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Reptilax MOTU Origins Card Art Tease

Following up on the Cartoon Collection box art tease and official card reveal, Roy Juarez teases the card art in a video for one of Axel Gimenez’s concepts, Reptilax. Officially revealed back on March 26, 2024 as part of Mattel’s MOTU March madness reveals, Reptilax is one bad Snake brute! The art shows Repilax fighting an unnamed warrior in front of the Snake Lair!

Reptilax MOTU Origins Card Back Tease

Roy said in his Instagram post, “Reptilax Mercenary Brute of the Snake Men!”

Reptilax Official Images

Reptilax is another figure Axel designed using a character who appeared in the vintage mini-comics. And he’s also appeared in Origins materials – both on Kol-Darr’s card and in the Camo Khan comic as well as the card art. However, other than parts from He-Man and King Hiss, he requires parts from Tuvar (Two Bad has been teased but yet to be released and Laser Light Skeletor plus he uses parts from Fang Man.


From the back you can see his cool tail!


Repilax is a great addition to the Snake Men army and is one very unique figure!


Reptilax can seen in multiple locations of the Camo Khan Card art. Illustrated standing by King Hiss’ throne and also coming thru a portal with Camo Khan, Lord Gr’asp & Terroar along with Reptilax, an unproduced Classics concept, look ready to attack. With Reptilax making an appearance on Lady Slither’s card art will make his second tease.

Lord Gr'asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art
Lord Gr'asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art close up
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art close up
Source: Axel (@axel.gimenez) • Instagram photos and videos

Below you can see a concept sketch of Reptilax.

Reptilax bio

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