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Hypno MOTU Origins Rulers of the Sun In Hand Review

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Check out our review of Hypno from the MOTU Origins Rulers of the Sun sub-line!

Hypno is a previously unproduced Rulers of the Sun figure and was slotted to come out in a later Rulers of the Sun wave in the 80’s but the figure never made it market. Hypno, just like the rest of the Ruler’s of the Sun figures, uses shared parts from the rest of the figures in the line, but with different skin tones, a new head sculpt and unique armor, which gives Hypno a whole new look. Let’s take a deep dive into the details and check out this latest figure from the MOTU Origins Rulers of the Sun line!

Olmec Vintage Rulers of the Sun




Hypno comes on the MOTU Origins Rise of the Snake Men packaging and you can see from the card art they are integrating Hypno into the battles with the Snake Men, like they are doing with most of the figures from the Rulers of the Sun line. This is a brilliant move to forces with He-Man as the line would have been left as an orphan in the lore as there would have been no connection with Masters of the Universe.


Card Art

Hypno’s card art is something special as it teases one of the unreleased figures, Terroar, that supposed to come out in the MOTU Powers of Grayskull line before it ended prematurely. It is funny to think that Hypno was also an unreleased figure and so both Terroar and Hypno share that in common. Although Terroar was never released in the vintage line, he was part of a 3 Pack for the MOTU Classics Line. This is the second time now that we can have gotten Terroar teased on a MOTU Origins cardback, so this is a great indicator that we may be getting him!

Per Roy Juarez on Instagram

Gifted with a mesmerizing voice, Hypno can both hypnotize people and see into their future. (Swipe to see full artwork)

The usual suspects for Origins:
Art Direction and Graphic Design by @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork by @axel.gimenez & @fetch.franciscoetchart
Toy Design by @katanarama333
Copywriter: @yesreallyrob
Story by @joshuaskywriter

Roy Juarez on Instagram

Figure Details

Hypno is a darker skinned version of Bolt-Man, but with different colored armor and abilities. He is in a lovely orange and yellow deco that compliments the figure well and harkens back to the figure that was never produced.


He comes packed with his helmet off and this gives him a different look for your MOTU Origins display shelf. That 80’s headband is killer and tames his flowing locks.


He comes with an orange helmet that sits nicely on his head and you can see the 1980’s orange headband peaking out from under it.


Hypno’s armor is unique, which is the one differentiator that makes him stand out among the rest of the Rulers of the Sun figures. It is a crisscrossed armor design that leaves part of his chest exposed, which is not great when you re battle the Snake Men. He can, however, stow his wand of mesmerization in the slot on the back of his armor.


The rest of the lower body is shared with the other Rulers of the Sun figures as you can see the star on the orange boots.


Weapons and Accessories

Hypno comes with his orange helmet, wand of mesemerization and this trusty Falcon.


The silver Falcon is nice silver color and is made of a flexible plastic. It was some really nice detail but it can lost in all the silver paint app.


The Wand of Mesmerization looks like a pinwheel and it actually spins so you can pretend he is hypnotizing his foes.


Bolt-Man Comparison

As you can see, Hypno is a repaint of Bolt-Man, which is pretty much how the first releases of the Rulers of the Sun figures are turning out and it’s just like how they handled the vintage line.

MOTU Origins Wave 11 Snake Men Bolt Man front

Mini Comic

Special thanks to the Toy Sorceress for snapping photos of the mini comic that comes with Hypno. It’s a new mini comic comes packed with this wave called Assasin’s Aim and features all the characters of this wave including the Hypno, the newest members of the Rulers of the Sun line. Below are all the pages of the mini comic if you would like to read it. You will notice that one vehicle is heavily featured in this mini comic, yes that the Talon Fighter! If you haven’t read our article on the leak for the Talon Fighter and point Dread, you can read it here: MOTU Origins Talon Fighter & Point Dread leak – (toyhabits.com)





Where to Buy

You can purchase Hypno from the following retailers listed below

Snake Armor Skeletor
Tung Lashor
Mini Comic Roboto

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