Faces, but he comes packed with 3 more new ones!

Faces for Man E Faces:

  • Classic Man E Faces Human Face
  • Classic Green Monster Face
  • Classic Robot Face
  • New Skull Face
  • New Blue Actor Mustache Face
  • New Pink & White Robotic Face
MOTU Masterverse Man E Faces 1
MOTU Masterverse Man E Faces 3

MOTU Masterverse Man E Faces 2
MOTU Masterverse Man E Faces 4

Below is an image from this year’s San Diego Comic Con display, showing off the prototype of Man E Faces and he looks amazing! Can’t wait for this one!.

Man-E-Faces Masterverse Figure Reveal
Man-E-Faces Masterverse Figure Reveal

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