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Extendar MOTU Origins In Hand Images & Mini Comic Teases Modulok

Check out the Extendar MOTU Origins figure in hand images and the mini comic, The Terror of the Techomancer, which teases Modulok!

Revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2023, Extendar is a future Mattel Creations exclusive and we can’t wait for him to go up for preorder. Luckily for us, we have friends like Mr. Home Arcade, who was able to get his hands on an early release of Extendar, and he sent us images of the mini comic entitled, The Terror of the Technomancer! The mini comic is a great story but a certain figure, that has been teased quite a few times before, makes a cameo. Modulok, the evil beast of a thousand bodies, makes an appearance in the mini comic and, based on information from Mattel, we should be seeing him in figure form for the MOTU Origins line but the only question remains…when!!!??? Until then, we can enjoy the mini comic from Extendar’s mini comic.

Terror of the Technomancer

In the vintage mini comics, Extendar was a friend of Prince Adam and was an ordinary knight, but yearned for special powers of his own after witnessing the skills of the Horde warrior Dragstor. Hordak subsequently granted his wish and subjected him to scientific experiments, which transformed him into a mechanical cyborg warrior with the power of extension. Invincible at full height, he was set upon He-Man, but managed to throw off Hordak’s control and ultimately joined the Heroic Warriors, becoming one of the most powerful members of their ranks. This looks like it is a continuation of Extendar’s tale!


Extendar, being the kind hearted soul he is, responded to a cry for help on the outskirts of King Randor’s castle. He heeds the call and follows the cry deep into the forest. As Extendar tries to come to the maiden’s aid, the maiden and swamp creature disappear to reveal some Horde Troopers, who drag Extendar to the Fright Zone! captured and in front of Hordak, Extendar is reminded who transformed him in the first place, as told in the vintage mini comic, The Warrior Machine!


Hordak has Extendar on the examination table once again and vows to fulfill his promise to transfer total power to another worthier dark knight. It is here, while Extendar is on the table, Modulok, with syringe in hand, looks on!


Cracking Extendar’s chest open to reveal the Eternium Ore matrix (which looks a lot like Optimus Prime’s from the Transformers), the source of Extendar’s powers, is revealed. Suddenly, Extendar breaks free and grabs Hordak’s face while kicking Leech back! Extendar goes back through the portal and find He-Man where he tells him that he has regrets for succumbing to Hordak’s offer many years ago. Extrendar says, “Never again will I look to others with jealously for their success, but admiration instead,” and strives to be the best version of himself. Hordak let him go and did not pursue him as Hordak’s end game is to give Extendar’s power to a new dark warrior born of pure evil.


Modulok Teases

Modulok is pictured behind the Manitsaur as we have all Horde Hands on deck on the box for Eternia!


Previous Modulok Card and Box Art Teases

As we covered in our Masters of the Universe Origins Teased Figures From Card Art article, Modulok has already appeared on several card back artwork. A gaggle of evil Horde henchman appear on the Sorceress’ card art as well as Hordak’s, including Mantenna, Modulok, Leech, and Grizzlor, make up the bulk of this section. Since we have now seen Modulok on 2 card back artworks and the trademark has recently been renewed, we can probably make this one a given to come to the Origins line in the near future!

Masters of the Universe Origins Sorceress Card back Artwork
MOTU Origins Sorceress Card back Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Hordak Card back Artwork
MOTU Origins Hordak Card back Artwork

Modulok MOTU Origins Tease and Trademark Renewal

Modulok is another very gimmicky MOTU Character. To sweeten the possibility, we discovered that his trademark was renewed on 03/25/2021. Shortly after his figure was release in 1985, Modulok appears on the toy line’s accompanying cartoon series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Filmation. Consisting of 22 Body parts and a 2-part laser gun, Modulok was the first of its kind for the MOTU line! Coined ” Evil Beast of a thousand Bodies”, this Ultimate Transforming Creature was a member of the Evil Horde. Although the Evil Horde are used as the main villains Filmation’s spin-off series, She-Ra Princess of Power, rather than He-Man, Modulok is given the unique honor of making his debut on He-Man instead. Halfway through the first season of, She-Ra: Modulok is incorporated into the She-Ra series, the only character from either show to be transferred permanently from one to the other. This occurs in the episode “Gateway to Trouble” in which Modulok builds a device for Skeletor which can open a portal to Etheria to transport his whole army to the planet. This character is interesting because we recently got the reveal for a 4 legged Mantenna, and that new 4 legged sculpt has set the stage for perhaps how they can also pull off Modulok in the Origins style.

Masters of the Universe Maddulock Vintage figure
Modulok Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure
Masters of the Universe Maddulock Filmation
Masters of the Universe Modulok as seen on the Filmation cartoon

Modulok Masters of the Universe Trademark Renewal
Modulok Masters of the Universe Trademark Renewal
Modulok Vintage Masters of the Universe Figure
Modulok Vintage Masters of the Universe Box

Extendar In Hand Images

Extendar is one of the more unique figures in the Masters of the Universe line and this updated version does not dissappoint!


Here is a review by Mr. Home Arcade!

His overall paint app is silver with gold accesnts on the shoulders, hands, boots, and various places on the figure to break up all of the silver paint app. His knight armor, funny enough, has some killer ab detail and, on the back, his design makes it look like he has armor plates with rivets on his back.


His shield can unfurl into a larger shield, which clips around his wrists.


Extendar is big boy and he towers over Man-At-Arms and he is taller than the Turtles of Grayskull Krang.


He looks amazing fully extended as his neck, waist, and arms retain his action feature.


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