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Terroar MOTU Origins Listing Discovered On Lulu Berlu

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Special thanks to our astute readers in other countries as reader Widukind sent us a link confirming that Terroar is coming to Origins sooner than we thought.

Terroar on Lulu Berlu

Terroar was teased on a card art image for Hypno (see other teases here) and it looks like Lulu Berlu is using the custom we found online as the stand in image for the figure. They have listed the figure for sale on their website so it’s only a matter of time before we see this figure officially announced.


January 22, 2023: Terroar Card Tease

Hypno’s card back teases Terroar, which is awesome as he is a mashup of several produced MOTU Origins figures! If you recall Terroar was never released in the vintage line, but was part of a 3 Pack for the MOTU Classics Line. This is the second time now that we can have gotten Terroar teased on a MOTU Origins cardback, so this is a great indicator that we may be getting him and, given that Lulu Berlu has put it up on their website, we can pretty much guarantee this one!

Per Roy Juarez on Instagram

Gifted with a mesmerizing voice, Hypno can both hypnotize people and see into their future. (Swipe to see full artwork)

The usual suspects for Origins:
Art Direction and Graphic Design by @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork by @axel.gimenez & @fetch.franciscoetchart
Toy Design by @katanarama333
Copywriter: @yesreallyrob
Story by @joshuaskywriter

Roy Juarez on Instagram

Below is an image of the actual card back with the narrative text shown and the cutout for the retail pegs!

MOTU Origins Hypno Card Back Artwork

Here you can see what a version of Terror would look like in MOTU Origins form, with this custom figure below. As you can see, Terror is completely a mash up of existing parts. You can see they use Whiplash’s head, Trap Jaw’s right arm and shoulder, Rattlor’s torso, left arm and tail, and Mosquitor’s legs and boots. Again this is a CUSTOM image below, but you can see what it could look like.

Terroar MOTU Origins Custom 2

If you recall, we saw Terroar in multiple locations of the Camo Khan Card art. Illustrated standing by King Hiss’ throne and also coming thru a portal with Camo Khan, Lord Gr’asp & Terroar along with Reptilax, an unproduced Classics concept, look ready to attack. If you haven’t checked out our Camo Khan card art tease article, you can check it out here: MOTU-origins-camo-khan-card-art-teases (toyhabits.com)

Lord Gr'asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art
Lord Gr'asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art close up
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art close up
Source: Axel (@axel.gimenez) • Instagram photos and videos

Terroar, and Lord Gr’Asp were part of a 2017 PowerCon exclusive3 pack that included Terroar, Plasmar & Lord Gr’Asp.

Lord Gr'asp & Terroar Power-Con-Exclusives
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar Power-Con-Exclusives
Lord Gr'asp & Terroar classics
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar classics

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