Dr. Mindbender GI Joe Classified Series Exclusive IN STOCK Now
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Dr. Mindbender GI Joe Classified Series Exclusive IN STOCK Now

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If you have been following the Dr. Mindbender GI Joe Classified Series SDCC 2022 saga and missed out, the website, Robot Kingdom, has Cobra’s diabolical mad scientist IN STOCK! At only $59.99 (plus shipping), the figure is a much better alternative to the prices you can find on eBay.

If you prefer to buy Dr. Mindbender on eBay, here are some links to people who are selling him:

In Stock Now at Robot Kingdom

If you can’t wait for Dr. Mindbender to be released on November 30, 2022 or if you totally missed out on the preorder, Robot Kingdom has the figure in stock now for $59.99 plus shipping and the shipping is the kicker! Depending where you live, the total cost will run you $93 (if you live in the United States, for example) but if you live in other parts of the world the shipping could be cheaper, making Dr. Mindbender more of a no brainer.

Dr. Mindbender Preorder Saga

We’ve chronicled the news about Dr. Mindbender so you can catch up on the events leading up to SDCC 2022 and the sell out on Hasbro Pulse below!

Update 7/28/22: More Dr. Mindbenders will go for sale by the end of this week

According to the post on Emily’s Instagram page from the Hasbro team, They will have a one hour window for Pulse premium members, then they will open it up for non-members.

morphinomenally_emily :Hi friends! I’m still recovering from all the fun of SDCC, but wanted to let you all know that more Dr. Mindbenders will be dropping on @hasbropulse by the end of this week! I think they’re likely to have a one hour window of Pulse Premium members only and then open up to non-Premium members as well. I’ll try to post again when they’re up for sale!

Also if you’re in the mood for some cool GI Joe swag, check out all of @super7 ‘s SDCC exclusives that are available online now: https://super7.com/collections/sdcc-2022-return-of-the-con. More SDCC recap info coming soon! xoxo

Emily Bader (@morphinomenally_emily) • Instagram photos and videos
DR Mindbender Instagram Rumor number 3

UPDATE: New Official Dr/ Minbender Images

New official photos were posted to the Hasbro Pulse Instagram Page! We get to see official images of the front and back of his package. Amazing artwork featuring the mad scientist creation of Serpentor! In an incredible diorama display of Dr. Mindbender’s lab, we get to see him in all his mad scientist glory! His sculpt and details look stunning!

According to the Hasbro Pulse Instagram page:

The Master of Mind Control is here to defeat the likes of #GIJoe! Check out the G.I. Joe Classified Series Dr. Mindbender #SDCC22 exclusive! This figure features a classic design updated to bring the Cobra Scientist into the modern era, plus accessories inspired by the character’s rich history, and will be dropping exclusively at San Diego Comic Con! San Diego Comic Con attendees can visit the Hasbro Pulse Desk at Hasbro’s Booth #3213 to receive a one-time use code, which can then be scanned and preordered. One code per customer. Following the convention, limited quantities will be available to pre-order on #HasbroPulse while supplies last.

Hasbro Pulse (@hasbropulse) • Instagram photos and videos

Where to buy:

SDCC 2022 Attendees

  • Available for purchase Booth #3213 starting Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at 9am PT.

Online Ordering

Dr Minderbender GI Joe Classified package 1

Dr Minderbender GI Joe Classified packout
Dr Minderbender GI Joe Classified package 2

Dr Minderbender GI Joe Classified Dio Image 1
Dr Minderbender GI Joe Classified

Dr Minderbender GI Joe Classified Dio Image 2
Dr Minderbender GI Joe Classified Dio Image 5

Dr Minderbender GI Joe Classified Dio Image 4
Dr Minderbender GI Joe Classified Dio Image 3

Update 07/16/2022 1:30pm PST: Close up of Dr. Mindbender sculpt:

From the instagram account of 2Dsculpts, we get a close up look details of the amazing head, torso and body sculpt of Dr. Mindbender! His monocle looks to be kind of techno styled as there is some sort of circuitry om the right side. The sculpt on his forehead is amazing as there are lines on his forehead and brow marks. His handlebar mustache and eyebrows look spectacular. Then we get to kook at his chest detail, with those techno chest straps and the veining in his arms! His abs are nicely sculpted as well. He has very detailed wrist bracers with some scaled looking material underneath. He has a very realistic looking side arm holster with a leather like texture. His boots also have a leather like appearance! Can’t wait to get our hands on this one! It’s a must have!

GI Joe Classified Dr. Mindbender. I’m so excited for this figure to come out. As a kid, I learned all about DNA from this guy. Working on these Cobra portraits have been tons of fun. Once again, design and directed by @weatherdominator and @corycantelupe

Fred Aczon (@2dsculpts) • Instagram photos and videos
Dr. Mindbender GI Joe Classified Torso 2dsculpts
Dr. Mindbender GI Joe Classified head 2dsculpts
Dr. Mindbender GI Joe Classified Body 2dsculpts
Dr. Mindbender GI Joe Classified

Update 07/13/2022 8pm PST: Emily clarifies rumors on Dr. Mindbdender SDCC exclusive:

Emily Dr Mindbender rumor

Emily confirms that the Dr. Minbender will be a SDCC exclusive, available to pre-order thru a code at the con booth, but if you are not attending Comic Con, then there will be limited quantities available on Hasbro Pulse after the con. And she stated that the amount they produced will be about 3 times that of Zartan Master of Disquise! So that’s great news! Emily took to Instagram to address a rumor she’s been hearing about Dr. Mindbender! Here is what she had to say:

Hi friends! The Hasbro press release about SDCC came out today and I’ve gotten quite a few messages about Dr. Mindbender being a convention exclusive.

Here’s my clarification:
So yes, Dr. Mindbender will be an SDCC exclusive item BUT only from July 20-24. If you’re at the convention, come to the Hasbro booth and you can get a code (one-time use!) to pre-order online during the convention. Hasbro is not selling any physical product at the con this year – everything is going to be online only.

BUT if you’re not at the convention or somehow miss getting a code, limited quantities will go up on HasbroPulse.com after SDCC is over. Legal will want me to say that it’s a limit of one per customer and only while supplies last.

I will also tell you that we’re making more Dr. Mindbender figures than we made of Zartan last year. How many more? Approximately three times the amount! That’s a lot of evil orthodontists to go around.

As always, let me know if there’s anything else that you’re curious about and I may address it in my next rumor post!

Emily Bader (@morphinomenally_emily) • Instagram photos and videos

Dr. Mindbender was just confirmed as an SDCC 2022 exclusive and, If you recall, Sergeant Slaughter was revealed back in late April 2022 as part of the GI Joe 40th Anniversary Fan First Tuesday Live Stream! As Lenny and Emily mentioned in their Yo Joe June 2022 Live Stream, SGT. Slaughter would be going up for preorder for San Diego Comic Con 2022! We are assuming that the GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Zartan and Storm Shadow will be going up for preorder during Walmart’s Collector Con the July 21, 2002 and with the Deluxe Dr. Mindbender confirmed, this leaves all of the 40th Anniversary preorders accounted for! Will other GI Joe Classified Series figures be going up for preorder during SDCC 2022? Only time will tell!

GI Joe Classified Series SDCC Exclusive Dr Mindbender Confirmation
GI Joe Classified Series SDCC Exclusive Dr Mindbender Confirmation

Deluxe Dr. Mindbender

UPDATE: May 08,2022
On May 8, 2022, reports have been surfacing on social media and on online Canadian blogs (G.I. Joe Classified Series 6 inch discussion – Page 145 – ActionFigureNews.ca) that Dr. Mindbender has come up for Pre-Order on Game Stop Canada’s website at a retail price of $69.99 Canadian (about $54.14, although Canada is reported to have additional taxes on their products). Let’s hope this deluxe figure is not priced at $55 US, as that would be insane! The SKU number is reported to be 770520, but it does not come up when we search gamestop.ca. In any case, this is great news because it means that pre-orders in the U.S can not be far behind! There were also reports of this figure showing up on the Best Buy website but this listing was removed. We are guessing these were removed because this figure is now an SDCC 2022 exclsusive.

Dr. Mindbender Images

Thanks to the Full Force Podcast we have images of the forthcoming Deluxe GI Joe Joe Classified Series Dr. Mindbender figure. Revealed at the GI Joe 40th Anniversary Live Stream, it is great to see a produced version of this figure. He comes in a similar style box as the Snake Supreme Cobra Commander GI Joe Classified Series figure and I love how the weapons and accessories are laid out. It actually looks like Dr. Mindbender’s lab with little compartments to make his ultimate creation!

Dr Mindbender GI Joe Classified Series Deluxe Box Front
Dr Mindbender GI Joe Classified Series Deluxe Box Front 2

The box art is outstanding and pays homage to the creation of Serpentor. According to the GI Joe ARAH Wiki:

Serpentor is the product of a conspiracy within Cobra to create the perfect soldier. A cabal of Cobra scientists led by Dr. Mindbender and Destro raided just about every tomb to contain history’s greatest warriors. They scrounged every scrap of DNA they could that would serve as the genetic blueprint of this super soldier. Thanks to Mindbender’s genius, Serpentor is imbued with the memories and experience of these legendary men.

GI Joe RAH Wiki

You can clearly see the box art is representing the creation of Serpentor and is one of the most unique boxes in the line thus far.

Dr Mindbender GI Joe Classified Series Deluxe Box Back

The actual figure of Dr. Mindbender looks amazing and he appears to come with a soft goods cape, his vintage style accessories, and parts used in the creation process of Serpentor!

Dr Mindbender GI Joe Classified Series Deluxe 1

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