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Ghostbusters 1:18 scale Ecto-1 & O-Ring Figures WonderCon 2024 Panel Reveals and Preorder Info

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We had the pleasure of attending the Hasbro Panel at WonderCon 2024, and we were so thrilled when Emily revealed the upcoming 1:18 Scale highly detailed 1984 version of the Ecto-1 vehicle! Not only did she reveal this incredible new Ecto-1, but she mentioned, that wouldn’t it be great if this cool vehicle had some proton packs to stow in the back, and that’s when she reveals the digital render images of new 3 3/4″ O-Ring figures of the original ghostbusters team! Emily said the Ecto-1 should retail for about $65 and the 4 pack of figures would retail for around $45. The Ecto-1 and 4 pack will be going up for preorder on Ghostbuster’s Day June 8, 2024. So let’s take a look at the new Ghostbusters 1:18 scale Ecto-1 & O-Ring figures WonderCon 2024 Panel Reveals!


Below is the image shown at the Hasbro Panel.


The new 1:18 scale 1984 Ecto-1 looks spectacular and will have movie accurate detail! With opening front and rear doors, and a gurney as well! It even includes a detailed dashboard and steering wheel. And the best part is it fits 3 3/4″ figures inside!


Another view of the Ecto-1.


Here we can see for the first time ever, 3 3/4″ O-Ring figures of the original Ghostbusters team modeled after the characters in the movie, with proton packs, ghost traps and PKE Meter! They will come in a 4 pack and retail for approx. $45.

Source: Titus Lester (@tituslester32) • Instagram photos and videos

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