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GI Joe Classified Series WonderCon 2024 Panel Reveals and Preorder Info

We were so thrilled that the GI Joe Classified Series team announced they were coming to WonderCon 2024! Emily was representing the Joe Team as she revealed production images of figures and a vehicle that have been previously digitally rendered revealed back on Emily revealed production images of Retro Beachhead, Retro Snow Serpent, Retro Eels, and the Cobra Ferret ATV and Scout! During our GI Joe Classified Series February Leap Day 2024 Preorders coverage, several figures were revealed with digital renders. Featured on those reveals was the Cobra Ferret and Scout, Retro Beach Head, Retro Eel and Retro Snow Serpents. All four will be going up for preorder on April 4, 2024.

Where to Buy

GI-Joe-Classified-Series-Retro Beach Head package
Retro Beach Head
GI-Joe-Classified-Series-Retro Snow Serpent package
Retro Cobra Snow Serpent
GI-Joe-Classified-Series-Retro Cobra Eel package
Retro Cobra Eel

The actual figures were on display, and we want to give a special thanks to Count MCUcollector24 on Instagram for these product photos.

GI-Joe-Classified-Series-WonderCon-2024-Toy Habits Coverage Retro Reveals
Source: Count MCUcollector24 (@mcucollector24) • Instagram photos and videos

Cobra Ferret and Scout

The Cobra Ferret looks like an amazing vehicle and it’s so cool to see some production images. The ATV has beefy tires and all of the loadout for some off roadin’ action! Package shots are below.


More Official Images


Check out these incredible dio shots!


Here are some closeup shots of the Scout and she looks amazing with and without her helmet on. The cannons are also removable and you can see her wield it like a gatling gun!


Multiples of these Ferrets looks great togther.


The Cobra Ferret and Scout look amazing and she comes in grays, which is a nod to the comic! The Ferret will also have some suspension action so we can’t wait to get this in hand!


The Ferret can traverse practically any terrain, it’s sorely lacking in armor. As a quad bike, it is best suited for light infantry and security detail. The Cobra Ferret is a powerful quad bike with flexible, off-road tires, one-piece welded steel wheels, a 6 forward-speed transmission, and a free-floating transverse front suspension. The bike is powered by a 16-valve liquid-cooled 115 hp 4-cycle engine. This 4-wheeler is armed with driver-controlled twin .50 caliber machine guns, a side-slung electric CMF-1 10-round grenade launcher, and 2 laser-seeking “Com-Bat” rockets.

Cobra Ferret Vintage Box
1991 Mail Away Version

Retro Beach Head

We also got see production images of the Retro card back Beachhead. He is in his classic colors.

A final production photo of the Retro Packaging.

Source: @mcucollector24 | Instagram

Additional production images below.


Additional production images below. This version of Beach Head really capture the classic ARAH vintage look!


Beach Head is a classic character and his pack out is a nod to his vintage accessories!


Retro Eels

Adding another trooper builder into the Retro Card back line, here is Eels!

A final production photo of the Retro Packaging.

Source: @mcucollector24 | Instagram

Official Production Images below.


Eels looks great with all of this loadout on and ready for action!


The Cobra Eels are a classic armoy builder and you can see his packout is a nod to his vintage design.


Hot off the heals of the Classified Series general release, we are getting another army builder in the form a retro cardback Eel! We hope they stay true to how the weapons were designed!

GI Joe Vintage Cobra Eel

Retro Snow Serpent

The retro Snow Serpent is looking great in his paint app that harkens back to the vintage figure.

A final production photo of the Retro Packaging.

Source: @mcucollector24 | Instagram

Official Production Images below.


Additional production images below. Here are some more action shots of Snow Serpent getting ready to fire off a missile!


The Snow Serpent is another classic army builder and they nailed the color blue on the web gear! He even comes with a white figure stand!


We also recently got a Snow Serpent in the Classified Series but a retro cardback version would be awesome! The vintage figure was so great and it will be awesome to see how the figure turns out as a retro cardback figure.

Source: 3DJoes

Name Only Reveal

“Once a Man” Cobra Commander

Emily from the Hasbro GI Joe Team also name dropped the ” Once a Man” Cobra Commander. This is from the 1987 GI Joe the Movie, when Cobra Commander get’s transformed into a snake. Below we can see a custom concept by @roenin8180 • Instagram photos and videos where you can see the transformation.

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