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GI Joe Classified Series Target Fall 2023 Geek Out Potential Preorders

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GI Joe Classified Series Target Exclusives: What Python Patrol or Tiger Force repaints would be perfect for their Friday (9/15) drop!

Target Fall Geek Out 2023 is in full swing and Hasbro is taking slot on September 15, 2023, which is drop #4! Since Target has Tiger Force and Python Patrol exclusivity, there are plenty of figures that could go potentially drop this coming Friday at 6am PT / 9am ET. Let’s run down the potential list of known pipeline and digital render reveals for Tiger Force of Python Patrol figures that could drop! We also share our thoughts on released or pipeline revealed figures that would make excellent candidates for the Tiger Force or Python Patrol figures. Since this drop is Hasbro specific, we know that anything could drop this coming Friday from their other lines like Star Wars, My Little Pony, or other properties but we are focusing on the GI Joe Classified Series because it’s more fun to spectate on that property since there are a lot of known figures that would be great for the Tiger Force or Python Patrol sub-lines. We would love to see more GI Joe Classified Series Target exclusives revealed and put up for preorder as we know they are coming!

September 15, 2023 UPDATE: Python Patrol Preorders are live!

G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Officer Action Figure box
Python Patrol Officer
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure box
Python Patrol Copperhead
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Tele-Viper Action Figure & Cobra Flight Pod box
Python Patrol Tele-Viper & Flight Pod

Too see the previous drops from Target’s Fall Geek-Out 2023, check them out here:

Tiger Force

The GI Joe Classified Series Target exclusives on the Joe side involve building out the Tiger Force. Since Tiger Force Flint was the only known figure that was left in Hasbro’s arsenal and he is already up for preorder on Target’s website, we delve into characters that would make amazing Tiger Force repaints as Tiger Force Outback has set the stage for Euro repaints to be included in the mix.

Tiger Force Tunnel Rat

Tiger Force Tunnel Rat was an exclusive figure that were available in Europe and came out in 1991. Tunnel Rat makes up one of six European exclusive Tiger Force figures. Given that Hasbro has leaned into the Tiger Force deco for the GI Joe Classified Series sub-line, Tunnel Rat would make an amazing Tiger Force figure that would follow suit to how TF Outback was introduced to the line. The Tiger Force Outback the Classified Series first introduced was the Euro variant with the orange shirt and white hair. The paint apps on the vintage Tiger Force Tunnel Rat is what would make the variants in the Classified Series amazing! Tunnel Rat came with a black rifle, a dark green backpack, a dark green bag, and two dark green flashlights in the vintage line and we expect a similar packout in the Classified Series

Tiger Force Tunnel Rat Euro Variant
Tiger Force Tunnel Rat Euro Variant

Tunnel Rat has been released as a mainline figure recently and here are some in hand images so you can imaging what a TF Tunnel Rat could look like in the Classified Series (courtesy of @gi_diego.

Tiger Force Shipwreck (aka Marujo)

Tiger Force Shipwreck features a unique uniform design inspired by the vintage Tiger Force action figures. Marujo was an exclusive figure that was available carded in Brazil in 1991 by the Estrela Toy company as part of Forca Tigre (aka Tiger Force).


Our own @ToySorceress did an amazing photoshoot and in hand review of Shipwreck and imagine how cool he would look in Tiger Force deco!



Tripwire was also released as a Tiger Force repaint in 1988 and the original deco version was recently revealed at SDCC 2023! Tripwire would make a perfect Tiger Force repaint option!

Tiger Force Tripwire Vintage GI Joe 1988
Source: 3DJoes

Here are some in hand images of Tripwire so you can imagine what a Tiger Force version would look like!. The packout for Tripwire is insane and he comes with a gaggle of accessories to create your own personal look!


I personally love this look as it harkens back to the vintage figure and GI Joe Classified Series is making the more plain figures from the vintage line, into something that will be the centerpiece of your display.


Python Patrol

The known Python Patrol figures that are coming down the line are no brainers to include on this list and we are also covering other Cobra soldiers that have been released as Python Patrol variants in the vintage GI Joe line.

Python Patrol Copperhead

Python Patrol Copperhead is a repaint of the first release of Copperhead that came out not too long ago.

Source: Source: thegreattonino

Python Patrol Cobra Officer

Python Patrol Cobra Officer is also a repaint of the first release.

Python Patrol Tele-Viper and Flight Pod

There was a rumor flying around that we might get a Python Patrol repaint of the Tele-Viper and the Flight Pod. We did get a Python Patrol repaint of the Tele-Viper in the vintage line so this is not out of the realm of possibility.

Imagine what an amazing Python Patrol repaint it would make to redeco the Tele-Viper and the Flight Pod! We want to give a huge thank you to Jason Yue for posting these incredible photos of the new GI Joe Classified Series Trubble Bubble & Tele Viper In Hand Images! The incredible details on both the Trubble Bubble and the Tele-Viper look incredible in hand! The tampo’d details on the windshield of the Trubble Bubble looks stellar as it looks like the Tele-Viper has a cool heads-up display as he pilots his personal aircraft. The Tele-Viper figure looks stunning and is a perfect homage to his vintage counterpart!

The load out for this set is incredible! You can definitely army build these with the 2 additional alternate heads that the Tele-Viper comes with! He also has his laser rifle, backpack and cable. The Trubble Bubble comes with the main pod, rear thrusters, a front gun, two missiles, and a remote and a detonating device.

GI Joe Classified Series Tele Viper in Hand 8
GI Joe Classified Series Trubble Bubble in Hand 9

Here again thanks to Jason Yue’s incredible photos, we get to see the Trubble Bubble and the Tele-Viper from all angles! We are guessing that a Python Patrol deco would be applied to the Flight Pod too.

Here we can see the three alternate heads you have to choose from on the Tele-Viper! Imagine what a kick ass repaint a Python Patrol Tele-Viper would make!

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