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NEW MOTU Origins and Masterverse Updates from Toy Fair Germany

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Straight from German Toy Fair comes an MOTU Origins and Masterverse updates by way of Jay from Geek Dad Life! MOTU is alive and well!

Jay from Geek Dad Life went above and beyond to capture more verbal details of the upcoming MOTU Origins and Masterverse figures from Toy Fair Germany so we are in his debt and super grateful for the opportunity to share this info with you (with Jay’s permission of course). We are indebted to them for giving us permission to post this news and if you have not subscribed to their YouTube Channel, they are amazing so please do so!

MOTU Origins Updates

Jay broke down the MOTU Origins figures he saw in person at the German Toy Fair!

Point Dread and the Talon Fighter

  • The canopy does have a window that is tinted and made of dark gray plastic
  • Controls are similar to the Wind Raider and seats two figures
  • The blue satellite dish was present plus an alternate silver attachment that almost took up the top half of Point Dread
  • Point Dread attaches to the top of the castle via pegs and it had an additional peg hole.
  • Castle Grayskull can handle both Point Dread and the Wind Raider on top

MOTU Origins Figures

  • Snake Teela, 200x Snake Armor Man-At-Arms, 200x King Randor, Snake Eternian Palace Guard
  • Snake Teela is repaint of Teela that looks great
  • 200x King Randor has the Origins body but 200x feel (no burger king)
200x King Randor MOTU Origins Wave 13 Leak
  • Man-At-Arms and the Snake Eternian Palace Guard looked like kitbashes and or prototypes
  • We are showing the 200x and Classics versios of these figures (NOTE: these are not official images)
Eternian Palace Guard Infiltrator Masters of the Universe Classics
Eternian Palace Guard Infiltrator Masters of the Universe Classics
Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms MOTU 200x Figure
Serpent Claw Man-At-Arms MOTU 200x Figure

Snake Mountain

  • Jay got to touch it and play with it
  • The updated Snake Mountain has the colors of the vintage release
  • The bridge looks cool
  • Mind blown moment for Jay: The chains are famous for breaking and they made them super rubbery. Jay thought this was a brilliant engineering choice
  • The snake is perfect and is bigger…it’s bigger…more mechanical…it’s positioned perfect
  • The additional gate topper
  • No functioning mic
  • There is a new ledge to place figures on

Masterverse Figure

Jay also dished about updates for the Masterverse line!

Deluxe Figures

New Eternia Whiplash

  • Additional armor is inspired by the concept art
  • The armor looks very angular and aggressive…less court jestery
  • Purple armor with an additional helmet
  • Looks less silly
  • The box is the same as NE Beast Man and NE Two Bad
  • Two heads…one with and one helmet
  • The box was not final with no inserts and Jay assumed that the tail would come off so it could fit in the box

Jay flashed some concept art on the screen and he said they based the NE version of Whiplash on these images


New Eternia Ram Man

  • The figure is smaller in stature than Whiplash
  • This is a New Eternia figure in the double wide box
  • Has Blue Cross Armor
  • Multiple heads and the legs articulate
  • Very classic looking Ram Man with respect to coloring
  • New Eternia Ram Man  

To view the full coverage of the news, please see Geek Dad Life’s livestream below:

Previous Masterverse and Origins Updates:

February 1, 2023 UPDATE: MOTU Origins Figures Confirmed Plus a Snake Mountain Update

Due to high security, Jay was not able to take any photos so we only have a text update to share for now but the news is exciting so here are the updates:

Snake Teela, 200x King Randor, and 200x Man-At-Arms

  • Great news that Jay visually conformed that Snake Teela, 200x King Randor, and rumored 200x Man-At-Arms were seen on display at the event

Eternian Palace Snake Trooper Guard

  • This figure either could have been the Horde Snake Trooper (and it very well could be coming out) but it was confirmed that we are getting the Eternian Palace Guard with the a Snake head!

Talon Fighter and Point Dread

  • Not too much to say about Point Dread and the Talon Fighter but they were on display and visually confirmed

Snake Mountain

  • We are pleased to report (via Jay) that Snake Mountain does not have the fugly colors we saw in it’s earlier prototype version and is closer in color to the vintage Snake Mountain. The snake is also corrected and he said it looks amazing!!!

February 1, 2023: Masterverse Figures Confirmed and Clamp Champ Revealed

Due to high security, Jay was not able to take any photos so we only have a text update to share for now but the news is exciting so here are the updates:

New Eternia Whiplash

  • According to Jay, Whiplash is pretty massive and has the crazy extra armo that is bluish pink (similar color to Pig-Head). He called it a more roided up version of a 200x Whiplash that is big and bulk and on par with the Masterverse Two Bad

Deluxe Ram Man

  • This figure is not as bulky as the Classics version but comes with additional armor


  • This figure is blue in color with purple/pink armor
  • It’s not done in the 40th Anniversary style buck but a more slim downed version, like the Revelation buck

Classic Mer-Man

  • Jay said the Classic Version of Mer-Man seemed more Revelation style so we may be getting a flashback Mer-Man from the Revelation series

Clamp Champ

  • An UNANNOUNCED figure that was on the showroom floor so we are expecting this to be in the Revelation style versus a New Eternia style. Also, we don’t have official images of Clamp Champ so we are using his MOTU Classics counterpart as a stand in.

Here is a link to Geed Dad Life’s YT video where they go over what was seen:

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