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GI Joe Classified Series February Leap Day 2024 Preorders

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We expect the Joe team to drop big Gi Joe Classified Series figures and vehicles for their Lead Day February 2024 figure drop

Chaz The Guru is connecting the dots for GI Joe Classified Series collectors from the GI Joe Day 2024 digital render reveals. According his source, the recent GI Joe Classified series digital render reveals of Torch, Jinx, Doc, and Night Creeper will be part of a Wave in August of 2024. We also got some intel, thanks to jedijaybird that the SMS is hitting the United States back in early January. We also know that a preorder for the SMS is imminent for this highly anticipated small form factor set has hit the United States. To sweeten the deal, Entertainment Earth’s Drop Zone has a figure drop set for lead day on February 29, 2204 so we expect Torch, Jinx, Doc, and Night Creeper to be going up for preorder that day so keep a vigilant eye during this month for more hints or a GI Joe Classified Series FanStream date. With respect to seeing more digital render reveals, where pipeline name only figures get crossed off the list, we also think we’ll see the reveal of the Cobra Ferret and Scout. There are also more name only reveals that could be potential candidates so be sure to reference our Full List of GI Joe Classified Series Pipeline Name Only Reveals article if you want to get the run down. What a way to take advantage of the extra day in February 2024 by dropping figures and, possibly, a small form factor set).

February 23, 2024 Update: GI Joe Classified Series Leap Day FanStream!

It was only a matter of time when the Joe Team would announce their GI Joe Classified Series Leap Day FanStream and today is the day! Hasbro announced o their Instagram page:

Gear up, G.I. Joe Fans! Get ready for the FIRST G.I. Joe Fanstream of 2024! Join Emily, Lenny, and Tony on February 29th at 11:00am ET on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel for an exclusive Yo Joe Leap Day celebration. Prepare for a wave of new reveals, in-depth intel on the latest Classified Series designs, and, of course, pre-order news! Mark your calendars and set your alarms because you won’t want to miss this one. Yo Joe!

We have some ideas of what they will put up for preorder so read more below!


Mad Marauders In Package Images Discovered

As reported by Full Force on Facebook, a set of GI Joe Classified Series Sergeant Slaughter, Low Light & Spirit 2 pack Mad Marauders figures have been discovered! We’ve added them to the list of potential preorders that could go live on February 29, 2024.

Low Light & Spirit 2 Pack- Mad Marauders

Low Light and Spirit has also both already been released in the GI Joe Classified Series line, but this is now a Mad Marauders repaint in their beautiful blue, green and brown color scheme. It looks like Low Light is packed with a ton of extra accessories, like his backpack, sniper rifle, rifle case, knife and a couple more items we can’t make out from this image. Spirit comes with his bird Niyol, a shovel, backpack, rifle and gun. There might be a few more accessories, but again from this image it’s hard to tell.

Sergeant Slaughter- Mad Marauders

Sergeant Slaughter has already been released in the GI Joe Classified Series line, but this is now a Mad Marauders repaint in the amazing blue, green and brown color scheme. It looks like Sarge is packed with a ton of extra accessories. You get the hat, sunglasses, whistle, baton, mini Sarge figure, a 90lb dumbbell weight, rifle, alternate hands and what look like blue gloved hands.

GI Joe Classified Series August 2024 Wave

According to Chaz The Guru said on an Instagram post, “These 4 are set to be released as a 4 figure wave in August! No release date for Gnawgahyde or the Tiger Force Tripwire/Roadblock 2 pack, but likely they will release around the same time. Preorders will probably go up on the next Hasbro G.I. Joe LiveStream (whenever it is), along with the SMS/Techno-Viper.”


GI Joe Day 2024 Digital Render Reveals

On GI Joe Day 2024, Hasbro Pulse dropped digital render reinforcements, just like they did last year! We’ve been keeping track of the name only reveals so it is great to cross both of these boys off the list! It’s great to see more Dreadnoks in the line as Zartan, Zarana, Buzzer, and Ripper need their best bud! The cool thing about the digital render reveal of Torch is that we’ll finally see the trio of Dreadnoks complete as Torch will join Buzzer and Ripper! Doc is an essential figure for the line and it. Tiger Force Tripwire and Roadblock are also joining Joe ranks to beef up their faction! Gnawgahyde, Jinx, and Night Creeper were also dropped later in the day. They also kicked off GI Joe Day by commemorating the 60th Anniversary of GI Joe. There announcement said:

“Wherever there’s trouble, G.I. Joe is there! We’re commemorating a diamond jubilee today: February 1st marks the anniversary of the debut of the Original Action Figure, G.I. Joe in 1964. In the 60 years since that historic launch, America’s moveable fighting man has come a long way and undergone some pretty drastic transitions. G.I. Joe Classified Series continues that storied tradition evolving the retro toy fans know and love into a highly articulated 6-inch scale with premium deco and detailing. We’ll be unveiling pipeline render reveals throughout the day in celebration of this historic Action Figure line. Yo Joe!”



Torch is sculpted in his vintage styling and has a ton of detail. The chains around the soulders and the wrists is a fantastic addition! Torch comes with some amazing fire effects and is also packed with that black tubing that was made for the GI Joe Classified Series Barbecue and Tele-Viper.vTorch was pipeline revealed during SDCC 2023 We are always exciting to see new Dreadnoks coming to the Classified Series as they are one of the most unique characters in a faction. Roel was spot on with designing the figure with his classic vest and he even added some chains around the shoulders that makes the vest completely pop! His facial hair and head sculpt are updated as he also gave him a more modern pair of sunglasses. Here is the official annoument:

“Burning Down the House! What’s a hero without a competent (or in this case incompetent) villain? Completing a classic trio of stooges for your G.I. Joe Classified Series collection is Dreadnok Torch. This 6-inch scale Torch figure comes packed with 8 character-inspired accessories including flamethrower, fuel tank backpack, connecting hose, 2 weapon accessories, and multiple flame effects. Pop open a grape soda, throw on a Cold Slither album, and ready your fire extinguisher for the Dreadnok Torch figure.”



The digital render for doc looks amazing! He comes with classic stretcher, a helmet, and a flare gun (as Doc doesn’t fire any weapons). Doc has a tan uniform like the vintage figure with some splashes of orange, purple, and red to make his accessories on the figure pop! Doc was revealed to the coming to the line via an Instagram post about the HasLab Dragonfly on July 10, 2023 so we moved him up to this section as we have not seen a digital render of the figure. YoJoeARAH also cooked up a custom Doc in 6″ scale so we can envision what he might look like. Here is the official announcement:

“What’s Up, Doc? Key to the longevity of the G.I. Joe franchise has been embracing the diversity of characters and roles of our Real American Hero. In keeping with that, Hasbro is proud to introduce into the Classified Series line beloved and fan-favorite Carl “Doc” Greer. This 6-inch scale-scale Doc figure comes packed with a full first aid kit: 11 character-inspired accessories including foldable stretcher that attaches to the figure’s back, alternate gloved hands, medical bag, removable pouches and holster, helmet, and his iconic green-tinted glasses. Doc is ready to patch up his fellow Joes and get them back into the field. Coming soon to the G.I. Joe Classified Series line! Stay tuned.”



Enter the Ninja! Cobra has to open its purse strings and hire some mercenary forces to combat these latest Joe recruits. Joining the Ninja ranks of the Cobra forces are the Night-Creeper troops. This 6-inch scale G.I. Joe Classified Series Night-Creeper is bursting with 10 character-inspired accessories including alternate head, alternate knifehand and shuriken-wielding hands, 2 swords, 2 daggers, crossbow, bolt, and quiver. Troop-build multiple Night-Creeper figures customized with their amazing accessories to pit waves of Ninjas against your Joe forces.



G.I. Joe has a ninja or two of their own to combat the mercenary legions of Cobra Night-Creepers. New to the G.I. Joe Classified Series line is Ninja Intelligence Agent Kim “Jinx” Arashikage. This Jinx figure contains 7 character-inspired accessory pieces including alternate masked head, alternate hands, katana, scabbard, naginata spear, and blindfold to recreate her iconic training scene from G.I. Joe: The Movie.


Gnawgahyde, Tiger Force Tripwire and Roadblock

Given that we’ve seen prototype parts of Gnawgahyde and that Tripwire and Roadblock are Tiger Force repaints, we are likely to see them go up for preorder around the same time and the 4 figure wave and the SMS. In the lower right corner of the image, we can see the head sculpt for Gnawgahyde!


Gnawgahyde’s hat is also pictured below:



It’s a Hard ’Nok Life! Last, but far from least. G.I. Joe Classified Series line loves to draw inspiration from the storied past of G.I. Joe lore and then tries to add to it. With the Classified Series debut of Dreadnok Gnawgahyde, Porkbelly, and Yobbo, the mercenary poacher comes with not 1, but 2 pets – a warthog and macaque. This 6-inch-scale Gnawgahyde figure comes packed with 16 accessories including bow, quiver, arrow, 2 knives, machete with wrist attachment, slouch hat, sniper case, and weapon accessory. His constant companions help him decimate the herds of all the endangered species and cause general mayhem.


Tiger Force Tripwire and Roadblock

The Tiger Force Faction is getting a boost of troops with repaints of Tripwire and Roadblock (like we needed another Roadblock figure). The official announcement reads:

“Welcome to the Jungle! Sometimes a G.I. Joe Special Mission requires a special team of operatives. For secret and highly dangerous missions in remote jungle settings, the G.I. Joe team calls upon Tiger Force Roadblock and Tripwire with his minesweeping robot M.A.C.L.E.O.D. This 6-inch scale G.I. Joe Classified Series Roadblock figure comes packed with 9 character-inspired accessories including backpack, ammo belt, helmet, tripod, and is finally paired with his signature weapon accessory. The 6-inch scale Tripwire figure contains 8 character-inspired accessories including helmet, minesweeper, backpack,2 land mines, weapon accessory, and M.A.C.L.E.O.D. (Mobile Armored Control Lever for Explosive Ordnance Disposal) with remote control. All are decked out in their tiger-striped camouflage to disappear into the verdant jungle.”


SMS and Techo-Viper Update

Since the SMS was revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2023, collector’s have been anxiously awaiting it’s reveal (in plastic) as this historic set has not been revealed on a GI Jie FanStream since it’s digital render reveal. According to jedijaybird (and thanks to Chaz The Guru for the heads up!) on Twitter, he posted the following:

“Recent shipping data shows that the Classified Series Vamp w/Clutch “Velma” and SMS w/Techno-Viper “Shaggy” are starting to arrive in the U.S.The SMS comes packed with a Red and Black Techno Viper. We already got a vintage-colored purple Techno Viper, so this would be an easy repaint of him! Just in time for everyone who just received their Haslab HISS Tanks! So let’s take a look at this Possible GI Joe Classified Series SMS Preorder!”


If you recall, The SMS and Techno-Viper was digital render revealed at the same time as the VAMP, which went up for preorder back in October 2023 for the 1027 GI Joe FanStream! Hopefully this means that the SMS will be going up for preorder soon as this would coincide with how the GI Joe team reveals repainted figures by putting up the first figure for preorder then following up with a repainted figure as for the next batch of preorders in the near future! Also, since the HasLab Cobra Hiss is finally in collector’s hands, the SMS can now to towed into battle!

SMS & Techno Viper

He has a read a screen on his right forearm to read schematics. On the side of the SMS it has a control screen on it. It comes with pneumatic weapons as well. Rockets s are about 9” long each.

SMS and Techno Viper

During the HasLab HISS Tank reveal, Lenny made a point about letting fans know that the HISS Tank comes with a tow hitch. All of the unlocks thus far have been add ons to the main HISS tank plus several figures, which leaves an empty tow hitch. What would be the perfect candidate for to take a ride on the back of the HISS Tank?

HISS Tank GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Tow Hitch Prototype
HISS Tank GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Tow Hitch Prototype
HISS Tank GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Tow Hitch Digital Render
HISS Tank GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Tow Hitch Digital Render

Cobra Sentry and Missile System (SMS)

We feel that the Cobra Sentry and Missile System (SMS) would be the PERFECT candidate for that tow hitch! It is a small form factor missile deployment weapon that would be the perfect add on for a HasLab campaign as a ‘thank you’ for ALL of the backers that have made the HISS Tank a success! It has two wheels and a piece to connect it to the HISS Tank’s tow hitch so they are a match made in heaven!

History of the SMS

Back in 1985, Hasbro created the S.M.S.(Sentry and Missile System), which is a is a two-component weapon system, consisting of a HISS Tank and the surface to air missile system. Like Hasbro is doing with their HasLab creations, Sears wanted Hasbro to create store exclusives to help draw customers to their stores or places orders through their catalogs. Similar to that of the C.A.T. tank, Hasbro created the Sentry and Missile System (S.M.S.) for Cobra! This set included a red Cobra H.I.S.S. tank that would tow a redecorated M.M.S. in black with red missiles. But where did this originally come from? Surely Hasbro wasn’t doing repaints early on in the line! Well, they were so let’s see where this originated from and the several repaints that followed through the years.

SMS (Sentry and Missle System) GI Joe ARAH 1985 Wave 4
SMS (Sentry and Missile System) 1985
Cobra SMS Missiles and Launcher 1985
Cobra SMS Missiles and Launcher 1985

Cobra Ferret and Scout Digital Render

If you recall, the Cobra Ferret and Scout were teased on the VAMP and Clutch box art.

GI-Joe-Classified-Vamp-with-Clutch-ferret tease 1

The middle image also shows the Ferret Scout helmet, which is the figure that will be coming with the Cobra Ferret vehicle. Hopefully we see the digital render reveal this month too!


Possible Digital Render Reveals

Since the Joe Team just knocked off more name only figures from the list, here are the remaining figures that are still name only.


Raptor known as the Cobra Falconer, was released in 1987 and is a very cool character. Raptor was a yuppie tax consultant turned Cobra Falconry is a very unique figure and comes with a winged like soft goods cape and a pet falcon.

Raptor ARAH 1988 Gi Joe

Here is an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah) • Instagram photos and videos of Raptor to see what a Classified scale version might look like.

Nemesis Enforcer

The first of the Cobra-La figures, Nemesis Enforcer is an exciting addition to this rumored list! That means that we might be getting more Corba-La characters in the Classified Series line in the future!

The first of the GI Joe the Movie figures to be named for the Classified Series line, Nemesis Enforcer was part of the Cobra-La Faction.

Acoording to Nemesis Enforcer (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom:

In G.I. Joe: The Movie he is the elite guard that protects Golobulus. He does not speak, but rather has a grunt & growls like a monstrous animal. He is a humanoid with large wings, capable of flight and large, extendable spikes on his forearms that are strong enough to pry open even the strongest doors.

He is first seen in a flash when he bursts up from under the ground to flip a GI Joe vehicle when the team pursues Cobra forces into Cobra-La. When the Joes are captured, Cobra Commander approaches the hulking monster, only to be ordered into custody himself by the Enforcer.

Nemesis Enforcer Sunbow GI Joe The Movie Cartoon

Nemesis Enforcer is later sent to the Joes compound to free Serpentor, who had been captured in the battle defending the Broadcast Energy Transmitter. After leading a small task force of Cobra-La guards and the Dreadnoks into the prison chamber. When the Dreadnoks’ weapons are unable to penetrate the dome covering Serpentor’s cell, the Enforcer pushes them all aside and easily pries open the two halves of the dome with his forearm spikes. He then deflects the lasers of Serpentor’s cage with one of his wings, allowing the emperor to escape.

He is seen in the final battle fighting against Sgt. Slaughter, who has a personal score to settle with the monster. He ultimately meets his doom at the hands of Sgt. Slaughter when he gets thrown into a spike walled pit, unable to fly out as Slaughter had broken one of his wings.

Nemesis Enforcer (RAH) | Joepedia | Fandom
Nemesis Enforcer GI Joe Artwork
Nemesis Enforcer GI Joe ARAH

Here we have a 1/18 scale custom of Nemesis Enforcer by the incredible Stronox Custom Figures> Even though he is a smaller scale, this highly articulated custom gives us a great idea at what a Classified scale version of Nemesis Enforcer would look like.

Stronox chose to go in a cool direction with his custom with having green tentacles attached to his back.


Starduster is another fan favorite that we are happy to be added to this rumored list! As you recall, Star Duster was a mail away figure from the vintage ARAH line. Frequently shown with the Jump Jet pack, this is an easy one for the Hasbro Team to do as we recently got the Steel Corp 2 pack that used the Jump Packs. I could see Starduster being another deluxe figure release.

The vintage Starduster figure was first available as a mail-in exclusive figure from G.I. Joe Action Stars Cereal back in 1987. Then in 1988 Starduster was also available as a mail-in offer from Hasbro Direct. He appeared to have several variants until he was discontinued in 1991. He is a very sought after vintage figure and will make a great addition to the Classified Series line!

Starduster ARAH GI Joe
Starduster ARAH GI Joe artwork

Here we can see an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah), and they give us a great idea of what a Classified scale Starduster might look like! He would be an incredible addition to the line!


Leatherneck was released as a single carded figure in 1986 and the the Joe Team said he’ll have a “grizzled” look.


Here we can see an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah), and they give us a great idea of what a Classified scale Leatherneck might look like! He would be an incredible addition to the line!

Source: YoJoeARAH
Source: YoJoeARAH

Source: YoJoeARAH
Source: YoJoeARAH


Zandar was released as a single carded figure in 1986 and it’s great to get Zandar in the line as he can join his brother and


Zarana needs her brother Zandar and here we can see an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah), and they give us a great idea of what a Classified scale Zandar might look like! Who doesn’t need more dreadnocks?!

Source: YoJoeARAH
Source: YoJoeARAH

Source: YoJoeARAH
Source: YoJoeARAH

Iron Grenadiers

We are getting yet another army building for our Cobra Ranks, and hurting to our wallets, yes it’s the Iron Grenadiers! Iron Grenadiers was released in 1988, and was an absolute fan favorite!

Here is an incredible custom by Stronox (@stronox_custom_figures) • Instagram photos and videos of Iron Grenadier to see what a Classified scale version might look like.


A new name only reveal dropped at the GI Joe Classified Series panel during New York Comic Con 2023, and that was Alpine! Alpine has always been one of the classic Joes and the Roel nailed the render for his head sculpt! We don’t see many Joes with baseball caps and I am imagining that this hat could be removable. He is also rendered with a realistic rope across his chest, very similar to the Shipwreck was made in the Classified Series. The coloring on his is a little darker than the vintage figure but it’s a great look nonetheless! Below is an incredible custom render done by a very talented individual Roel Robles! If you want to check out more of his work, take a look at our Future GI Joe Classified Series Figure Concepts article.

Source: Roel Robles

We also have an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH of Alpine to give us a better idea of what the actual figure will look like.

GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 2
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 3
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 5
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Classified Series Alpine Custom by ARAH 6
Source: YoJoeARAH

Alpine has always been one of the classic Joes and the fun factor was all of climbing gear he came with. Alpine came with a tan mountain pack, a black GR8-88 grappling launch line, a black Barretta SMG-12 submachine gun, a black climbing axe, and two black grappling hooks connected by black string.

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

His bio reads’ “From the middle of the flat dusty Snake River Plain where Alpine was born he could see the mountains on the horizon in almost every direction like a physical barrier between him and the world he wanted. He took up mountain climbing during college and continued as a recreational climber during his brief tenure as an accountant for a large publishing firm. The G.I. Joe team gave Alpine the most hazardous of all conditions: With COBRA shooting at him! Graduated Ranger School, Fort Benning. Qualified Expert: M-16, M-14, M-60, M1911A1. The quote on his file card reads, “Every time Alpine scales a sheer cliff face piton by piton, overcoming granite and gravity with muscle and persistance, he is symbolically climbing out of the quagmire of his past. That’s why we send him up first on vertical assaults. He doesn’t take to being knocked down too easily.”

Source: 3DJoes

Retro Beachhead

We got a version of Beach Head in the Cobra Island Target exclusive era, and that was pretty much like the vintage figure. Continuing their retro cardback series, they have another Beachhead version in the works! Thanks to @YoJoeARAH, we get to visualize what a retro Beachhead could look like!

GI Joe Retro Beach Head Yojoe ARAH Custom 1
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Retro Beach Head Yojoe ARAH Custom 2
Source: YoJoeARAH

Retro Eel

Hot off the heals of the Classified Series general release, we are getting another army builder in the form a retro cardback Eel! We hope they stay true to how the weapons were designed!

GI Joe Vintage Cobra Eel

There is a talented 3D printer designer who created custom G.I. Joe Classified series style Eel backpack/speargun that has those vintage feels so we are expecting Hasbro to do this figure justice retro style and not just repack the first release and put it on a retro cardback.


Here is a close up the speargun and backpack and they look incredible!


Retro Snow Serpent

We also recently got a Snow Serpent in the Classified Series but a retro cardback version would be awesome! The vintage figure was so great and it will be awesome to see how the figure turns out as a retro cardback figure.

Source: 3DJoes

The Snow Serpent is an exciting name only reveal and we are using a custom concepts to show you what he may look like. This one is exciting because he comes packed with a ton of really cool accessories like the classic tennis racket snow shoes and missile.


Cobra Ferret

The Ferret can traverse practically any terrain, it’s sorely lacking in armor. As a quad bike, it is best suited for light infantry and security detail. The Cobra Ferret is a powerful quad bike with flexible, off-road tires, one-piece welded steel wheels, a 6 forward-speed transmission, and a free-floating transverse front suspension. The bike is powered by a 16-valve liquid-cooled 115 hp 4-cycle engine. This 4-wheeler is armed with driver-controlled twin .50 caliber machine guns, a side-slung electric CMF-1 10-round grenade launcher, and 2 laser-seeking “Com-Bat” rockets.

Cobra Ferret Vintage Box
1991 Mail Away Version

There are many talented people that 3D print vehicles and here is a Classified Series scale custom Ferret with nonother than the Crimson Twins taking it for a joy ride.


Complete Your GI Joe Collection

Be sure to check out our GI Joe shop pages where we’ve curated figures from Classified Series all the way down to the 1980’s Vintage line and more so you can find the figures you need easier!

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