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Leak Confirmed: Buzz-Off Masterverse Figure Discovered on Walmart

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We have discovered the product page for Masterverse Buzz-Off on the Walmart website and we can move him to the confirmed figure list for 2023

We are hard at work trying to unearth the Masterverse leaks and add them to the confirmed list and we have discovered our first one! We have found Masterverse Buzz-Off, first discovered on an Amazon Leaked list, on the Walmart website. This comes hot of the heals of our MOTU Origins discovery of Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms, Spikor, and Snake Trooper (also Sssqueeze but we can’t take credit for that one). We will try our darnedest to find more of the Masterverse Leaked figures but for now we can cross Buzz-Off off the list and move him to CONFIRMED!



Buzz-Off is another exciting character on the Masterverse leaked list and also a big fan favorite! We did see Buzz-Off for just a brief moment in the Revelation cartoon. So will we be getting a classic looking Buzz-Off or will we be getting a more stylized Revelation animated Buzz-Off?

Either way, this is a welcome addition to the Masterverse line and can’t wait to see what he will look like. Again, we don’t have any official images, so we will use a MOTU Classics Buzz-Off as a stand in for reference.

Buzz-Off MOTU Classics

We believe the figure will have articulated wings, like Masterverse Sun-Man but it will be amazing to see how the Masterverse version comes out!


Where to buy

Here is the listing for Masterverse Buzz-Off on the Walmart website. We are not sure when this figure will be released but keep checking back to see when he is in stock:


In addition, here is the listing on Deep Discount providing further confirming that Masterverse Buzz-Off in coming to the line!

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