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Desert Commando Snake Eyes GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images

Thanks to sb_toyz, we have in hand images of Hasbro’s favorite repaint character, GI Joe Classified Series Desert Commando Snake Eyes!

Desert Commando Snake Eyes, that dropped during Yo Joe June 2023 on June 14th, is hitting collectors hands as sb_toyz has some amazing in hand images of Hasbro’s favorite figure repaint! Baskin Robins has the tagline 31 flavors and Hasbro is quickly catching up and we are losing count how many times Snake Eyes has been repainted and re-billed as a new figure but this new Desert Commando version of GI Joe’s ninja looks pretty amazing!

Source: sb_toyz

He is often referred to as caramel Snake Eyes in the collector community for good reason. The desert paint app, which is a mixture of varying shades of brown and tan give him that look.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

His goggles are painted in a metallic orange that give the figure a new look and the colors really go well together.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

Due to the desert theme, the Joe Team gave him weapons in the colors of his uniform, which blend in to the overall motif of the figure.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

The backpack and sword sheath are a dark chocolate brown and when the sword is mated with the sheath, it forms a single block brown, much like his black weapons and accessories do. The desert patch on his right shoulder looks fantasic and we hope to see more repaints of more Joes in this color scheme.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

We saved the gratuitous crotch shot for last (you are welcome) as the close up shows the detail in the uniform and the red in the Arashikage symbol is retained. The finer details are also shining through, like the brown chest plates and the texturing on this pants.

Source: sb_toyz

Desert Commando Snake Eyes Reveal and Preorder

This figure was a Fan Channel exclusive and on Hasbro Pulse and dropped for preorder on June 14, 2023.


Lenny wanted to put Snake Eyes in a new mission and was Inspired by Dusty and his desert missions , so he came up with Desert Commando Snake Eyes.
Mongoose design, mongoose eats cobra so that an homage to it!Dressed in his commando style outfit, Snake Eyes is dressed in desert-colored camos with tans and browns. This is basically a repaint of the previous Snake Eyes in desert colors. Snake Eyes comes packed with a bevy of accessories that include his backpack, uzi, a pistol, silencer, two swords, a sword sheath, a knife and an ammo belt with grenades!


He has Desert Camo Deco and an anodized orange blade, polarized lens look on the googles!


GI Joe Classified Desert Commando Snake Eyes

GI Joe Classified Series Desert Commando Snake Eyes 6
GI Joe Classified Series Desert Commando Snake Eyes 5

GI Joe Classified Series Desert Commando Snake Eyes 1
GI Joe Classified Series Desert Commando Snake Eyes 2

GI Joe Classified Series Desert Commando Snake Eyes 3
GI Joe Classified Series Desert Commando Snake Eyes 4

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