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Diabolical Snake Invasion MOTU Origins In Hand Images

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Check out the Diabolical Snake Invasion MOTU Origins 4-pack in hand images featuring Naga, Gorgon, Rattle-Hood, and a repaint of Snake Armor He-Man.

Special thanks to sb_toyz and mikescollectionhalifax for posting in hand images of the MOTU Origins Diabolical Snake Invasion 4-pack! This set of figures features 3 new Snake Men that never been made in the MOTU Origins line and reuse parts from earlier released figures to create a brand new Snake army! The new figures include Rattle-Hood, Naga, and Gorgon plus they threw in a repaint of Snake Armor He-Man!

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

The Diabolical Snake Invasion 4-Pack features a flip up window display box where you get to see the killer art designed by Roy Juarez and team plus the figures so if you are a mint in box collector, this set will display nicely!

Source: sb_toyz

Given that 2023 will be the year of the Snake Men, a 4 pack is just what King Hiss (we mean The Doctor) ordered! The snake men include Gorgon (in green), Naga (the burgundy and pink version), and Rattle-Hood (in blue one with the ended neck and Camo Khan open hooded head)plus a repaint of Snake Armor He-Man.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

Snake Armor He-Man

SA He-Man is a repaint of his first release with neon green and dark green paint apps! He also features black paint apps on shoulder armor, shin armor, and his Snake catcher!

Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-Snake Armor He-Man-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack-In-Hand-4
Source: sb_toyz

The back of Snake Armor He-Man’s loin armor (or rear armor) is painted all black. The green paint app surrounding his chest emblem ties in nicely with his snake catcher device on this wrist.


Naga features a burgundy and plink paint app and features the head sculpt of Rattlor!

Source: sb_toyz

The paint app most definitely makes this figure stand out among the rest, and harkens back to MOTU bright combination of colors they had in the vintage line.

Naga did not come packed with any weapons so mikescollectionhalifax used the Morning Star that came packed with the Skeleton Warriors 2-Pack, that is reused from the Rulers of Sun MOTU Origins Pig Head figure.


Gorgon, featuring the same parts reuse of Naga, features and olive green and dark green paint app!

Source: sb_toyz

Reusing Rattlor’s head sculpt, the Snake Men in this pack look like they have been kit bashed together with the dark upper arms and dark upper thighs.


This figure is an interesting mashup of Kobra Khan and Rattlor and features a light blue and dark blue paint app with a splash of purple on his belt. If you recall, this figure was hiding in plain sight in the MOTU Origins Eternia display at SDCC 2022!

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

Rattle-Hood is the most striking out of the trio and the most intersting looking.

He comes with a pink venom blast effect that can attach to a port in his mouth, which is exactly how Kamo and Kobra Khan were designed as he uses the same parts.

Diabolical Snake Invasion Box Art Reveal

Hot off the heals of the video Diabolical Snake Invasion video teaser, Roy Juarez posted the official images of the Diabolical Snake Invasion MOTU Origins 4-Pack. The box art and presentation of these special box sets just keeps getting better and better! In addition to the amazing artwork, we are treated to another Fang-Or tease. Before this, the latest mini comic that comes packed with MOTU Origins deluxe figures Dragon Blaster Skeletor and Snake Face teased Fang-Or and he is also rumored to be coming to the MOTU Origins line.

Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack art2
Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack art

As Roy states:

It’s packaging time! Here’s an in-depth look at the packaging and artwork for the New For 23 @masters of the Universe Origins Diabolical Sssssnake Invasion 4-Pack.
Preorder the Diabolical Snake Invasion 4-Pack today at @bigbadtoystore before it sssslithers away!

The usual suspects for Origins:
Art Direction & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @fetch.franciscoetchart
Toy Design @katanarama333
Copywriter @yesreallyrob

Roy Juarez

With the official images, we can get a much clearer sense of what is going on and we even see a tease of the short fanged version of Fang-Or crouching behind a rock between Rattle-Hood and Gorgon.

Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack-front package official closed

It is great to see the names and subtitles on the box art as these are new Snake Men characters introduced into the MOTU Origins line:

  • Rattle-Hood: Snake Men Squad Leader
  • Gorgon: Loyal Spy to King Hiss
  • Naga: Evil Poison Master
Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack-front package official closed
Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack front package official

The front of the box is a tasty treat of Snake Men goodness as they all rally and attack Snake Armor He-Man! Vyper Tower is very apropos in the background and we get a much clearer shot of the Fang-Or tease as you can see him gripping the rock and poised to join in the assault.

Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack-front artwork 2
Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack-front artwork 1

We can see how the digital art gets rendered on the packaging and we can even see the writing on the back of the box: “He-Man summons all of his power to stop the army of Diabolical Snakes from sinking their poisonous fangs into Eternia.” We joke but glad He-Man dressed for the occasion with his entire left side of his body exposed.

Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack-rear package official

One of the cooler illustrations is of a Snake possessed Snake Mountain as it looks like King Hiss has overthrown Skeletor as we can see a giant snake face and two snakes coming out of the top of Skeletor’s stronghold. We also see the long fanged version of Fang-Or and, like the mini comic he was first teased in, it looks like they are setting up Fang-Or as an army builder.

Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack-rear artwork 1
Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack-rear artwork 2
Diabolical-Snake-Invasion-MOTU-Origins-4-Pack-rear artwork 3

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Diabolical Snake Invasion 4-Pack at the following retailers:

Snake Men 4-Pack

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