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Firefly, Grunt, Low-Light, Tunnel Rat, & Crimson Viper GI Joe Classified Series on Target

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If you are looking for an alternative way to purchase some of the figures that were revealed and went up for preorder during Yo Joe June 2023, Target could be your best bet. They recently added the product pages for Tunnel Rat, Firefly (Version 2), Grunt, Low-Light, and the Crimson Viper. Target has recently put up a host of newer GI Joe Classified Series figures in the past few months and it’s great to see these figures going up on Target’s website. Be sure to always check stock status as Target is known to put up product pages well in advance of them going on sale.


It appears that Target has misspriced Grunt at $11.99 while the others, Firefly, and Crimson Viper, are listed for $24.99. Given that some online retailers, like Entertainment Earth, have price matching policies. EE’s price matching policy specifically states that you must have received the item within 14 days of finding the lower price, you can send them an email. Given that EE won’t be shipping Grunt until December 2023, we are sure that Target will have corrected this mistake but maybe you can take advantage of the lower price elsewhere.


Grunt In Hand Images

Thanks to San Diego (@gi_diego_) on Instagram for posting these stellar in hand images of the new GI Joe Classified Series Grunt action figure! Grunt looks incredible in all of his classic infantry gear! The details on his Joe outfit look stellar, from the tampo american flag and name tag on his flak jacket to the fold down communication device on his chest, this is classic Grunt all the way! Thanks again to gi_diego for posting these spectacular photos! Want your own GI Joe Classified Series Grunt action figure, or any of the other latest figures, see the links below or check out our GI Joe Classified Series Figures shop page!


The last time Firefly was available at Target, it was the exclusive Cobra Island version but Firefly (version 2) is making his debut appearance at the retailer with the red bullseye.


Firefly In Hand Images

If you are on the fence about purchasing Cobra’s saboteur, you can check out the in hand images below, courtesy of Stan Chan.

Some would argue that THIS version of Firefly is the one they should have made for the Cobra Island release but the Joe team is making up for it with this release. Don’t get us wrong, the first version of Firefly was a great figure but the Joe team has since pivoted and found their sweet spot with the GI Joe Classified Series line and they are firing on all cylinders.

The camouflage is in all the right places and the weapons and accessories really make this figure shine! With versatile accessories like his character-inspired goggles, backpack, RC car with remote, 2 mines, knife, and other weaponry, Firefly is a figure that you can use to display his many looks for your shelf!

The RC Car can attach to the backpack and is a fun way to stow all of his gear, which the Classified Series is known for.

The mines machine gun, and detonator complete Firefly’s look and it’s great that the Joe team is including a well defined packout for this figure at the regular price point so you do get more bang (pun intended) for your buck!

Below we can see Firefly’s package, with a really cool illustration on the front of Firefly detonating his explosives. The rear shows the pack out that he comes with! Firefly is number #84.

Low Light

The night spotter they call Low Light also surfaced on the Target website and he is also showing up in a few collector’s hands!


Low Light In Hand Images

Low Light was revealed during week 3 of an incredible Yo Joe June 2023 and now he is showing up in collector’s hands! We want to give a huge thanks to Liu Wai Sze for posting these GI Joe Classified Series Low Light In Hand Images! Low Light is looking incredible and is a perfect homage to his vintage counterpart! Low Light is looking so cool with his red googles, grey outfit, green grenades, and that incredible sniper rifle case!

Low Light comes packed in the windowless packaging with a cool illustration of Low Light on the front, and an image of his pack out. The back shows the figure and everything he comes with.

Low Light is number 86 for those of you who are keeping count, and it is incredible that we have this many figures in the Classified Series line!

Here is a look at Low Light and his massive pack out of accessories. You get a backpack, sniper rifle bag, googles, a laser pistol, knife and some magazines for his weapons. The sniper rifle bag comes packed with parts to build out his sniper rifle!

Tunnel Rat

One of the best looking Joes in the lineup is Tunnel Rat. He has also made his way on to Target website!


Tunnel Rat In Hand Images

Thanks to San Diego (@gi_diego_) on Instagram for posting these incredible in hand images of the new GI Joe Classified Series Tunnel Rat action figure! Tunnel Rat is looking absolutely incredible in all of his stealthy night vision gear! He is ready for crawling around in the tunnels, ready to pounce on Cobra when they are unsuspecting! The details on his outfit look stellar, from the tampo badges on his shoulders to the camo markings on his face and arms! I can’t wait to get this one in hand! Thanks again to gi_diego for posting these! We also see that gi_diego got his hands on Grunt as well, so once we see some images of Grunt, we will be sure to let you know! Want your own GI Joe Classified Series Tunnel Rat action figure, or any of the other latest figures, see the links below or check out our GI Joe Classified Series Figures shop page!

Crimson Viper

With the recent news of the Crimson Strike Team as the Hasbro Pulse Con GI Joe Classified Series exclusive, the Crimson Viper makes the perfect army building candidate!


Special thanks to Stan Chan and Rene Castro from Facebook for posting in hand images of the forthcoming GI Joe Classified Series Crimson Viper! The images look amazing and we can’t wait to get these figures in hand and we know it is a simple repaint but somehow the crimson color is the icing on the cake!

GI Joe Classified Crimson Viper In Hand 4
Source: Rene Castro G.I. Joe: Classified Collectors Club | Crimson Viper: Cobra Commander’s crew is filling in the ranks | Facebook

Crimson Viper

The Crimson Viper comes in the windowless display box featuring the figure and his accessories! On the side of the box, there is a QR code that takes you to a generic GI Joe Classified Series purchase page on Hasbro Pulse where you can buy all of the figures.


Getting a peak inside the box, you can see the illustration that was used for the Crimson Viper box art and the weapons and accessories included, which are all repaints of the version one Cobra Island Viper.


The crimson coloring came out fantastic and the blue bandana around the Crimson Viper’s neck goes really well with the overall color scheme. The black and gray paint apps on the figure really pop and they stand out against the crimson red base coloring of the figure.


The Crimson Viper is ready for action as he is posed with his rifle and some extra blast effects with another weapon from another Classified Series figure!


Where to Buy

You can purchase Firefly, Grunt, Low Light, Tunnel Rat, and the Crimson Viper at the following retailers:

GI Joe Classified Low Light Package
Tunnel Rat
GI Joe Classified Firefly package
Crimson Viper
GI Joe Classified Firefly package

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