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MOTU Origins Filmation 2024 Wish List

When we first heard the rumors of MOTU Origins Filmation figures coming in 2024, it got our gears turning and wheels spinning as to other figures Mattel could produce! In 2024, rumor has it that the Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 15 and 16 assortments will contain Filmation style figures. Rumored to be coming to the line are Filmation versions of Beast Man and He-Man and Filmation versions Skeletor and Man-At-Arms! The Toy Sorceress and I put our heads together we both came up with a wish list of Filmation characters we’d love to see in the MOTU Origins line.

Toy Sorceress’ MOTU Origins Wish List

The Toy Sorceress’ wish list was inspired by her favorite Filmation  characters. She always loved the Filmation look of Merman and especially his face and head design. Also we never got a Cringer in the Origins line, so it would be great to get a Prince Adam, Cringer two pack! Fisto and Buzz Off are two more of her favorite characters, so it would be fun to see them in Filmation style.


Mer-Man was depicted as a member of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors, a group of villains dedicated to overthrowing Castle Grayskull and conquering Eternia. He was often portrayed as a loyal and cunning servant of Skeletor, utilizing his aquatic abilities and commanding sea creatures to aid in their evil plans. Mer-Man’s presence in the Filmation MOTU series added depth and excitement to the ongoing conflicts between He-Man and Skeletor. His underwater abilities and role as a loyal henchman made him an iconic and memorable part of the Masters of the Universe animated universe.


Original Mer-Man Figure (1982): The first Mer-Man action figure was released in the initial wave of Masters of the Universe toys in 1982. Mer-Man was depicted as a green-skinned humanoid creature with webbed feet and hands. He wore a chest harness and carried a trident as his weapon. In the accompanying animated series, Mer-Man served as one of Skeletor’s henchmen, using his aquatic abilities to aid in his evil schemes. As seen below, Super7 made a vintage Filmation figure paying homage to his cartoon appearance.



Fisto was depicted as a powerful warrior and ally of He-Man. He was known for his immense strength and his unique cybernetic right hand, which had a large metal fist. Fisto was often portrayed as courageous, noble, and fiercely loyal to the cause of defending Eternia against the forces of evil. Fisto possessed incredible physical strength, which he utilized in battles against Skeletor and his minions. His cybernetic fist provided him with enhanced punching power, allowing him to deliver devastating blows. Fisto’s strength also extended to his non-cybernetic arm, making him a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.


Fisto’s appearance in the Filmation series closely resembled his action figure counterpart. He had a muscular build, with blond hair and a distinctive beard. His most prominent feature was his cybernetic right hand, which had a metallic fist that he used in combat. Fisto wore a red belt and brown boots as part of his attire.

FIlmation Fisto Image

Here is a custom head sculpt of what a MOTU Origins Filmation Fisto concept could look like:

Source: ZeLuizOB


Buzz-Off was depicted as a member of a bee-like humanoid species called the Andreenids. He hailed from the planet of Andreenos and was a loyal ally of He-Man. Buzz-Off was characterized as brave, noble, and highly skilled in aerial combat. He possessed a strong sense of duty and was always ready to defend Eternia against the forces of evil. Buzz-Off possessed the ability to fly, making him a valuable asset in aerial combat situations. His insect-like physiology provided him with enhanced strength, agility, and speed. He was also armed with a large battle axe, which he wielded with skill and precision. Additionally, he had a natural ability to communicate with and command bees, often summoning swarms to aid him in battle. Buzz-Off appeared in various episodes of the Filmation MOTU series, typically playing a supporting role as a member of He-Man’s team. He participated in battles against Skeletor and his minions, using his aerial prowess and bee-summoning abilities to gain an advantage. Buzz-Off often showcased his bravery and strategic thinking, contributing to the team’s success.


Buzz-Off’s appearance in the Filmation series closely resembled his Super7 MOTU Filmation vintage figure counterpart. He had a yellow and black striped body, resembling a large humanoid bee. He had wings that allowed him to fly and was equipped with a battle helmet and a lance from the Filmation cartoon. His face featured large compound eyes and mandibles.


Prince Adam and Cringer

Prince Adam was depicted as the young and somewhat carefree son of King Randor and Queen Marlena of Eternia. He lived in the royal palace of Eternos and concealed his true identity as He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. Prince Adam was often shown as playful, good-hearted, and possessing a sense of humor. The transformation from Prince Adam to He-Man was a central aspect of the series. When the need arose, Prince Adam would raise his sword and utter the iconic phrase, “By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!” This transformation granted him incredible strength, agility, and courage, turning him into the mighty He-Man. Prince Adam’s appearance in the Filmation series was deliberately designed to contrast with the more muscular and imposing figure of He-Man. He had a leaner physique, shorter blond hair, and wore a lavender and white outfit consisting of a vest, tunic, and boots. Prince Adam also possessed a magical sword called the Sword of Power, which he used to transform into He-Man.

Prince Adam Filmation 2

Cringer is a green and orange tiger-like creature who hails from the planet Eternia. He is known for his timid and fearful nature, often displaying cowardly behavior. Cringer is depicted as Prince Adam’s pet and best friend, accompanying him on his adventures. In the animated series produced by Filmation, Cringer played a significant role as Prince Adam’s trusted confidant. He often provided comedic relief with his fearful antics, contrasting with the bravery of He-Man. Cringer was typically seen lounging around or hiding during dangerous situations until Prince Adam transformed into He-Man.

Prince Adam & Cringer filmation

The Prince Adam figure typically wore an outfit resembling his appearance in the animated series. He donned a purple vest with a gold emblem on the chest, white shorts, boots, and wrist cuffs. Additionally, the figure came with a sword, representing the Sword of Power, which played a crucial role in his transformation into He-Man. Over the years, there have been different versions and reissues of the Prince Adam figure. Some variations included different paint applications or slight design changes. Additionally, Prince Adam figures have been released as part of collector-focused lines, such as the Super7 Filmation Vintage line.


Here is a custom head sculpt of Prince Adam, giving him a much better look than the first MOTU Origins release that came with the Sky Sled. Also, if you really wanted to go all out vintage, you can purchase a custom vest for Prince Adam!

Source: ZeLuizOB
Source: eBay

Trap Jaw

In the Filmation series, Trap Jaw has a distinctive appearance. He has blue skin, a hunched posture, and a mechanical jaw that can open wide to reveal sharp teeth. His right arm is replaced with a mechanical limb that can be fitted with various attachments such as a claw, a laser gun, a hook, and even a fly swatter. He wears a red and black outfit with a helmet. He is portrayed as a menacing and ruthless villain with a powerful mechanical jaw. He is depicted as a cyborg with a metallic arm that can be interchanged with different attachments, giving him a wide range of offensive capabilities. Trap Jaw is known for his loyalty to Skeletor and his relentless pursuit of defeating He-Man and conquering Eternia. Trap Jaw is a frequent antagonist in the Filmation MOTU series. He is often deployed by Skeletor to carry out missions, attack He-Man and his allies, and cause chaos in Eternia. Trap Jaw’s mechanical abilities and weaponry make him a versatile and dangerous foe, capable of challenging He-Man’s strength and skill.

Trap Jaw Filmation
Trapjaw filmation Masters of the Universe Cartoon

The Trap Jaw action figure features a distinct and menacing design that closely resembles the character’s appearance in the animated series. The Super7 Vintage line produced a cartoon accurate version of this this figure, although the arm attachments were rather large!


Here is a custom from Eternal Customs that fixes Trap Jaw’s arm attachments, making them a more appropriate scale.

Michael’s Filmation MOTU Origins Wish List

For my list, I decided to go deep cut as I wish the MOTU Origins line would create characters that were not main line figures. Like what Mattel did with the MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Kol-Darr figure, I could see all of the figures on my list as Mattel Creations exclusives as this is what I think Mattel should be doing with that line.

Count Marzo

Count Marzo is depicted as an ancient sorcerer with powerful magical abilities. He is portrayed as a cunning and manipulative character, often using his dark magic to try and seize power. Count Marzo is known for his purple and black robes, a flowing cape, and a distinctive goatee. Count Marzo appears in a few episodes of the Filmation MOTU series as one of Skeletor’s allies. He seeks to overthrow the rulers of Eternia and claim the power for himself. Count Marzo’s magical abilities pose a significant threat to He-Man and his allies, forcing them to find ways to counter his dark magic. Count Marzo possesses a wide range of mystical powers. He is capable of casting powerful spells, creating illusions, and manipulating magical energies to his advantage. Count Marzo often uses his magic to influence others or unleash destructive forces upon his enemies.

Filmation Count Marzo

A figure of Count Marzo was never produced but we can get inspiration from talented customizers like Eternal Customs for what this figure could look like if it was produced in the MOTU Origins line.

Here is an up close and personal digital render of the head sculpt, and it looks amazing and very cartoon accurate.

Some other customs of Count Marzo have been crated over the years and look more like the vintage MOTU line in the styling and paint application.

Count Marzo Custom figure
Filmation Count Marzo custom 2


In the Filmation series, Shokoti is depicted as an ancient and malevolent sorceress with dark powers. She is often portrayed as an adversary of He-Man and his allies. Shokoti is known for her desire to obtain ultimate power and dominion over Eternia. She is cunning, manipulative, and willing to use her magical abilities to achieve her goals. Shokoti has appeared in different iterations of the Masters of the Universe franchise. She featured prominently in the Filmation animated series, specifically in the episode “The House of Shokoti” Parts 1 and 2, where she sought to regain her power and unleash chaos on Eternia. Shokoti also made appearances in the 2002 animated series, as well as in comic books and other related media.

Filmation Shokoti 1

Shokoti’s origins differ depending on the adaptation. In the Filmation animated series, she was portrayed as an ancient sorceress who ruled over the ancient civilization of Levitanus. In the 2002 animated series, she was depicted as an ancient witch who was sealed away by King Hiss and later released by Skeletor. She was produced in the MOTU Classics line as this is the first figure produced of her likeness.

Shokoti MOTUC

King Miro

King Miro is the father of King Randor and the paternal grandfather of Prince Adam and Princess Adora. His character contributes to the broader mythology of Eternia by establishing the lineage of the royal family and providing a connection between Prince Adam and the throne. His presence reinforces the themes of honor, responsibility, and the balance between personal desires and duty.

FImation King Miro

In the Filmation animated series, Miro ruled as the king of Eternia until he mysteriously disappeared, forcing Randor to take up the crown. Decades later, Miro was found and rescued, but he declined to resume his royal duties so he could learn about how the world had changed in his absence. While Randor reigns as monarch and is responsible for being Eternia’s head of state, his father is still called “King Miro” and recognized as a Father-King (source: Wiki Grayskull).

king-miro-Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 2

King Miro was never produced as a MOTU figure but some talented customizer has created Filmation version for the Masters of the Universe Classics line.

King Miro Custom

Evil Seed

Evil Seed is a plant-based villain who possesses the ability to control and manipulate plant life. He is often portrayed as a formidable adversary to He-Man and his allies. Evil Seed’s origins and motives can vary depending on the adaptation, but he is generally depicted as a malevolent being seeking to spread chaos and destruction. He has the power to control and manipulate plant life at will. He can summon vines, roots, and other vegetative elements to ensnare or attack his opponents. Evil Seed’s connection to plant life also grants him regenerative abilities, allowing him to heal and recover quickly. Additionally, he has an in-depth knowledge of herbalism and botanical properties, using them to his advantage in battle. Evil Seed’s appearance often reflects his plant-based nature. He typically has a green and brown color scheme, resembling a humanoid figure composed of vines or plant matter. He is often depicted with leafy protrusions and other botanical elements, giving him a distinct and menacing appearance.

Filamtion Evil Seed 2
Filmation Evil Seed 3

Evil Seed serves as a recurring antagonist in the Masters of the Universe storyline. He poses a unique challenge to He-Man and his allies due to his control over plant life. Evil Seed’s schemes often involve harnessing the power of nature or manipulating plant-based creatures to carry out his plans. An homage to his Filmation figure was produced by Super7 for their MOTU vintage line!

Super7 Vintage Style Evil Seed
Super7 Evil Seed loose


Strongarm is a member of Skeletor’s Evil Warriors. He appears to be a robotic or cybernetic lifeform, possessing a powerful extending right arm. He is a relatively obscure Masters of the Universe character, having appeared in only a single episode. However, he had a moment of glory when he ambushed He-Man and locked him in a Photanium body cell.

Strong-Or filmation 1

Strongarm (aka Strong-Or) was produced as a figure as part of the Mattycollector’s Masters of the Universe Classics line in 2013. At this time he was renamed ‘Strong-or’ because of copyright reasons.. His bio reads: “Originally a worker in the photanium mines of Phantos, Dalmus lost his right arm and parts of his face when a mechanical press folder malfunctioned. Desiring to become a super strong menace, the master metal-worker stole large amounts of photanium, the strongest metal in the universe, from the mines and created a new face and telescoping arm. After Strong-Or’s thievery was discovered, Queen Elmora banished him from her kingdom. Years later, he returned with Skeletor to invade the photanium mines, but when He-Man freed Queen Elmora from Skeletor’s influence, Strong-Or was forced out of Phantos once again. Strong-Or, nicknamed “Strong Arm” by his foes, has a powerful punch that extends great distances and is nearly as strong as He-Man.”

Strong-Or MOTUC

A custom digital render was made by a very talented customizer and shows you what a Strongarm figure could look like if he was produced in the MOTU Origins line.

Source: Cults3D

The overall orange and blue paint scheme is just right for this figure. You can get a sense of the armor and the overall design based on this rendering.

Source: Cults3D
Source: Cults3D

From the profile views, you can see the oversized right arm and the blaster. Interestingly, his silver faceplate reminds me of Destro but he has normal ears that are not part of his mask, adding to the kookiness of the figure desgin.

Source: Cults3D
Source: Cults3D

MOTU Origins Wave 15 Rumors

The Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 15 and 16 assortments are rumored to contain Filmation style figures plus some repacks of figures. Rumored to be coming to the line are Filmation versions of Beast Man and He-Man plus a repack of Mer-Man as part of Wave 15 and Filmation versions Skeletor and Man-At-Arms with a repack of She-Ra! These waves typically come with 4 figures so we are missing one figure from Wave 15 and 16 but we are assuming that the unknown figures will be one of the remaining figures from the vintage line that have yet to be produced

Filmation Beast Man

Beast Man is a fictional character from the Masters of the Universe franchise, created by Mattel in the early 1980s. He was first introduced as an action figure in 1982, and later appeared in the animated television series produced by Filmation Studios. In the animated series, Beast Man was portrayed as a loyal henchman of Skeletor, the main villain of the series. He possessed the ability to control wild beasts, which he used to help Skeletor in his schemes to conquer the land of Eternia.


Super7 designed a Filmation style Beast Man so we could see a figure that looks very similar to this but with articulation!

Beast Man Super7 Masters of the Universe Vintage Style 2018 Wave 2

Filmation He-Man

Filmation’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is an animated television series that first aired in 1983 and ran for two seasons, consisting of 130 episodes. The show was produced by Filmation Studios and was based on the Masters of the Universe toy line created by Mattel. The series followed the adventures of He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, as he fought against his arch-nemesis Skeletor and his evil minions. He-Man was aided in his battles by a group of allies, including Teela, Man-at-Arms, Orko, and the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. The show was notable for its emphasis on moral lessons and positive values, with each episode featuring a moral message aimed at children. It was also known for its iconic opening theme song and memorable catchphrases such as “By the power of Grayskull!” and “I have the power!”

Mattel already created a Filmation style He-Man so we will most likely see a repack of the of the version that came in the Mattel Creations 4 pack! You can also check out the amazing review by the one and only Toy Sorceress to see more amazing pics!

Mattel Creations MOTU Origins He-Man 40th Anniversary 4-Pack Filmation He Man front

MOTU Origins Wave 16 Rumors

Filmation Skeletor

Skeletor is a fictional character from the Masters of the Universe franchise, created by Mattel in the early 1980s. He is the primary villain of the franchise and has been portrayed in various media, including the animated television series produced by Filmation Studios. In the Filmation Masters of the Universe series, Skeletor was depicted as a ruthless and power-hungry sorcerer who sought to conquer the land of Eternia and defeat his arch-nemesis, He-Man. He was aided in his schemes by a group of henchmen, including Beast Man, Trap Jaw, and Evil-Lyn. Skeletor was known for his distinctive appearance, with his skull-like face and purple armor. He was also known for his menacing voice, which was provided by voice actor Alan Oppenheimer.


Although we have not officially received a Filmation Skeletor, Super7 made a figure so it’s likely, like Beast Man, to see a figure that looks very similar to the Super7 version.

Skeletor Super7 Masters of the Universe Vintage Style 2018 Wave 1

Filmation Man-At-Arms

Man-At-Arms is a fictional character from the Masters of the Universe franchise, created by Mattel in the early 1980s. He is a heroic warrior who serves as the chief weapons master and engineer for the royal palace of Eternia. In the animated television series produced by Filmation Studios, Man-At-Arms was portrayed as a trusted ally of He-Man and a mentor to the young prince Adam (who was secretly He-Man). He was known for his bravery, intelligence, and skills as a weaponsmith and inventor, creating various weapons and gadgets to aid He-Man and his allies in their battles against Skeletor and his minions. Man-At-Arms was also portrayed as a father figure to Teela, the daughter of the Sorceress and a skilled warrior in her own right. He was fiercely protective of Teela and often worried about her safety when she accompanied He-Man on dangerous missions.


Not surprising but Super7 also made a Filmation style Man-At-Arms!

Man At Arms Super7 Masters of the Universe Vintage Style 2018 Wave 2

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