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Masterverse Wave 9 Assortment Discovered on Walmart

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Since we discovered the Walmart listing for Masterverse Buzz-Off, confirmed to be in the Masterverse Wave 9 assortment, we’ve been hot on the trail to find the rest of Wave 9 and we’ve finally done it! It took some digging but we’ve discovered the Masterverse Wave 9 assortment product listings on the Walmart website, which includes Buzz-Off, Grizzlor, Faker, and Mer-Man. Yesterday, the last MOTU Origins Wave 14 figure, the Eternian Guard Infiltrator, was discovered on Walmart so this makes a complete set of MOTU Origins Wave 14 and Masterverse Wave 9 figures, further confirming the leaks and rumors. Given that multiple sources close to Toy Habits and retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Deep Discount have published product pages for Masterverse Wave 9, we think we can definitely call this wave CONFIRMED! Although no official images have been released yet, we are using MOTU Classics or custom stand-ins for the figures but we do have the links to the product pages on Walmart so let’s take a close look!

Masterverse Wave 9

According to our sources close to Toy Habits, the following characters are to be part of the Masterverse Wave 9 Standard Release assortment set to be released July 2023! In order to protect our source, we have redacted the product code for the Wave 9 figure assortment.


Buzz-Off is another exciting character on this list and also a big fan favorite! We did see Buzz-Off for just a brief moment in the Revelation cartoon. So will we be getting a classic looking Buzz-Off or will we be getting a more stylized Revelation animated Buzz-Off? Either way, this is a welcome addition to the Masterverse line and can’t wait to see what he will look like.


We don’t have any official images, so we will use a MOTU Classics Buzz-Off as a stand in for reference.

Here is the listing for Masterverse Buzz-Off on the Walmart website. We are not sure when this figure will be released but keep checking back to see when he is in stock:


Here is the listing on Deep Discount confirming that Masterverse Buzz-Off in coming to the line!


Faker also appeared in the Masters of the Universe Revelation Series but since we got a deluxe version of the figure, our guess is is that this could be a New Eternia version! Jay from Geek Dad Life also saw this figure at the German Toy Fair and said that this figure was blue skinned, with pink armor, and used the slimmer Masters of the Universe Revelation buck versus the beefier 40th Anniversary He-Man buck.


We came across a blue version of the deluxe Faker from the Revelation Series so we might see a deeper blue figure, versus the more metallic silver that came out in the deluxe release.


Here is Walmart listing for Masterverse Faker! Be sure to check back to see when this figure comes in stock:


Here is the listing on Deep Discount confirming that Masterverse Faker in coming to the line!



Like Whiplash, there are no customs that we found to illustrate what a Masterverse version of Grizzlor could like bince many of the Masterverse concepts borrow from the MOTU Classics figure style, it is conceivable that we could see a version of Grizzlor with rooted fur for the Masterverse line.


Special thanks to m3rcuryoftheuniv3rse for creating this killer custom Masterverse Grizzlor, which illustrates what this figure could look like as a Masterverse figure!

Here is Walmart listing for Masterverse Grizzlor! Be sure to check back to see when this figure comes in stock:


Here is the listing on Deep Discount confirming that Masterverse Grizzlor in coming to the line!



This one is an exciting name on the list and a welcome new version of a Masterverse character! Although the Revelation version of Mer-Man was a cool figure in his own right, he was a far departure of the Mer-Man we all know and love. Fans were left clamoring for a classic version of Mer-Man in the Masterverse line.


Rumor has it that this version of Mer-Man will be a Revelation style flashback figure, like we saw in the Masters of the Universe Revelation series.


We don’t have any images of the new Masterverse Mer-Man Classic edition, so we will use the MOTU Classics version as a reference to see what he may look like. He has his classic armor, trident and corn cob sword. This is the type of Classic looking Mer-Man we all hope we get for Masterverse.

Mer-Man MOTU Classics

We’ve discovered the Walmart listing for Mer-Man and the link they will be using when the product page goes live but the page is dead right now but when they fix the issue, the page should like other Walmart pages in this article. This is common when online retailers are preparing to put product listings up on their site but sometimes they make the link inactive, which we have seen on Amazon.


Here is the listing on Deep Discount confirming that Masterverse Mer-Man in coming to the line!


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