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GI Joe Classified Scrap Iron Packaging in hand

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Thanks to Surveillance Port on Instagram and Jason Yue for provide these in hand images of the new upcoming GI Joe Classified Series Scrap Iron!

This is a nice close up of Scrap Iron with his helmet on. He has a very classic A Real American Hero look to him.

Here we can see a close up of Scrap Iron’s face without his helmet and all of the scaring and battle damage on his face.

Below are images of Scrap Iron’s pack out including his drone and all his accessories.

Here you can see all the incredible accessories that are included with Scrap Iron. There are a ton of blast effects, some missiles, a remore control for the drone and his helmet.

Also looks like Full Force Podcast has received the latest wave from In Demand Toys as well!

GI Joe Classified Scrap Iron In hand package
Source: G.I. ShArK on Instagram

In Hand Figure Images

Thanks to Todd Raphel who lives in Hong Kong, and was able to get his hands on a new GI Joe Classified Scrap Iron figure, we now get to take a look at the packaging for this incredible upcoming figure in hand! Given that Todd was able to acquire this figure already, means that we should be expecting Scrap Iron to start showing up in the United States within a matter of weeks.

Scrap Iron’s package looks incredible! Even though we now that the windowless packaging will soon be going away, the artwork on the front of Scrap Iron’s box looks spectacular! You can see Scrap Iron controlling his huge rocket launching drone whole Skystrikers fly over head! Watch out Scrap Iron, here comes G.I Joe to save the day!

GI Joe Classified Scrap Iron Package front in hand
Source: Todd Raphel
GI Joe Classified Scrap Iron Package rear in hand
Source: Todd Raphel

From the side of the package we can see that Scrap Iron is going to be #74!

GI Joe Classified Scrap Iron Package side in hand
Source: Todd Raphel
GI Joe Classified Scrap Iron Package side 2 in hand
Source: Todd Raphel

Code Name decoded: Dumas and Pet (Scrap Iron)

As far as we can tell, Scrap Iron has been linked with the code name, ‘Dumas Pet’ and, looking at the screenshot below, the price for this set is $44.99. We know from previous information that the Joe Team at Hasbro disclosed, Scrap Iron will be coming with a drone so it makes sense that this set is at a deluxe price point.

GI Joe Classified Series Dumas Pet –

Below is the DCPI for Target and the UPC code to help find him in store:

DCPI 087-26-9048


UPC: 5010996112552

Gi Joe Classified Series Dumas and Pet Target
GI Joe Classified Scrap Iron Package UPC

Official Announcement

Announced as a pipeline reveal back on June 22, 2022, we finally get to see what Scrap Iron will look like as a production figure and he is amazing! He comes with an amazing pack out full of blast effects, and a drone missile launcher! He is totally rockin’ his 80’s vintage look! Way to go Hasbro, you nailed it on this one! He has a mohawk and removeable helmet, and his face print looks incredible. He has a large abrasion on his head and his eye which give him a very weathered and battle heavy look. The drone is huge, in black with two massive red missiles and blast effects connect in the front so looks like drone is blasting the missiles. Scrap Iron will be a main line deluxe figure release and will retail for $44.99

Some of the features of Scrap Iron and the Drone include:

  • Drone tank is articulated
  • Drone treads are articulated
  • Red tactical vest
  • Boots are little more sci-fi.
  • Comes with incredible huge “ fallout” blast effects
  • Blast effects load into Bazooka’s bazooka and his missile attaches to it as well.




Scrap Iron GI Joe Classified Dio 2
Scrap Iron GI Joe Classified Dio 1

Scrap Iron with Drone GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 2
Scrap Iron with Drone GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 1
Scrap Iron with Drone GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 4

Where to Preorder:

You can preorder all the mainline reveals at:

Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll
Scrap Iron
Cobra Valkyries

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