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Hong Kong Ani-Com 2023 GI Joe Classified Series Booth Images

Hong Kong Ani-Com GI Joe Classified Series figures and the HasLab HISS Tank are on display so check out the booth images from this Con!

We have been seeing amazing images of the GI Joe Classified Series HISS Tank and the carded and boxed images from Ani-Com Hong Kong 2023! This convention is special to Hong Kong and been around for more than 20 years as it is the largest gathering of anime fans and gamers all around. The Ani-Com is a four-day event that draws in fans of animation, comics, video games, collectibles, and music.

GI Joe Classified Series Booth Images

Desert Commando Snake Eyes

Dressed in his commando style outfit, Snake Eyes is dressed in desert-colored camos with tans and browns. This is basically a repaint of the previous Snake Eyes in desert colors. Snake Eyes comes packed with a bevy of accessories that include his backpack, uzi rifle, a pistol, silencer, two swords, a sword sheath, a knife and an ammo belt with grenades!


Cobra Valkyries

We can see that they come with a bevy of weapons and accessories they come packed with. They each have back packs, one in tan and one in black. There are multiple blast effects, just like the ones that came with the Viper 3 Pack. Each trooper comes with 2 side arm pistols, a knife, a rifle, and a machine gun, both with removable cartridges. Their uniform is a deep Cobra blue with red and gold accents and we are sure this is going to be a sough after army builder! Plus, they are packed with removable helmets and a face mask.



Grunt is looking great and the face sculpt came out really nice! Not on display was his accessories and his packout is amazing with a Steel Corps extra head for army building, a regular helmet, a knife, a backpack, pistol, and two rifles.


Tele-Viper and Flight Pod

The Tele Viper and Flight Pod was the coolest reveal of the day! I can see people buying multiple ones of these. The Tele Viper comes with 3 heads (one of the alternate heads you can see below), and comes with a VR headset for inflight optics! Comes with sonic rifle with sci-fi backpack, and also includes a cool data pad on his wrist as well. The flight pod has a very retro vibe, with new details and an update to the vintage design. It comes with has removeable rockets that could port blast effects. Can you also remove the dog bones off the sides, the windshield lifts up, and it has cool 1980’s screen graphics on the little display screen. The bottom gun is on a ball peg, and even includes a seat belt for the figure.


Chuckles SDCC 2023 Exclusive



HasLab HISS Tank

Special thanks to g.i.joe_classified for posting these amazing images of the Cobra HISS Tank HasLab on display at ACGHK2023 with a look at the box and card designs for the set, which include the vehicle and figure package designs. We can see the boxes that the single figures will be packaged in and also the Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander retro cardback figure. To our surprise and delight, the Cobra Commander retro cardback has the white boarder we all know and love from the vintage cardbacks and this will be the first retro cardback figure to feature that boarder. We also know from a previous interview that Emily from the Joe marketing team where she states that the cardback for the Cobra Commander will be made of thicker card stock.


The single boxed figures will be using the current windowless design while the Cobra Commander will be featured on an updated retro cardback look and feel that utilizes the same design as the CoCo featured in the Skystiker HasLab.

Source: Issac Wong

Cobra Commander’s retro card is really leaning into vintage design with the separate bubble for the accessories. The white boarder looks amazing and we wish they had done this for all of the retro cardback figures before him.


The back of CoCo’s card is pretty basic and it features a large Cobra logo with his file card!


Here are some more close ups of the box designs and the black and red colors they chose for the boxes really make these look striking and they will definitely make a statement on your shelf if you are in-box collector.


It appears, from the close up of the HISS Tank Driver, that they are reusing the same image from the vehicle packaging on the single boxed figures, which ties the set nicely together.


We also have a glimpse of the box design for the HISS Tank and it looks amazing! The HISS Tank has an epic illustration and the HISS Tank driver is featured prominently on the box with Destro and Cobra Commander in the background. The illustration reminds me of seeing old pictures from World War 2 where the infantry are walking alongside a Sherman tank.


In addition to seeing the the images of the package design, we also got great shots of the HISS Tank itself and we never get tired of seeing these photos. The HISS Tank looks glorious and we can get a good feel for how this piece will display!


We also see an up close and personal shot of the HISS Tank driver in the cockpit with the windows that have hinged articulation so we can get a better view of the driver.


In the back of the HISS Tank we can see a Crimson BAT being transported and he fits nicely in the rear as there appears to be a lit of clearance for a figure in the seated position.

Source: Issac Wong

Cobra HISS Tank Official Images

The GI Joe Classified Haslab HISS Tank is getting ready to ship to it’s backers in the Fall, and we want to give a special thanks to Dan Diego for sending us these GI Joe Classified Haslab HISS Tank Official Production Images! The Production version of the Haslab GI Joe Classified Series Haslab looks incredible! These images show everything you are going to get with your GI Joe Classified Series Haslab Hiss Tank. The details on the tank look spectacular with excellent paint and detail applications.

GI Joe Classified Haslab Hiss Tank official image 1

The box art looks amazing with wonderful illustrations of the HISS Tank, HISS Gunner, Cobra Commander, Destro and Baroness! The black and red color scheme is brillaint, and it is even branded with specai Cobra HISS logos!

GI Joe Classified Haslab Hiss Tank official image box 2

Out of the box, you can load out your HISS tank right away!

GI Joe Classified Haslab Hiss Tank official image 3
GI Joe Classified Haslab Hiss Tank official image 2

What’s Included:

We covered the whole campaign in our HISS Tank GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Unlock Tier Updates article. To recap everything that was included with you HISS Tank, we can see all the unlock goals below, and the packout is incredible!

You get:

  • Black & Red Tactitian Bravo
  • Two Removeable Side Mounted Missle Racks
  • Retro HISS Canopy and Retro Armor plated tread skirts
  • Weapons Accessory Pack
  • HISS Gunner Figure
  • Retro Cardback Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander
  • Sticker Sheet

Haslab HISS Tank Tactician winner
Cobra HISS Tank Haslab Upgrade #1
10K Backers
Cobra HISS Tank Haslab Upgrade #2
12K Backers
Cobra HISS Tank Haslab Upgrade #3
14K Backers
Cobra HISS Tank Haslab Upgrade #4
Cobra Commander GI Joe Classified Series HasLab Unlock 4

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