Masterverse Pig Head Official In Hand Review
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Rulers of the Sun Pig Head Masterverse Figure Review

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Check out our in depth review of the second figure to come out of the Masterverse Rulers of the Sun Line, Pig Head!

Look out Sun Man, here comes your nemesis, Pig Head! Yes the Masterverse Rulers of the Sun subline continues with that wicked enemy of Sun Man, Pig Head! Pig Head is looking absolutely spectacular with what continues to be superb quality and incredible detail on the latest wave of Masterverse figures. Let’s take a close look at the arch nemesis of Sun-Man from the Rulers of the Sun Masterverse sub-line Pig Head in this In Hand Figure Review!



Pig-Head’s box art is awesome! On the back is shows him fending of foes in battle and using his spike mace to break a shield. The side box art is the most impressive as we see a, what looks to be, a victorious Pig-Head! The bio reads: “The Rulers of the Sun punished Prince Segor of House Shadus for his cruelty, banished him to the shadows, and transformed him into Pig-Head – half man, half pig. Now he has one goal: steal the energy from the First Sun, so that he might harness its power and rule the galaxy. Only one man stands in his way: Sun-Man!” Pig Head looks amazing with his pack out in his new Rulers of the Sun Masterverse packaging! He comes with a serpent ‘like piece that goes around his neck, a mace, his trusty shield, and an extra set of hands.



Figure Details

Pig Head was revealed at this year’s SDCC and he was the stand out of the bunch with his bright pops of color and his pack out! Also, later this year, Pig-Head appeared on a leaked list of Amazon Exclusives back in Sepetember. There are a lot of great deal of varying textures that make up Pig-Head and we must say that he looks pretty spectacular translated into the Masterverse line. His metallic armor really stands out and the harness across his chest gives that nice leathery feel. He comes with a lot of cool accessories, most of which are the translucent blue mace and his serpent! With his bright green skin, blue and pink accented outfit and tons of textures on his helmet, armor and loin cloth, this is one spectacular Masterverse figure!



Head Sculpt

Pig Head’s Head Sculpt looks incredible! He has very cool bright green skin and beady red eyes, with a pig snout for a nose. He is wearing a blue samurai like helmet with blue horns and then larger pink horns molded on top. There is a nice texture to his helmet as well.


He has three tusks, one on the right side of his mouth and two on the left side of his mouth. With one tusk facing up and the other two are facing down. They have a nice paint wash and tusk like color.


Chest and Back

Pig Head is outfitted with sparkly blue chest armor both front and back. His armor is rather plain but has a little bit of sculpted detail on the front and back. You can also see his torso has been painted to match the sparkly blue color of his chest armor.

He is also wearing a brown chest strap that has studded spikes on it. The chest strap comes down to a belt around his waist. It has a nice leather like looking texture to it as well.


Arms, Waist and Legs


Pig Head’s arms are a bright green skin color, with spiked sparkly blue shoulder armor. He has on bright pink spiked wrist bracers on both arms, and has on blue gloved hands.



He is wearing a black belt with red studded details. He has a tan colored loin cloth with tons of textures on it that kind of look like scales.



Pig Head’s legs are a bright green skin color with sparkly blue boots with a pink furry trim sculpted on top.



Pig Head comes packed with the following accessories:

  • Sheild
  • Spiked Mace
  • Serpent pet
  • 2 alternate hands


Pig Heads mace is made of the same translucent blue material that the serpent pet is made of. It has a spike ball on one end of it, and a molded plastic chain connected to a handle on the other end. The handle has a bent design with a pointy end of it. Pig Head looks very cool holding it!



Pig Head includes his signature shield. It is made of hot pink plastic with a sparkly blue color on the front and pink accents. The handles on the back of the shield are all in pink plastic and just like all the other previous Masterverse shields with one smaller handle and one larger one for him to hold on to. The handles are also made of a much softer more mubbery plastic, which is great so it won’t break and much easier to place in Pig Head’s hand!



The serpent pet is a very cool accessory and something that has never been provide with the character of Pig Head. Given there has only been two other figure renditions of him made, one vintage from Olmec Toys and the MOTU Origins one, both of which only came with a Mace and Sheild. So, it is cool to see rhis new included accessory!


The serpent looks like a cross between a snake and a dragon like creature and comes in a very cool translucent blue plastic color.


Alternate Hands

Pig Head includes two additional alternate hands in the package. You get a close right fist and a left gripping hand in his blue color, as if he was wearing blue gloves.


About Pig-Head

Pig Head, the Wicked Enemy of Sun Man is more or less a direct translation of the vintage figure but with much brighter colors. The pinks, greens, and blues definitely pop more on this figure and more more loud, which goes along with the other MOTU Origins figures.

According to Pig-Head’s Origins story:

Zegor was the rich and villainous Prince of the House of Shadus.  He was known throughout the land as the devious and spiteful lord who spread despair among his workers.  He used his wealth to build torturous chambers in which to punish those who did not obey him.  The workers who remained of purest souls fled, to live among the House of Dynus.  Once a man of handsome features, Zegor was transformed, by the Ruler of the Sun, into a hideous creature – half-man/half-hog and was forever to be called “Pig-Head.” Pig-Head is an angry creature.  He lives with one burning desire – to bring dishonor and shame to all those who live among him.  He has trained his demons to follow his evil plan.  He and his followers will always lurk beneath the sun and never shall they dwell in the land of paradise. Pig-Head was banished into the dungeons of Hades, where he forever tries to harness the sun’s beautiful rays and use its power for his evil doings.

Rulers of the Sun Online Toyshow

Will they make a Zegor figure? Probably not but he’s on the card art so it’s definitely in the realm of possibility. If they did, this would open the door to more figures that were not in the main MOTU Vintage line and it would be cool to see more Origins figures beyond the 10 we might be getting if they build the entire line out.

Olmec Vintage Pig Head MOC
Olmec Vintage Pig Head MOC
Pig Head Rulers of the Sun Vintage Figure
Pig Head Vintage Figure from Olmec

Photography Fun

If any of you follow our Toy Habits Instagram page and The Toy Sorceress Instagram page, you will see the we love Toy Photography, so here are some photographs for your enjoyment and inspiration! Thanks to Michael for taking some incredible photos of The new Masterverse Pig Head battling it out against his arch nemesis Sun-Man! Who will win the battle for the chalice that controls the power of the sun? Looks like Pig Head won this round!




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