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More Masterverse Leaks Tease New Eternia Webstor and Clawful

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Deep in Amazon MX’s databases are hiding some gems that tease upcoming figures to add to the Masterverse line! New Eternia Webstor and New Eternia Clawful have been discovered lurking in Amazon’s database so it’s exciting to see more New Eternia figures coming to the line

New Eternia Clawful

We have no details on what Clawful could like but in typical New Eternia fashion, they are likely to draw inspiration for the figure from concept art from the vintage line. We usually look to the Battle Ram Blog for the history of MOTU figure concepts and today is no exception. Although we did not see the typical concept sketches that we’ve seen for figures from the past, we came across a page from a book that illustrated Clawful with a shirt (vs furry shorts).

Clawful also appeared briefly in the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix series and here is how he was digitally rendered.


Here is how Clawful appeared in the Masters of the Universe Revelation series.


A New Eternia Clawful is also referenced in Amazon’s database.


New Eternia Webstor

Webstor has a much richer history with respect to visuals than Clawful does and thanks again to the Battle Ram Blog for archiving the history of the MOTU figures.

Source: Battle Ram Blog

As the Battle Ram Blog details: “Rebecca Salari Taylor recently shared some early concept art by Mark Taylor. The artwork below was created around the time Mark was working on concepts for both He-Man and Conan. If you look closely at the head/face, all the design details for Webstor are there, minus his additional eyes. The coloring is, of course, quite different, and this character doesn’t have a spider theme. The artwork appears to be undated, but this would have been done early in 1981. My understanding is that this was not created for the Masters of the Universe line.”

Source: Battle Ram Blog

Webstor also appeared briefly in the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix series and here is how he was digitally rendered.


Here is how Webstor appeared in the Masters of the Universe Revelation series.


A New Eternia Webstor is also referenced in Amazon’s database.


German Toy Fair News Roundup

February 1, 2023 UPDATE: Masterverse Figures Confirmed and Clamp Champ Revealed

Due to high security, Jay was not able to take any photos so we only have a text update to share for now but the news is exciting so here are the updates:

New Eternia Whiplash

  • According to Jay, Whiplash is pretty massive and has the crazy extra armo that is bluish pink (similar color to Pig-Head). He called it a more roided up version of a 200x Whiplash that is big and bulk and on par with the Masterverse Two Bad

Deluxe Ram Man

  • This figure is not as bulky as the Classics version but comes with additional armor


  • This figure is blue in color with purple/pink armor
  • It’s not done in the 40th Anniversary style buck but a more slim downed version, like the Revelation buck

Classic Mer-Man

  • Jay said the Classic Version of Mer-Man seemed more Revelation style so we may be getting a flashback Mer-Man from the Revelation series

Clamp Champ

  • An UNANNOUNCED figure that was on the showroom floor so we are expecting this to be in the Revelation style versus a New Eternia style. Also, we don’t have official images of Clamp Champ so we are using his MOTU Classics counterpart as a stand in.

Here is a link to Geed Dad Life’s YT video where they go over what was seen:

January 31, 2023: Masterverse Figure Leaks and Links to Preorders

Deluxe Ram Man

Ram Man appeared briefly in the Masters of the Universe Revelation series and it’s exciting to get confirmation that this iconic figure is coming to the line! In the Filmation lore, according to the Wiki Grayskull, “Ram Man had been depicted as large and aggressive in his mini-comic appearance, the 1980s cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Filmation depicts him as a small, dwarfish figure, which is closer in appearance to his action figure with it’s legs retracted. In order to make the character more child-friendly for the sake of the show’s intended audience, Ram Man’s aggressiveness is toned down for the series. He is portrayed generally as a comical character, slow and dim-witted with an almost childlike mentality, but also strong-hearted and easily likable.” This is pretty much how he showed in the Revelation series although his personality did not come through as he was just in an action scene.


Here is a concept from the very talented Studio Genesis

Source: Studio Genesis
Source: Studio Genesis

Here is the listing on Deep Discount confirming that Deluxe Masterverse Ram Man in coming to the line!


Deluxe Whiplash

Whiplash appeared in the Revelation Series as part of Tri-Klop’s Techno Cult so we could see either that version or a New Eternia version so we will have to wait and see! In the Revelation Series, Whiplash, together with Trap Jaw the robotic Blast-Attak joined the cult of Motherboard, and received various mechanical enhancements including a mechanical left eye, various armored plates that appeared to be crafted on his skin and a much larger tail with a wrecking ball at the end of it.


Since many of the Masterverse concepts borrow from the MOTU Classics figure style, it is conceivable that we could be a more aerodynamic and slimmed down version of Whiplash for the Masterverse line.


Here is the listing on Deep Discount confirming that Deluxe Masterverse Whiplash in coming to the line!



Faker also appeared in the Masters of the Universe Revelation Series but since we got a deluxe version of the figure, our guess is is that this could be a New Eternia version!


We came across a blue version of the deluxe Faker from the Revelation Series so we might see a deeper blue figure, versus the more metallic silver that came out in the deluxe release.


Here is the listing on Deep Discount confirming that Masterverse Faker in coming to the line!



Like Whiplash, there are no customs that we found to illustrate what a Masterverse version of Grizzlor could like bince many of the Masterverse concepts borrow from the MOTU Classics figure style, it is conceivable that we could see a version of Grizzlor with rooted fur for the Masterverse line.


Special thanks to masters.pav for altering us to these images and for m3rcuryoftheuniv3rse for creating this killer custom Masterverse Grizzlor, which illustrates what this figure could look like as a Masterverse figure!

Here is the listing on Deep Discount confirming that Masterverse Grizzlor in coming to the line!



This one is an exciting name on the list and a welcome new version of a Masterverse character! Although the Revelation version of Mer-Man Masters was a cool figure in his own right, he was a far departure of the Mer-Man we all know and love. Fans were left clamoring for a classic version of Mer-Man in the Masterverse line. Could he be a New Eternia version with perhaps some extra accessories for a New Eternia look, and then his classic look. Our theory is that they are going to be releasing the first 8 original MOTU figures in the New Eternia Line.

So far we have gotten, He-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man and Zodac. New Eternia Stratos was revealed at this year’s SDCC. So that leaves Teela, Man at Arms and Mer-Man. The two versions we have of Teela and Man Art Arms were fairly classic looking, but still stylized toward the Revelation cartoon. Well now we can check Mer-Man off that list!

Zodac New Eternia Masterverse MOTU Box Front
Barbarian Skeletor New Eternia Box Front
Viking He-Man New Eternia Masterverse Masters of the Universe Figure Box Front
New Eternia MOTU Masterverse Beast Man Corrected Orange Package

We don’t have any images of the new Masterverse Mer-Man Classic edition, so we will use the MOTU Classics version as a reference to see what he may look like. He has his classic armor, trident and corn cob sword. This is the type of Classic looking Mer-Man we all hope we get for Masterverse.

Mer-Man MOTU Classics

Here is the listing on Deep Discount confirming that Masterverse Mer-Man in coming to the line!



Buzz-Off is another exciting character on this list and also a big fan favorite! We did see Buzz-Off for just a brief moment in the Revelation cartoon. So will we be getting a classic looking Buzz-Off or will we be getting a more stylized Revelation animated Buzz-Off? Either way, this is a welcome addition to the Masterverse line and can’t wait to see what he will look like. Again, we don’t have any official images, so we will use a MOTU Classics Buzz-Off as a stand in for reference.

Here is the listing on Deep Discount confirming that Masterverse Buzz-Off in coming to the line!

Unknown Masterverse Figure

In addition to named figures, Deep Discount also has several placeholder listings that go by the name of Masters of the Universe Figure [insert number], which is very intriguing. Although we have not idea what these figures could be, here are the images and we are provided the other named rumored figures from previous leaks as speculation as to filling in the gaps for the unknown figures.

Simply click on the images below as we’ve directly linked them to Deep Discount! Here are the unknown figures dubbed figure 13 and 14.

Below are more unknown figures simply dubbed Figure 15 and 16:

There is also a deluxe figure coming out as well dubbed Deluxe Figure 4!

Other Leaked and Rumored Figures

Since we already have rumors of Prince Adam and Horde Skeletor coming to the Masterverse line, we can imagine what those figures could like based on their appearance in the Masters of the Universe Revelation series.

Prince Adam

Prince Adam is a fun character to get on this leak list as well. Here we also wonder, are we going to get a classic looking Prince Adam which is basically the same physique as He-Man in his Prince Adam clothes? Also could we get a classic Orko with him as well? Or are we going to get the young skinny Prince Adam of the Masters of the Universe Revelation Animated series? Only time will tell, and again we have no official images of this figure yet so again we will use a MOTU Classics Prince Adam for reference.

MOTU Classics Orko Prince Adam
Masters-of-the-Universe-Revelations-Prince Adam
Masters-of-the-Universe-Revelations-Prince Adam

Horde Skeletor

Horde Skeletor is a twist on this list as he is not a well known MOTU character, and yet to have a figure man of him. It seems that this could be a version of Skeletor when he was Hordak’s apprentice and part of the Evil Horde that we saw from the Revelation series. Below we have 2 customs of the Horde apprentice Skeletor character. This could be a very cool and interesting version of Skeletor!

Be sure to check out our Masterverse Shop pages for convenient links to help you find all your favorite MOTU Masterverse figures:

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