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GI Joe Classified Series Vamp Teases Ferret and Stinger

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We got an incredible reveal today for the new GI Joe Classified Series Vamp and Clutch, but there were some hidden Easter Eggs within the packaging and diorama images that are hints of things to come and they are very exciting! Let’s take a closer look at these two teases GI Joe Classified Vamp Teases for the Cobra Ferret and Cobra Stinger!

Cobra Stinger Tease

Hidden within one of the incredible diorama shots was a blurred image of a hidden character in the background. If you zoom in on it, you can clearly see that it is a Cobra Stinger Driver! The Cobra Stinger Driver is just a grey version of the Cobra Officer, so a simple repaint! With the Cobra Stinger Driver comes his vehicle to drive so this could only mean that this is teasing a future Cobra Stinger! This absolutely makes sense because a Cobra Stinger is simply a grey version of the Vamp with a covered roof and clad in Cobra logos. So since they made the Vamp, it is logical that the Cobra Stinger will follow!

GI-Joe-Classified-Vamp-with-Clutch-Cobra Stinger Driver tease 2

Below are images of an incredible custom by YoJoeARAH (@yojoearah) • Instagram photos and videos so you can see what a Classified scale version would look like.

Cobra Ferret Tease

Announced as a pipeline reveal during this year’s Hasbro PulseCon 2023, the Cobra Ferret is a long awaited vehicle! Well today we got a not so subtle hint for it on the Vamp’s front package art. But what most people didn’t notice was the hidden image of it in the diorama photo! Yes there are two teases for the Cobra Ferret! If you look carefully at the image below, just past Clutch’s gun, you will notice back behind the rocks, a Cobra Ferret! You can see the wheel and the red gun turret sticking out from the rock!

GI Joe Classified Vamp with Clutch Dio 1
GI-Joe-Classified-Vamp-with-Clutch-ferret tease 2

The obvious tease was on the front of the package art, and it is in it’s bright blue mail away color as well! As you know, the Ferret was a name only reveal at this year’s 2023 Pulsecon event, so I can’t wait to see if we are actually going to be the bright blue version in the line! It also looks like there is a unique Ferret driver standing next to the vehicle as well!

GI Joe Classified Vamp with Clutch official image 3
GI-Joe-Classified-Vamp-with-Clutch-ferret tease 1

The Ferret can traverse practically any terrain, it’s sorely lacking in armor. As a quad bike, it is best suited for light infantry and security detail. The Cobra Ferret is a powerful quad bike with flexible, off-road tires, one-piece welded steel wheels, a 6 forward-speed transmission, and a free-floating transverse front suspension. The bike is powered by a 16-valve liquid-cooled 115 hp 4-cycle engine. This 4-wheeler is armed with driver-controlled twin .50 caliber machine guns, a side-slung electric CMF-1 10-round grenade launcher, and 2 laser-seeking “Com-Bat” rockets.

Cobra Ferret Vintage Box
1991 Mail Away Version

There are many talented people that 3D print vehicles and here is a Classified Series scale custom Ferret with nonother than the Crimson Twins taking it for a joy ride.


Where to Buy

You can preorder Vamp and Clutch at : G.I. Joe Classified Series #112, Clutch with VAMP (Multi-Purpose Attac – Hasbro Pulse

GI Joe Classified Vamp with Clutch official image 3
GI Joe Classified Vamp with Clutch official image 4

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