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New Eternia Whiplash Coming to Masterverse

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Straight from German Toy Fair, thanks to updates by way of Jay from Geek Dad Life we now know that New Eternia Whiplash is coming to the Masterverse line! We want to thank our friend Jay from Geek Dad Life for going above and beyond to capture verbal details of the upcoming MOTU Origins and Masterverse figures from Toy Fair Germany, so we are in his debt and super grateful for the opportunity to share this information with you (with Jay’s permission of course). If you have not subscribed to the Geek Dad Life YouTube Channel, Jay and John are amazing, so please do so! So let’s take a deep dive into this New Eternia Whiplash! We now officially know that MOTU is alive and well!

March 20, 2023 UPDATE: Official Images

New Eternia Whiplash

Perhaps the most unusual of the bunch with his New Eternia look, Whiplash looks spectacular where you can also give him his classic look!

New Eternia Whiplash MOTU Masterverse Official Image 1

Whiplash New Eternia Masterverse 2
New Eternia Whiplash MOTU Masterverse Official Image 3

Whiplash New Eternia Masterverse 4
Whiplash New Eternia Masterverse 3

New Eternia Whiplash

New Eternia Whiplash was one of the new Masterverse figures to be displayed at this year’s German Toy Fair. Given that no photographs were allowed to be taken at the German Toy Fair, Jay at Geek Dad Life did an amazing job describing this figure to us in his Live Stream. Some of the incredible details he was able to give us is that Whiplash was indeed a New Eternia Version. He comes with additional armor that was inspired by original concept art. The armor is said to look very angular and aggressive…less court jestery. He also includes purple armor , and two heads. One head with a helmet. Jay said that Whiplash came packaged in the same box as New Eternia Beast Man.

The Evolution of Whiplash

During early production work of the Filmation cartoon series , Mattel sent Filmation concept artwork by Colin Bailey called “lizard man” but he didn’t look like the Whiplash we know today. He was green with purple armor and yellow legs. He was known as “lizard man” in this concept art. He was also name checked in to the Masters of the Universe bible by Michael Halperin. Filmation however wanted to work him into the series.

Whiplash Masters of the Universe Concept 3
Whiplash Masters of the Universe Concept

Whiplash Masters of the Universe Concept in developement
Whiplash Masters of the Universe Concept further developed

The vintage whiplash figure came with the mini comic “Clash of Arms” but he was colored differently then the action figure. His mini comic color way resembled that first early sketch that Mattel had send Filmation early on with the green torso, purple armor and yellow legs. That character rendition almost made it to “She Demon of Phantos” but alast we didn’t get Whiplash into the cartoon until much later.

Whiplash in the “Clash of Arms” Mini Comic
Whiplash in the “Clash of Arms” Mini Comic

The colors and design Mattel supplied to Filmation were a bit garish and so Filmation redesigned him into the cute and friendly Lizard Man we all know that appeared in the series. Lizard man appeared in
“She Demon of Phantos” and appeared another 2 “song of Celice” times one of which in a different color scheme. In “the rarest gift of all”

And of course the green version with the dark green torso and blue boots is the version of Whiplash that eventually made into the cartoon series and resembled the vintage figure much more closely.

Lizard Man Filmation
Lizard Man as seen in the FIlmation cartoon
Whiplash FIlmation
Whiplash as seen in the FIlmation cartoon

Finally, Whiplash was totally transformed into a new style in the 200x Mike Young Productions Masters of the Universe animated series. He was a huge wide character that was brought into the modern age and the edgy style of this new series.

200X-Whiplash cartoon

Whiplash Throughout the Years

Whiplash was introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1984. The gimmick of his action figure is to thrash its tail when the spring-action waist is turned. Whiplash was introduced into the toy line’s accompanying cartoon series by Filmation at the same time his action figure was released. Whereas most characters from his wave of toys appear rather sparsely in the cartoon, Whiplash proves an instant favorite with the show’s writers and seems to become a series regular at once after his introduction.

Whiplash 1984 on card
Whiplash Masters of the Universe 1984
Whiplash 1984

The Masters of the Universe 200x Whiplash came out in 2003, and was a huge departure from his previous vintage version. Based on the Mike Young Masters of the Universe animated series, this modern version of Whiplash was a big boy! He was very hefty and with a wide body. He wore a longer loin cloth and had a long tail with a spiked ball like end to it. He came with a double sided futuristic looking staff.

Masters of the Universe 200x Whiplash
Masters of the Universe 200x Whiplash

The next action figure form for Whiplash came in 2010 from the Masters of the Universe Classics line. Whiplash came back to his vintage style in that MOTUC buck we all love! He sported that goofy smile with the teeth and bushy eyebrows. He was a nice big figure, with a full tail this time around and a new accessory which was a futuristic 200x inspired two sided staff.

Whiplash Masters of the Universe Classics 2010
Whiplash MOTU Classics
Whiplash MOTUC
Whiplash MOTU Classics

Finally, the latest version of Whiplash to be made was the MOTU Origins version in 2021. In a complete tribute to the vintage Whiplash, this new Origins figure was an amazing upgrade to the vintage figure we all know and love! The skin tone was a bright green, and the chest armor is a deeper color green. The head sculpt looks like a cross between the MOTU Classics and the vintage head sculpts. The new MOTU Origins Whiplash’s neck looked more proportional to the body and shared the same legs with Clawful and Buzz Off. He also included a removeable tail.

Whiplash Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 10
Whiplash Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 10
Whiplash Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 10

Whiplash in the Revelation Animated Series

Whiplash appeared in one episode “The Poisoned Chalice” of the Kevin Smith’s Revelation cartoon. Whiplash appeared with a more modern and aggressive look to him. The New Eternia Whiplash might take some cues from this larger more aggressive version.


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